Raptorz (EUNE)
: chromium is a web browser that google chrome is based on. In this context it means that League launcher will transition to work more like a website, in the same way that spotify & discord work.
It basically is the same like the current one. To be more precise the client is running electron, an application based on the open source chromium (which is like you said the base for google chrome or the new MS Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, Opera). Electron allows you to run websites as a somewhat standalone desktop app, by emulating a web server through something called node.js The updated client is only going to improve a bit on the performance site, as the newer versions of electron have a lower memory footprint and are more optimized. Right now the current client is also electron based. I just hope their pipeline is less messy.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: so if its like chrome then 16gb of ram wont be enough, great...
The current client is already running chromium well to be precise electron. The updated client will just use a newer version
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