: I will try tell me his username . ***Kappa***
naming and shaming rule :/
Emillie (EUW)
: This reminds me of the "doubling money x2, 20m left" scams back then.
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: Katarina
It's funny how you still think lee sin is a top tier jungle, while he isnt even close to that. This just says you are one of those people who hate a champions kit, while they aren't necessarily overpowered. Same goes for all the other champs you have listed: {{champion:39}} her kit basically has everything for a toplaner, but she doesn't fit well in the current meta. (she is still strong) {{champion:55}} plays well against chaotic teams, because she capitalizes on people's mistakes {{champion:7}} Annoying in lane, but there is so much counterplay, unlike most people think. She actually has to be in your face to do damage and it can be stopped even in mid air. Think of champions like {{champion:103}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:101}}, even {{champion:99}} can do it. {{champion:92}} Noone likes riven, hard to lane against if you arent a top main and does alot of sustained and even semi-burst damage, while she has an ad scaling shield on low cooldown. The easiest way to win against her is just to pick a champ that beats her lane, she wont be that much of a treat anymore. {{champion:119}} Has obvious counter play. {{champion:64}} He used to be the best jungler, but nowadays there are simply better champs that can do the same thing better.({{champion:421}} ) + he struggles if he doesnt get going, because he is very squishy and his damage is meh if you dont build ad. If a champ has an annoying/overloaded kit, it doesn't necessarily mean they are overpowered, think of {{champion:412}} {{champion:150}} .
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Rich (EUW)
: I'm feeling generous. Free skin?


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