: Can someone say me the code for Riot girl tristana?
: Its probably from all the bug repairs they are trying to do. Sometimes servers get overloaded. Maybe.
hmm, maybe lets hope its some server delay or something ;d
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Kamille W (EUW)
: "x9 supp, took 1 cs" "ff@15"
^ Yea haha actually this one xD
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: The new god skins are permanent or limited time?
think permanent, its just if you want the icon/border bundle, i think its only this time exclusive for the next 2 weeks or so
: new skins pleaseee
10 gemstone yasuo or azir plz rito!
: in old urf u can actually pick a champ but in ARURF its all random and u dont have ban system
i see, is that it?
: but arurf sucks
whats the difference? i dont really play them
: > [{quoted}](name=Modifi,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=PEgys25m,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-27T20:59:55.667+0000) > > Well its to do with ur hardware then, your gpu or cpu might not be good enough to handle it. > League doesnt require very high specs to get good stable fps its quite an old game with pretty weak requirements. > > But lmao u posted a ticket and they say 'corrupted hardware buy new pc'? > You dont need whole new pc, just buy new harddrive and re-install everything there, you dont need everything. > > But idk whats the issue for you, its surely not the game itself, runs perfectly for me Of course they didn’t tell me “buy a new pc”, just something like that lol. You didn’t read the whole post, did you? I explained why my PC is perfectly fine and why it does not depend on my specs. The fact that the game works for the majority of people doesn’t mean anything, it could be an issue that only occurs with specific hardware settings.
tell me your pc specs, if its not the pc then what is it?, have you tried re-installing the game?
: Open letter to Riot Games
Well its to do with ur hardware then, your gpu or cpu might not be good enough to handle it. League doesnt require very high specs to get good stable fps its quite an old game with pretty weak requirements. But lmao u posted a ticket and they say 'corrupted hardware buy new pc'? You dont need whole new pc, just buy new harddrive and re-install everything there, you dont need everything. But idk whats the issue for you, its surely not the game itself, runs perfectly for me
ModeFruit (EUW)
: No minions required to destroy nexus turrets..
HONESTLY I JUST HAD A GAME WHERE DIANA, ONE PERSON INSTANTLY TOOK 2 NEXUS TURRETS........... I am speechless.. Wtf is this shit the dmg is so op.
: You miss the part where their just aced your team and win for that.
> [{quoted}](name=Sarchiapon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qAusyxbz,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-06-23T07:26:12.907+0000) > > You miss the part where their just aced your team and win for that. You miss the part where you can't read lmao
ModeFruit (EUW)
: No minions required to destroy nexus turrets..
They seriously need to double or triple defences, coz its ridiculous damage even without enemy minions nearby.
: 1 hour game join vs cho :
I like long games, unlike these 15 min games where someone insta ragequits after a small lead.
MegaNoobbb (EUNE)
: Who do you hate more ?
Honestly for the longest time i hated {{champion:238}} {{champion:11}} zed and yi are just bullshit champs which you cannot survive however good you're dodging, if zhonya is on cooldown you are dead 100%. and {{champion:51}} when she had her good patches (not right now), but with her insane distance a good caitlyn can simply never be killed.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Ban system working at it's prime.
> [{quoted}](name=Pyrosen,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ysnXBGEZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-19T22:07:15.989+0000) > > But don't call someone who's intentionally feeding in your game pathetic, that's tryanical behaviour and will not be tolerated for breaking TOS! Yea Once i called a player like that 'scum' and i got the punishment 10 chat restricts :D
: we want skin to Camille , Ivern , Kled, Taliyah , Aurelion Sol !
I want azir and yasuo skins only :D buy them all
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You overvalue true damage. Yasuo himself being the biggest proof of that. He wasn't buffed from the ADC item changes, as many have tried to claim it. It was such a massive nerf that he had to be hotfix buffed.
Indeed, Yasuo will always be seen as OP in lower elo because of how easy he can snowball, in diamond he is a bit of a trash pick sometimes.
CurseOfLife (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Modifi,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=81NkrWA0,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-18T19:32:11.618+0000) > > Gold struggles :D I play the game at a much higher lvl i got to gold with like a 85% winrate in few days 2 seasons ago.. due to university and a potato laptop that gets fps drops sometimes (will get a new one in a month) im unable to play ranked. Last season 8:2 promo only, with 2 games having trolls. In free time I teach friends and others the game s4 hardstuck to diam easily. Ive spent a year playing customs with challengers and learning the game from all sort of sources, i aint your typical gold player. Think you should look at yourself and 1,4k games in plat before you judge someone elses knowledge of the game
No One is complaining about yasuo in diamond being overpowered xD while you're moaning and crying about it haha
qko pate (EUNE)
: I think he means peoples without any live that got school or work at Monday Tuesday Wendesday Thursday and Friday while in the weekend they still dont have any friends like the normal League player they go high and they play League like the normal League player..
I don't understand what you're trying to say?
: What i mentioned from leaque matches in the weeks, i see that i got more trollers/feeders/ not serious players on friday night,saturday and sunday. The reason i think is because the non serious players are free then and then they do it just for fun and don't care much about the ranks. While serious players will play more everyday or almost everday, even on monday till thursday. Even though, i can also remember that my best matches are in the very early morning. 6 till 9 pm when i just got out of bed. But im not sure if it because im very fresh when i get up or is that everyone is fresh or just that serious players have a schedule and fight when they are out of bed too, (long sentence sorry). These are my thoughts
I like how you say 'non serious players' play on friday saturday sunday. You mean people with actual lives school/work etc.. xD
CurseOfLife (EUNE)
: Are you gonna do anything about yasuo doing 35% true damage with 100% uptime?
Zefirez (EUW)
: Ultimate skin idea
I wish they would release 10 gem skins and make them on the same level as ultimate :D, but they come out so damn sloww :/ and they look like a 975 skin for 10 gems : /
: Does celerity stack with nimbus cloak?
That can atually be OP on some champs lol ill need to try it
: should i buy some champions with rp ?
I would say no, I have bought all champs for free over a long period of time, but i still have like 40 champs that i never played even once. Basically just buy the champions you can and practice with them, so you become better. Better use that money to buy skins ; )
: Pros vs challengers
Probably some but not so easy i'd guess. Pro's are good at teamplay and synergy, SoloQ is just about who gets fed first and snowballs the game.
: I tested Riots ban system: HOW TO GET BANNED WITHOUT ANY FLAME
Riot doesnt care about context and there is no free speech in this game. Thus saying anything negative results in a ban. Simple as that.
: Oh, didn't know that. My friend keeps telling me how hard it is to play on ultrawide so i thought it's not supported
ultrawide works just fine as you can see in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fpUUzy1vgg
: Got ban because system thought I asked someone to kill himself
I mean in the context of this game where you have to 'kill' other player's champions and saying in the context of the game. I mean... Surely this is a fault in the system and you should be able to submit a ticket if you truly got ban just because of this line.
: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
Disagree 100%, I never want to have a toxic teammate, i don't care how good of kda they might have. Some people think if they play good, it gives them a reason to flame others.
: I know, it's sad that Riot doesn't do anything. I know friends that stopped using their new monitors just because League doesn't fully support 1440p and ultrawide monitors.
It supports ultrawide perfectly, just not the resolutions above 1080p.
zykloni (EUNE)
: u might get ban for 1 game if u had 14 days before that twisted fate was 0/13/1 and he told me to killmyself and wished cancer to my family i did mute him and if u read the chat logs i even asked him to try to win and i did move on, its not like the defeat bothered me at all its that the report of a stupid kid who intentionally fed and was super toxic got me banned for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING reports from players, who got over 3 reports in a game for the same reason, should not count at all cause its propably rage reports and not true
Well that's unfortunate, you didn't learn your lesson. Accusing other players and asking for reports is a bannable offense, So w.e, you participated in toxicity. You don't need to ask for reports from other players this only adds to toxicity, you say the other person was super toxic? And you're the one who got banned.
: About 1440p and 4k scaling support
Yea sadly this game only runs best at 1080p. I have a widescreen 1440x3440 but i just play in a borderless 1080p window :D There is no difference (or it just looks worse) if you play on higher resolution than 1080p, for me the minimap just looks ridiculous when i increase the resolution
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
Lmao are u serious? Thats what i thought as well, i bought emotes before 8.12 (I didnt buy any in 8.11) I thought we get m'pengu sometime later no?
zykloni (EUNE)
: why am i banned?
Haha you dont get perma ban for 1 game. Where is the full 3 game logs? I wouldn't say you are extremely toxic perma ban worthy candidate, but still a bit annoying talking a lot and accusing others of flaming and trolling and then asking others to report them. Moaning behaviour. Have a bad teammate? mute them and move on.
FermiFlux (EUW)
People just wanna play urf and quit this game lmao
Yokujin (EUW)
: so who won 2 games on clash yesterday?
We won first round, then 2nd round we go auto loss. and got 2nd reward :// so bugged out
rafterer (EUW)
: Where do i find players to play with me ( I need friends)
JayTac (EUW)
: Since they nerfed orange essence rates from disenchanting, I'd say NONE of the capsules (even the christmas ones) are worth it, they SOUND better than the old capsules because you get guaranteed epic+ or whatever they're offering at the time but when you do the maths behind the orange essence rates, the increase in RP price too and you find out that they're all a bunch of shiny garbage, I've done the maths for most chests, and the only ones that were reaaaaally good value were the ORIGINAL project ones (not the last set) as they gave you a 200% return (essentially meaning any skin you got was half price) now I haven't done the maths for these chests yet but I was about to do some now seeing as you had to spend a ridiculous amount for the "best" bundle, also the problem with doing the maths is I have to work out the average value of a random skin shared based on how many skins of each tier are available, statistically you're always more likely to get a 975 and cheaper skin just because there's more 520, 750 and 975 skins compared to the high price tiers, so for the sake of convenience I'll use 975 as my average value of a random skin shard, same with the random Bilgewater skin shard you get from the top bundle: Ok so if we break it down this is what you are GUARANTEED to get from the bundle (I'm not counting random chance gemstones and other loot) 1 legendary skin 1 Bilgewater shard 10 epic+ shard 22 random shard 2250 orange essence Total cost is 7500 RP, the cheapest way to get that much RP is the £10 (1650) + £35 (5950) which is 7600 RP, so is what you're getting worth £45? Well the legendary permanent is a bit over £10 off the bat (unless you're unlucky enough to get one of the 975 "legendary" skins) so lets say you're getting 33 shards (10 being epic+) and 2250 orange essence for £35, if we assume the random skin shards (and the Bilgewater one) would average out to being 975s, I'm going to, for the sake of convenience, assume that they'd all be disenchanted to use the OE to upgrade the epic+ skin shards, a 975 skin shard disenchants for 195 so that gives you 4485 OE + the 2250 from the bundle so that's 6735 OE, which would be able to upgrade only 6 epic skin shards with 435 OE left over, if you disenchant 3 more epics you'd be able to get a 7th epic skin, 7 epic skins would cost you 9450RP + the 975-1820RP from the legendary skin which means on average you're getting about 11270RP value out of a 7500RP purchase - I'm going to admit I'm surprised by the numbers but to me it's still not worth it because of the pure random nature of the shards, if you end up with a bunch of stuff you don't want then it's only worth the OE for later (and disenchanting is bad because of the return) not only that but epic skins and lower go on half price sales meaning you could take that initial 7500RP and double its value to 15000RP if you wait for sales, and it's guaranteed to be skins you want, the only thing that makes it worth it is the potential to get legendary and mythic skins, or legacy skins that you want but the odds are always stacked against you no matter how good they make it sound. Alternatively if you rerolled the 23 random skin shards you'd get 7 random skins (going to assume the value averages out to 975 again) with 2 shards left over, so that's 6825 RP for the skins, 2 shards, 2250 OE and 10 epic+ skin shards left over, you could reroll 2+1 epic bringing the skin value up to 7800, upgrade 2 epics bringing the value up to 10500 and leaving you with 7 epic+ shards and 150 OE, it takes 4 epic skin shards to get enough OE to upgrade just one so you could either do that and the value would be at 11850 with 2 epic+ shards and 180 OE left over or you could reroll 2 sets of 3 which would leave you with 12450RP value of stuff, 1 epic+ skin shard and 150 OE (these values are before taking into account the 975-1820RP Legendary skin) The crazy thing as well is, even if we assume every single shard was legendary, because of the horrendous OE return rates now you'd only be seeing a value of about 14560RP after disenchanting and upgrading. Edit: Also the most expensive bundle has the most value so any cheaper bundles would give you less of a return, making them even less worth buying.
So what us saying is 7800 - abc = omg but if we take the whole formula into account e=mc^2 then we find out that the fastest way to get most return is to buy it anyway.
: Please add voice chat for everyone.
I agree aswell, i dont play dota. But I COULDN'T imagine playing CS GO without Voice lmao!
Artig (EUW)
: Ty for implementing this.
im sure you can assign a hotkey for it no? but anyway i tested it out im not gonna use it because its too uncomfortable for me, doubt ill get used to it.
Artig (EUW)
: Yes, its that one. It makes the key you selected "for example (x)" become a toggle for champions only. Say you want to dive someone level 2, but he/she is hiding behind a turret, then you just click on (x) once and you only target the champion. Then, when you are done with the dive you just click (x) again and you attack minions/turrets like normal.
Yea thanks figured it out now ^^ :D
Artig (EUW)
: Yes, as I explained before you could only hold in a key and do champions only but they caught my post and decided to add it to the game. You just pick a key in "keybinding" and pick the toggle option under "game".
Is it this one? Treat 'Target Chapions Only' as a toggle I dont get it, what does it do exactly? can u explain
Coraanu (EUNE)
: %%%% my luck.
Master box only means that you will get some sort of cosmetic 100% (not just a random champion shard for example) It might be emotes, champions and ward skins. I like collecting emotes tbh
Artig (EUW)
: A little thank you
i dont get it, is this a new feature?
Fed Bamba (EUNE)
: The AFK bans are bad for the game!
Personally I have played a thousand games and never got punished for afk. I think the current system is not harsh enough, still seeing so many people afk in ranked every day.
KendoCC (EUNE)
: SSG Skins
Yea im not sure when is it coming out, Do you know what champions tho?
: £300 Account PERMAbanned for ridiculous chatlog.
I know you get bad games sometimes and cant help but have the urge to blame someone. 'I have a job' and 'you are 14 years old' i mean Poinless random arguing. Do you need to prove something to someone? Do you need their acceptance in order to feel good about yourself? But you called your teammates 'autists' you also threaten to afk (in my opinion this is the most pathetic attitude) 100% deserved punishment im glad you got permabanned, i see scums like you quite often. Ask yourself, is this the teammate you would want to be paired with? Act with others the way you would like to be treated. You have spread and participated in toxicity, you have broken the rules. Riot is a private company and they can do what they want, there is not free speech here. (Best option is to mute and report toxic players, if you wish not to get banned. I hope you have learned your lesson. And if you decide to quit league, nobody will miss you, it will be that much better off. I hope you enjoy my feedback :D
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Emotes have 0 positive effects and are specifically used to gloat, troll and annoy people
You can just mute them. Tbh I do find most of them useless/hard to read. But i use the Teemo Thumbs up one like every single game, I couldn't live without it :D Its like thumbs up when team helps or Thumbs up for enemies coz teemo is just teemo :D
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