Ehhhh (EUW)
: Play a champ that has the fan art as splash art. Its a limited time thing for the original 40
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: There was a bug causing her health bar to stop updating, so the change was reverted until they fix the bug
Ah i see, gonna leave her till the next patch then xD
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Modifi (EUW)
: cant even say the word %%%%? wow
Modifi (EUW)
cant even say the word %%%%? wow
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Enorize (EUW)
: it's up now, with bs missions and bs rewards -_-
: nobody knows thats the problem
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: 0.25 AP ratio, is this a %%%%ing joke?
I tried reading your post, i can't even understand what champ are you talking about?
Shamose (EUW)
: Most likely their own creation.
Yea wish they could release a 3 min version of it on youtube xD
: when does star guardian event come out
oh yea cant wait only one skin im interested in xD
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GLurch (EUW)
: Let's say the enemy gets 10 CS a minute, so they'd have 100 CS by 10 Minutes. Since the Support usually doesn't take a lot of CS, I'll just assume the Support has no CS, meaning we got 400 CS : 4.3 (the amount by which league divides the teams CS to get an average) which is around 93. One wave consists of 6 to 7 minions and gives about 355 gold if farmed. Taking all this into account, to get a bounty solely based on CS you'd need around 100 CS, the same amount the enemy will most likely have basically. You're not going to have the same amount of CS as your enemy if he killed you 3 times and meanwhile he never died, unless the enemy is bad at farming and doesn't use the extra time he has to freely farm after you die. When you die, you're usually going to miss at least one wave, unless you're top lane and have TP or your timing with dying was very lucky. Not to mention, even if this were the case, it'd only be a 50 gold bounty.
Basically yes, my only complaint is about farm and getting a bounty. Sometimes i feel like i'm getting crushed by my opponent and i have shit kda, but i'm the one who has 150g bounty.. that's all.. Kind miss the old system 1-5 kills bounty, but i guess they're going for a more 'fair' average approach.
GLurch (EUW)
: Sorry, but that's just not how it works, at all. Consecutive kills give you a higher bounty, consecutive deaths lower your bounty. If you're 0/3/0, you'll drop 176 gold, not 300. And yes, if you're 9/1/10, die one time and are then 9/2/10, you won't have any bounty at all and only drop 300 gold (the standard amount) the next time you die, unless you make some kills before dying. Of course, you can also have a higher CS than the enemies team average and all that to increase your bounty, but let's be honest, if someone is 0/3/0 and you obviously wanted to make it seem like they're behind, they won't have a lot of CS.
No i said if they farm well and 0/3/0 they can still have bounty which i find it annoying. If someone has zero kills but their gold is high its bounty..
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: Ye i'm gold, but i can play better more champs that you do
Even if i played a champ i never played before, i could outplay any plat or below player with ease xD dont worry about that
: That's why i never play only 1 champ and just play them all so i can't get dissapointed with champion rewamp or nerfs lol
That's why you're gold, I can play all champs sure, but not at the same level as my mains, when i play in Diamond 1, have to be the best of the best. Anyway it comes and goes, a few patches nerf a few patches buff it's not the end of the world. but ofcs i cry as i said :D
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Wen294 (EUW)
: Fun to play, but not fun to play against. Doesn't matter how many spears you dodge, if she hits one you have to go back to base again. Zoe now is the same thing but thanks to the E you don't even get the chance to back, you just instantly die.
zoe is pretty useless tbh, i find it very hard to carry games, even when im 15/2/15 the game is not certain win. If im super fed with yasuo its insta kills, fed with zoe, still very hard to land skillshots and kill people when they go all in your face. They gutted zoe when they increased the bubble cooldown and removed the refunds. but w.e i guess she was op back then
Wen294 (EUW)
: Imho she's a stupidly designed champ and deserves to not be seen. Old nidalee got reworked for being what zoe is now but without CC. I have no clue why they decided it was a good idea to make a new champ with the exact same flaws an old champion had. I.E. Having all their damage in a single long range skillshot.
Old nida was fun xD
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: Login time
Yep thats what im getting too :/
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: Could anyone post a picture about how big it is? For some reason it is not bigger to me than my minimap at the right bottom corner. Those posts make me so curious but none of them post a screenshot. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Idk it depends on screen monitor/resolution settings. for me it didnt get bigger it got smaller!, but the annoying thing was that you couldnt move it anymore and it flashed and distracted >.> but anyway its fixed in 9.12! ;)
: I wholeheartedly agree that it is incredibly annoying.If you did this intentionally(youre batshit crazy and) you should atleast make the vote dissapear/minimize is downright infurating when I fight and this thing pops up.
: i play since s3 so far i have only surrendered twide. (other times my team agreed on it without me.) only wussies surrender!
lols, sometimes you need to know when the game is over and just ff quickly. Other times people would just spam surrender even when game is not over ( only when they lose and feed themselves) Depends why you're playing, normals or ranked etc.. The higher the elo the more % of games end in surrender btw. Think in bronze-plat its like 15% diamond 20% and challenger 50%! Smart people don't waste time when they know the outcome.
Spaier (EUW)
: We need an options to auto-decline and hide surrender. Sometimes people spam surrender in team fights and it's really annoying.
i HIGHLY AGREE... i don't wanna see that shit when im playing ranked...
: > [{quoted}](name=Modifi,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=AyTEmxLl,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-09T15:27:39.674+0000) > > The SURRENDER IS UNMOVABLE AND ITS INSANELY ANNOYING... > I am playing in diamond 1 in a mid of a super intense game deciding teamfight AND THIS SURRENDER IS BLOCKING THE SCREEN AND ALSO FLASHING AND DISTRACTING LIKE CRAZY. > > And im not the only one posting here; see below: > > > > and also > > > > I'm sure you will find more if you look, THE FRUSTRATION IS REAL, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH so i decided to post too I have the same problem, i thought it was my computer.....
Lari (EUNE)
: 2 years ago, i was plat last season as well but i was stuck in gold for some time this year :)
not bad, well you finally got out climbing in plat can be even harder but good luck ; )
: Or at least make it so you can disable the surrender pop up...
Yea that'd be a nice feature to have
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: They don't fix stuff like that cause the more people ragethe better they can show that their not working report system works xd. In all honesty it's probably a bug, and i'm surprised something so annoying is not fixed already. Ffs we are in 2019 not 2002.
Well at least they fixed it now rolls out in patch 9.12 tomorrow ;)
Lari (EUNE)
: Fack Yeah beaches I am out!!!
Congratz, when did you start playing league?
Modifi (EUW)
Also if you wanna read more i reported this to bug fixing, hopefully riot pays attention and fixes this quickly...
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: Congrats ! How were your LP gains during the D4-D1 journey. Currently 64% win-rate D4 here, haven't lost a single match in diamond - yet getting 15/17 LP per game. Was it the same for you ? Please tell me it gets better once u pass D3. I see that you were ex-plat, and managed to get D1 with a 53%. If my calculations are correct, I need 70%+ win-rate and about 400 games to actually start climbing with my gain/loss ratio (last season finished diamond btw). LUL
Thanks : ), D4 is a shithole for sure in terms of other player's attitudes LP gains doesn't get better at all, you have to be winning slightly more games to climb properly. Once you get to D3 the games start getting harder instantly, i thought i was a noob because every mistake i made would cost the game. But then just need to focus more. Somehow I would win 3 games lose 1 and then slowly cilmbed to D2. I was in D2 for a couple of weeks untill i somehow won 7 games in a row and got to D1 promo. then won 1 game. and then lost 2 and thought i was gonna go back to d4 lol!, but then i focused and got to the promo again and here i am : ) But yea the lp gains on worst case is +15lp and best case +17lp so not much different but its so low!!. and the LP losses would go somewhere -18 to -22lp. So always always losing more LP! Basically you need to be winning more games than losing to climb properly! atleast for me maybe everyones mmr works differently idk, but it just shows that in high diamond you would really get the best players competing. I can say that the flamers get slightly better as you climb for sure, but still getting an occasional afk/troll or crybaby for ganks threatening to afk etc. even in dia 2 i was getting those.. But yea i was always around d5/4 elo for 5 seasons in a row, and last season i got plat 4 due to inactivity because i didn't play league for 6 months, maybe everyone checks my history now and thinks im a noob and i end up winning idk xD i feel like it gives me an advantage, coz enemies kept commenting on all chat how can you be plat 4 last season? lmao
: congrats dude! now get to masters and you can really say you are one of the best :) although d1 is definitely up there with one of the best as there are past season challenger players in D2/D1
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Shamose (EUW)
: Show us a video.
I have it saved on my highlights, hmm how could i show it here?
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: People who have a vision score of 5 at he end of the game, for example...
But in diamond ranked for example, where everyone wards/scans more seriously.. Why should i pick eyeball instead of the other 2? when ill get identical stats + the sweet vision control bonus. Unless in some cases eyeball is just faster to snowball with, but i doubt its worth it?
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: Can someone say me the code for Riot girl tristana?
: Its probably from all the bug repairs they are trying to do. Sometimes servers get overloaded. Maybe.
hmm, maybe lets hope its some server delay or something ;d
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: ***
^ Yea haha actually this one xD
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