PzyXo (EUW)
: League Edit | The Blade of Millennia
ngl that was so good. I remember your first Kayn vid. Huge improvements. Keep it my man <3
: New Illaoi skin / new skin line concept.
: Pyke's ult cut is broken, and can be exploited.
Lol, you hit the ground before dying
XRâyne (EUNE)
: New skins??
They have enough skins :)
: He really doesn’t need to hit minions, his goal is to create picks with his kit not farm. If you feel like you are just pressing R you ain’t being proactive enough
Well, Brand and Lux aren't creating picks with their kit. What's the differant when he's just ad ?
: Pyke is a support, your job is to bring utility to the team by grabbing/ccing enemies + Ult. Not be a completely independent assassin that can do everything on his own.
Brand is a support, his job is pentakill the enemy team by smashing the keyboard. Not by healing/Helping his team.
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: what happened to nexus blitz?
Well. It is gone, forever.
: Idk I have to agree on that. There were multiple times I just couldn't pass through that division, to the point of finally asking for help in my promo game. I regret it tbh, but if I somehow keep progressing, I will forever say Silver 2 was the toughest place to be. Idk if it's mostly psychological, but it's a nasty place.
Well, I'm stuck there with no way out
: > I'm bored of my mains. You have to play your mains. You know everyone is sweaty in Ranked, you can't go in and hope for the best. It won't happen. > I get tilted ez You must mute everything. This helps a lot. And if you accept that everyone feeds in Silver, like EVERYONE, winners and losers, then you won't feel so frustrated when the first kill/death notifications will pop up. It will eventually become the norm. People actually farm with kills in Silver, not creeps. I used to be extremely nervous about the first kills, like "who gets first blood, who already died twice", but now I don't even bother: My mid laner feeds? Whatever opponents will probably throw anyway and he is about to value less than a minion. And if he plays Yasuo, he will be relevant anyway. Another thing about tilt are people that won't listen. They will keep pushing or farm in opponents' jungle dying repeatedly. Doesn't matter. All you need to win a game is a couple of good players, sometimes only one. Help them and ignore the rest.
Muting everyone will stop them from inting.
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: im doing a test with selecting ''fill'' as pref role , the idea is that in theory with you selecting the fill , your team should have more ''main'' lanes than the enemy team , 7-w 4-L so far , also its kid of fun waiting the unknown role youll get (im kind of sick of the game's state too , theres not much we can do about it tho )
Well. idk. I just want to gtfo from silver so I can find some humans out of there. So I kept playing Kayn for months till I was like "OMFG IM TIRED OF THIS CHAMP". I tried Hecarim but he's a team champ too so no differant. I wanna jump to mid and play OP champs to gtfo from silver and take a rest.
Conσr (EUW)
: There wont be a comment that will improve your gameplay, only comments that can improve your mindset, so that is something you should focus on. Your post has a lot of negativity, and negative thoughts will change the way you play, only focus on yourself in games, do not speak to your team, or spam ping, as it will only make the situation worse. If you have an adc that is 0/5, telling them to 'stop inting' wont actually stop them from dying, so just focus. on. your. self. I would actually like to help you reach gold, so if you have any free time, message me on discord, i dont mind watching some of your games and giving you advice, im currently only Gold 3, but i have a 59% win rate so im climbing fast. I was a hardstuck silver for the past 3 years, i even had an account banned as i would always flame, but now i finally understand where i went wrong, and it wasent because of my gameplay, but my attitude towards the game and its players. Discord : #3925
About teams, dude can you tell me how I can play Rhaast for example when others are doing literally nothing ? Just think about it . How am I supposed to counter 5 people pushing mid when I'm the jungler and none comes to help me ? What I do ? kms there ?
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: boards posts have an effect on game?
Well, if u're gay and shut up. Its ok. But if u're gay and keep telling me that you had sex with ur bf u're getting a report. That's what's reportable
: Pool Party's GONE
I cringed reading this
: Does anyone know when ARURF is comming back?
Its not coming back . Cuz there is TFT ! The fun mod all wanted !
: Here is a simpler option. Disable 3v3. Enable nexus blitz permanently.
Here is a better option. Let 3v3. Enable NB perma. Idgaf about TFT. Enbale RGM
Shamose (EUW)
: > to me its like a kind of chess game. Yeah it's not like the mod they copied it from was called auto chess.
Autochess is brain skills. TFT i RNG. people who play autochess got some braincells. TFT should be in a Casino because its just a luck shit.
: I personally don't care about TFT. They can do whatever they want with the mode, I won't play it. It's not LOL. I have limited time to spend on video games (hurray adulthood), I wanna spend it on something that I actually enjoy / in control of. Until they keep SR and especially soloQ/flex up, I'll prolly play the game. If they move toward a more TFT focused game, and and I feel that LOL is suffering due to that, I'll move over to another game, since the market is saturated with games nowadays.
Btw if you find "another game" recommand it to me so we play together and gtfo from that shity game.
: I dont understand TFT
Well, Yassuo said that Riot gave up on League. He's saying the truth. Riot knew that they %%%%ed up League 100% and they can't fix the game because they wanted to make the game like Diamond. And DIamond is Unbreakable. Now they can't fix it anymore. Well ! They made TFT to keep the company alive. But instead of making it as another game. They put it on the client so new players who want to play TFT only will play League too. Hypocrites. NB was better than this shit.
: People who want a fun gamemode that isn't invested with Rats.
: A message to Riot.
Well, the list of bugs isn't "small". Look at these bugs. Has anyone noticed these bugs ? : - The plants in jungle shows up but cannot be used ? - If you disconnect and reconnect you can see all the map with no black spots but you can't see what's there ? - Infernal Drake got Jhin's R range ? - Ekko's R sometimes doesn't work ? - Pyke's R sometimes don't execute ? - Minions sometimes don't damage turrets? - If you play Udyr against Kayn. Teammates can see Kayn's abilities being used on Udyr ? - Shaco bugs ? - Kha'Zix bugs ? - Qiyana bugs ? - Yasuo bugs ? - Diana bugs ? - Lee Sin's Q can go throught units ? - Morgana's Q can go right but hit left ? - If you play Fizz and Master Yi uses Q and you press E . He can keep damaging you with his Q till you jump out ? -Lux's R hitbox is like Sion Q's hitbox ? Without saying client bugs. Since they won't fix it at all.
: Be happy the game is free to play lmao , how else can they pay their employees? it's a business company . {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Please use at least 1% of ur brain to see that I'm joking
kjono1 (EUW)
: In my opinion, having a smurf on the either your team or the enemy team offers a greater opportunity for improvement as you can see a lot more on what they capitalise on rather than being against someone your same level who makes the same mistakes and doesn't capitalise on your errors. Granted it isn't fun having every game determined by whether there is a smurf in your team or the enemy team, however, it doesn't happen every game. Most games are just you and 9 other people at the same skill level as yourself. So overall, most of your games are based on your performance, with you being the only constant in your games. If you do have a smurf in your games, look at what they are doing and work out how it differs from your play. Just accepting the free win or lose will not help you in the long run, in fact, that game will have little to no impact overall in relation to all your games and their outcomes.
None will improve like this :) I'm getting smurfs in my games and I'm giving up on ranked now. I can't win anymore. I was on Silver 1 now I'm silver 2 0lp . 1 more lose and I'm silver 3. Its just that I feel like I'm nothing compared to the enemy. Always rape me in game.
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Kaluchii (EUW)
: How To Carry With Ezreal
You don't even need to make this guide. Make montages or something else because the meta rn is just better champion wins. Being Vayne = win. Just do something better.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: How To Carry With Ezreal
I mean, spam Q ?
: Guy lookign for a girl to duo with ( Top Main Me )
Why you tell us ur age ? Why you want a girl ? Why you add the "<3" ? Why you want a girl to test your skills ?
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: Thank you dude, finally I have a definitive answer
: Hey JoJo fan I assume..is part 5 anime over yet or no?
In 28 july there will be a special episode of the final fight . 1 HOur. Than part 5 is done
MoJaHeD 18 (EUNE)
: what is this garbage anime? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
lol, I assume you're a fan of AOT or SAO. Art isn't for low people :3
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: You're right Ahri and Mf have been without skins for too long Let's just give skins to all of them And prestige editions to each one
: The new Project skins are .. **Project Jinx** - **Project Draven** - the third one is surprise
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Probably another Lux skin or Ezreal skin too
Maybe Ahri skin or MF skin, who knows ?
: Someone DUO WITH ME?
Well, I tried hard to get out of silver and ended up knowing that gold is worse than silver . So I'm chilling in normals till someday. Because escaping Silver will get you stress honestly
: Match making is not fair anymore since the new system
People : Why don't you stop making skins and fix the game ? Ask Riot : What Kai'Sa ate when she was on void ?
: Hmm these jhin hit boxes need a fix
I think the most champion that has no hitboxes is Jhin. these are not hitboxes of Jhin. This is hitbox of Morgana's body lol.
Rioter Comments
: Who are these monsters Riot is about to unleash upon the rift?
Obviously PROJECT : Yasuo prestige and PROJECT : Kai'Sa
Cypherous (EUW)
: Its a saturday, patch isn't until wednesday :P
I mean, its been 18 day now
: Udyr counters Yi - you don't pick a fight with him when playing Yi... like... at all - unless you want to feed. "Yi can be countered by CC" - that's a thought-terminating cliché (just fascinated by there being an english word for Totschlagargument) Of course you are screwed when you play Yi and get cought in some sort of CC - you get deleted - he's an assassin. What you are absolutely ignoring though is that I said - A NORMAL GAME - meaning an actual scenario - you can Q Morg's or Lux' skillshot. If you don't anticipate them when engaging, you suck. His Q is just way too powerful in my book, it's way too good. Just compare it to other melee carries.
If he Q morgana or Lux's Q than they are %%%%ed. Do you expect him to watch you hit him with Q ? lol
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: I love videos like that. If youtube/twitch and LOL didn't exist, that guy would have been your average college dropout serving you bread in a grocery store, making pennies. He's prolly close to being a millionaire due to this "broken" game, that the company doesn't care about, yet he whines in his videos 24/7. He should pray and thank whatever god he believes in + to Riot, 5 times a day, that he got where he is now.
Dude what I'm pointing in is that Riot didn't fix bugs for ages lol.
: hence the "In a regular match" I'm not saying that he has no counters, I'm talking about actual games - and countering his Q is next to impossible on top of his movement speed.
Yi can be countered by CC ? ez. Lux Q or morgana Q or Udyr E can stop him. He's dead cya
: "I don't care, this is my smurf account"
Well, not only that. There is many bugs for about 4 or 5 patchs and Riot don't give af XD its broken. Just see that bug. How many time you experianced it ? Bug : https://youtu.be/gFZQPkYe8gQ?t=281
: No I'm just literally posting on every thread - don't take it personal ;) And - honestly - Normals/Ranked matches are totally different worlds - that's a fact.
Nah, nothing is differant. You gonna tell me if you play Jhin adc in ranked. Than you go to normal to play Jhin adc, you'll have fun ?
: Let me put it this way: In a regular match, how do you counter Yi? Especially as ADC main ;)
As an adc ? Just hide behind your support. Yi isn't jungle a fighter he's an assassin. So if you as an ADC, wants to counter an assassin, play Vayne. She counters everything.
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