: Your top 3 underplayed and strong champions
{{champion:113}} Not so underplayed anymore since a few weeks but w.e. {{champion:133}} Rarely see her top or adc {{champion:267}} Rarely see her as supp Maybe I just consider them strong 'cause I sort off know how to play them, while everyone thinks they are bad champs xd {{summoner:31}}
: I feel like these friend requests have immensely increased in past few months. Although these account all offered elo boosting and no RP scams.
Yeah same here, well can't be helped. Let's hope it's just for a short period and they poof away after a while.
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: Since her changes last season she was always in a pretty decent spot to be honest - she was more or less like Amumu. And with this season's jungle changes she was actually one of the few tanky champions who did fine. These jungle item changes (cinderhulk) and Diamond giving her playtime in the LCS just put her in the spotlight. Not to mention that some youtubers (Foxdrop & Pantsaredragon) also mention her quite often in Jungle top5's and tierlists. So over time she just gained more popularity.
Ah I see, that explains why. People seem to really look up to youtubers/LCS. Thanks for the response.
: Seju synergises incredibly well with the new jungle items, and has an advantage she shares with all tanky junglers atm, insofar as she can clear without losing too much hp early on, and pull off ganks even before the first back, wheres more squishy junglers struggle with keeping themselves alive. Plus, she benefits from the current meta, which once again moves towards a late-game and tank-oriented playstyle, not only because shes tanky herself. That's what made her so popular in the last few weeks, not any kind of changes, because her kit remains basically the same. And its not only her. I also see more Zacs, Volibears and even Rammus coming back.
You're right about that, the new jungle items are working great with Seju. But she still is a kind off slow jungler, if you gank too much she will fall behind the enemy jungler pretty quickly. True that, the voli's are op. It's just that I used to play Seju a lot and I noticed it.
: Eh just like poppy and irellia: first nobody plays them, people own with them, they get spammed and we all know what riot will do next...
Exactly.. thats why I hate this
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