: Smurfing
But it should be :) Look from new player perspective, he wants to learn how to play and he gets "owned" by this let me call this dumbass who is so proud of himself because he just owned a new player, imo this is even worse than trolls or toxic players
: Being able to mute a toxic player doesnt excuse their behaviour tho does it.
Yeah, but who will get hurt if he will talk to himself? Let him get more mad, and just play
: Trolls, boosters and toxic players should all be banned. Toxic players make the game a nightmare to play for normal players just as much as the trolls and afkers.
But when you have toxic player in your team, you can just press Tab and mute him, and he won't do anything, he will just talk to himself, but feeder, troll etc you can't mute
: They also ban boosters and trolls. Compared to toxcity it only is slower because its less obvious to detect. Either way, that doesn't change your status.
Yeah, but Riot is a big company and I think they could do something better with those guys :) Or if they want to ban toxic players, just don't permaban them I've played this game for 3 years, spent about 400 $ on it and I'll just lose this because of one or two games? Ban me for idk month, 2 month, half of a year and I'll learn to not use a chat, but not perma ban
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