Zed genius (EUNE)
: Poacher's dirk
XinZhao wears it well enough to buy in a dominated game.
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Doombot7 (EUNE)
: {{item:3026}} will be the only item in the game that gives both Armor and AD, ever since Atmas Impaler was removed there was none. Ap champs can build tanky and still have good damage because they have the item options AD champs don't. Don't forget changes that may happen to{{item:3102}} AP's will be able to have both spell shield and zonhya without compromising their damage.
*cough-cough* Dead man's plate
lachonii (EUW)
: Hi everybody-desu~ I am Silver 5 main Fizz top with an impressive 22k mastery points that ~~abuses~~ plays that broken tank build and by the power of my balls I summon you all sk1llz guys to challenge me and rek my a$$. PS: I also get usually rekt by draven and nunu and I have some kind of fetiches for french girls and cocodrile like-guys.
Be proud that you are better. You have to be proud of something after all.
meroboth (EUNE)
: Does forbidden idol passive work for shields from items
RayWiiss (EUNE)
: Feature request for champ select
Yeah, that'd be great if there could be a "faves" tab in champ select.
Mada (EUW)
: Maybe /me got implemented. Back in the days, virtually every chat had a /me command that would allow you to write something like this. /me slaps Ahri around a bit with his large trout like slapperino
/me thanks you for your answer /me goes to test this out
: I will when I start to noticed they actually fix a problems like the disconnection bug when you are using your browser that suppose to be fixed in the new client. If they aren't capable on fixing even the shit they promised. How can you rely they fix a new one. Besides I already reported this before and every answer basicly was an auto response that included some steps to maintain your pc. Something that I already have enouge knowledge from and already did before I even recieved that as an answer to suppose to fix the problem. Than their is the utp/wifi thing but even those changes are uneffective for fixing the problem itself. As a programmer myself I have a good idea what might be the cause of a lot of these problems and I can honnestly say a lot of them can't be fixed from our end. What I noticed a lot recently that their are conflict between old & new content. Something strange for example if keeping your GPU up-to-date. I aways did that shit every time a new version was up but than suddenly stop doing this since I noticed that it caused conflicts for the game creating issues with their old content that wheren't their before. They doing a poor job in preventing that shit from happening. Just think about their chat module right now. How many time did you have see delays in chat in the new client that prevented to communicate with your team. It even became a meme to prevent toxicity in league. Than their are the common bug that doesn't seem to get fixed like the Fiddle ult / Ivern Q interaction and the Vlad that can use W while polymorfed. The Vlad one was really something that pissed me off since they litterly switched the silence & the stun in the polymorf mechanic and called it a animation fix just a few patch before that...
I've never encountered game-result-changing bugs like that, but I did encounter ping sways, about which i'm agitating people to complain xd.
11wildy (EUW)
: So what is the challenge? Beating you in lane? What can I win? Do you have problems with Darius?
No, you won't win anything, i'm too poor in League xD. I just want to hone my skills against different opponents. Yeah, i'd like to play against Darius. I think i'm fine as long as I can leap out of E range.
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kumarimo (EUW)
: actually she is weak against heavy burst cham with mobility like fizz ap(wich is my personal counter to her). morover she has trouble against champs like fiora, or she will be uselless if you don t play the lane(like with a shen pick with zz rot to cancel push)the only thing i have diffiult with this champ is the fact the tentacle hitbox is slightly bigger than indicated. and you can t gank an illaoï, just defend and snowball other lanes. and morover in teamfight she is easy to kite, as long her flash is down, just need a little coordination from the team(even if that s the main problem in solo queue) hope it will help you to findd solutions to counter her, for the lane comportement swampert919 comment in this thread is good.
AP Fizz doesn't counter ololoi since he loses all trades pre6 and sometimes even post6. I main Fizz
: [EUW] Looking for someone that can watch my gameplay and give me tips!
Hey Gnar, i'm Fizz! Wanna practice against each other?
: I already own him. I was thinking about getting Kevin as well but he is not the best janglur.
Goddammit i hate Kevin on my Fizz. When you're full AP 10/0/0, nothing feels better than getting killed by my own shark
: I can't decide if I wanna get Bob or Gary.
I'll spin either on my trident's end {{champion:105}}
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: I must agrea that the server problems are problematic these days. Last ranked game I had 500 ms ping average when I normally play on 20 ms. It was against Blitz so it was painfull. Still won that game with most damage & 2th most kill participation because I just accepted the limitations I had in that game. This still didn't prevent me from been 0-7 in lane tho. The game experience was like: * Ping spike * Game froze * Game unfroze * I had died It was even that worse I actually start to noticed when multiplay enemies where nearby just based on my ping... This is really not ok. The ranked game before that my ping was totally fine.
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: [7.8] League client constantly crashing, being unable to rc etc.
Yes, exactly. I lost a ranked game due to failed outplays on Fizz due to E, R delays due to their lags. I created a support ticket to refund my LPs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shélton,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GIibbEB6,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-18T21:29:45.199+0000) > E.g. the Fizz misses the Ult and walks up to the ADC and presses Right click and W, he died. :) lies ... there is like a 2 second delay between the auto and W ... Kappa :P
there isn't, shark applies bleed, he just needs to get in melee range
: Xayah and Rakan Gifting
If someone can gift me Rakan, i can support him for several games. Not as Rakan, of course - as Karma.
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DinoZooka (EUW)
: Actually that's great because I do play mid as my secondary role.
Okay, let's play, add me.
: Free Xayah giveaway contest
Mithvahkiin(Zed): {{champion:26}} and {{champion:10}} walk into a bar Mithvahkiin(Zed): it's a gay bar
Ârzo (EUW)
: 14 Games loosing streak HELP!
Stop building botrk for zed. upd: stop building lethality for draven as well.
: lets be honest not even rito.. right now knows the definition of trolling.
picking kassadin into talon mid is already on the edge, for sure
Zed genius (EUNE)
: To everyone who hates yasuo and wants him to be nerfed
djavo100100 (EUNE)
: Jax and Master Yi
WEAPONS ARE FOR THE WEAK! {{champion:77}}
: Birthday give away
175€ it's destiny {{champion:4}}
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: Thresh
Learn to interrupt jumps/dashes with Flay. Even the blast cone jump can be flayed - a great tilterino for an enemy.
DinoZooka (EUW)
: I wanna learn
Unfortunately i'm a midlaner, but I can play some normals with you and tell something interesting)
: What's your fav champ?
i prefer physical midlaners {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} , but I usually try to land a counterpick - i have a wide mid champ pool. Veigar loses mid to my Lux and Zed.
: Trundle, the Troublesome Troll (The current state of the champion and ideas to fix it)
No, I think some numbers such as slightly increased Q damage steal will be fine. His mechanics is satisfying, maybe he really just needs a numerical buff/adjust.
: Meh, I'd only run no flash on champions with enough mobility or MS to compensate the lack of it. Imo it's not worth on zed. The cooldown on his shadow is too long to make it a reliable escape tool. Plus the fact that once you used shadow offensively you'll have no mobility to escape.
Why would i want to escape? I'd rather ult the ganker and take him into a coffin with myself. Then respawn and tp back.
Doomley (EUW)
: do you really ever split push with zed? if you don't, you need to start doing it because the higher you go, the more you need to split push with him because he falls off pretty hard with his team fighting potential. >I can clearly say I'm not just average or good, I am bettet than 95% of zeds you'll meet. Well it can be true if we just consider zed players in gold 5 but if we consider every elo, i'm sorry to tell you but you aren't even close. You should also drop draven from your pool if you want to climb. You have a good win rate on him but if we take a better look at your draven games that you have won and lost, we can clearly see that most of your wins on draven you actually got carried pretty hard. You have just been lucky with him. You die way too much and you are never the top damage. Draven is the kind of champion that you need to stomp with. If you die as much as you do and lose the lane that often, there is no point in playing him. As a side note, don't look too much at win rates in your elo. Right now you are in the elo where win rates don't mean anything (except if they are below 50%) and gold is the easiest elo to climb in. Overall win rate has some value but a win rate on one champion does not.
how can you splitpush on zed if he doesn't wear {{summoner:12}} ?
: sometimes i dont understand players
But how satisfying it feels to ambush their open nexus on Twitch when they go for a last-chance-push!
: Spamming meta heroes may be boring, but either that or sit on your elo. Did you ever think why the same player gets a Challenger in S6 and then a Platinum in S7, or the opposite? Yeah, meta. You grow in elo when your best champs are meta. As you are a jungler, i can advice WW, Vi, maybe even Twitch.
upd: 9/3/9 and 17/7/8 losses infer that you are doing it right. Soon you will grow, if you continue that.
Shenori (EUW)
: Yeah, but it just feels better to be in Silver haha
Spamming meta heroes may be boring, but either that or sit on your elo. Did you ever think why the same player gets a Challenger in S6 and then a Platinum in S7, or the opposite? Yeah, meta. You grow in elo when your best champs are meta. As you are a jungler, i can advice WW, Vi, maybe even Twitch.
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: {{champion:154}} for jung and {{champion:267}} for support in my last 15 games. And /mute all on my team also helps.
/mute all on a supp? wow, you should be a great supp
: Ranked isn't for everyone. Maybe you should play more casually in normals, the rotating game modes, or ARAM instead.
: Play the gane for fun. Play some random sr or aram to chill out and if someone cries because of your performance point out that it doesn't matter. It's just a game.
Aram is good to check your ping, hardware and accessories - if they work fine or not. Normal draft is good to learn champs. In ranked i want WINS!
: > [{quoted}](name=Taka No Yaíba,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=yfd3T5cc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-16T22:43:45.679+0000) > > Play the gane for fun. Play some random sr or aram to chill out and if someone cries because of your performance point out that it doesn't matter. It's just a game. That ^. But don't point out anything, it's worthless explaining real bonobos that it's just a game.
All that was in ranked. If a 0/5/0 throws my game, i have to play 2 more games to compensate his damage to my elo. That alone is very annoying, but another bonobo may appear in one of those 2 games. In ranked, i don't want a comfortable environment or sth, i want a team that will carry the game with me. After all, i play much better than my elo, so why can't i just get equal top and bot so that i can win off of mid?
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jack8816 (EUW)
: Riot pease help
That's the reason there are no Yasuo mains in League at all.
Rioter Comments
: Veigar's stun a little too strong?
Even if he locks you in, just throw spells at him while inside. Or {{item:3140}} .
: Caitlyn is broken
I hate her as Draven because there's no way you'll avoid traps while catching axes.
: Remove how his ult disables everyone airborne for another 1 second - leave this effect only for a primary target. W duration 4->3.5. VOILA FIXED
Upd: let his Q crit, but make its lowest cd 1.66 instead of 1.33
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