: What everyone seems to be forgetting here, is that it's **very** unlikely that this is the first offence. The current system if I recall correctly is; 1. 10 game chat restriction 2. 25 game chat restriction 3. 14-day suspension 4. Permanent Ban So, while I do agree that going off of _**only**_ these chat records, this definitely shouldn't be a perm-ban, you were probably pissing people off for quite a long time before this, and this was just the last straw that broke the camel's back. Looking at your AFK threats and the fact that you waste tons of times just crying and typing irrelevant things out, it seems like you're quite an annoying person. Try just muting your offensive teammates when you start up your new account. It'll save you a ton of trouble. Just remember that getting punished by the system is the community telling you that they don't want to play with you anymore. Try to be the kind of teammate you'd want to play with. It's not an EGO contest, it's not about how to be as passive-aggressive as possible without technically breaking the rules, it's just a 5v5 MOBA. Try to be a decent guy, and just mute/block/ignore/report anyone who is offensive.
I mean I understand your sentiment that this was probably "The last straw that broke the camel's back", and I should have been more careful especially since I've previously recieved the punishments that you previously listed. But I've had a 2 week break and just recently got back to playing, I've had 1 other game that I was a rude %%%%, but except that I just can't find it in myself to see where the toxicity comes from. I am confrontational and it's a stupid fucking trait in Mobas, it doesn't ammount to anything and it sure as hell doesn't help the team. But what I'm trying to argue, I think.... Is that I can't see being confrontational and passive agressive as grounds for a permanent ban. But yeah. Shit happens, I'll probably try and get in touch with a Riot employee and sort this out if possible. It sucks, but in the end it is what it is.
Stell (EUNE)
: but you have received chat restrictions and 14 day ban before, yes ?
: kinda depends on the circumstance tbh, I mean i dont flame players typically but if someone flames me for no real reason in game a crazy amount I would probably considering going afk.
It's kind of interesting, since I've got a couple of other accounts ranging from gold to diamond, the diamond one being this account and I've never gotten punished on any other account. I don't know why people are so incredibly rude in diamond and over but it's just absolutely horrifying. Yet again, I was an asshole as well but this is was just on a whole other level.
: U where kinda toxic at the end. Tbh U should have just put everyone on mute and played it out.
: you're not allowed to respond to a flamer with a negative attitude. while i don't disagree with you, this is quite a hard case to judge. i personally don't agree with the permanent ban, but this comes with a catch: have you ever been warned/chat restricted/banned before?
Yes, obviously, haha. Though the level of negativity has been in line with this ban as well. It's never actually been "Go fuck yourself" or anything like that, of what I remember. It's been passive agressive of confrontational, which in itself is stupid. I think I've got those logs around as well. Oh well, such is life I guess.
: Bukachu TEH savior and god will judge you now. According to Riot it's bannable to say next: "im just not coming bot again3 You're incredibly bad" "Make sure to report him" "Tell him to stfu" "No. I'm afk" - this is extreme case imo, you were intentionally afking and ruining games and you wonder u got banned? no. you deserve ban if you ruin games like that "Fkn trolls" "You get a visual queue and you still suicide ggwp" "pls stop trolling lucian"" "report Ryze+Lucian" You Flamed A LOT, and on top of that you int.afked. I'd permaban you simply because you intentionally went afk. /case
Wont try to convince you otherwise but most of the stuff I said was in response to flamer who was ADC. He said that he would "go tank" and that he didn't care anyhow and after that intentionally suicided. Anyhow, have a nice day. I understand that you disagree with me.
: You were banned for your own negative behavior. You were unpleasant and toxic the entire game. It doesn't matter what that other person said, you're response should have been to simply mute them and then report them at the end of the game. Instead, you were excessively negative, report begged, AFK threats and just said unpleasant things. Ultimately, you're responsible for your own behavior and nothing justifies you acting that way. Further more, bans don't simply appear after one game of poor behavior (Unless you were excessively vile.) - Which implies you have a history of negativity tied to your account. Sorry you had a crappy experience, hopefully that player got a similar or worse punishment, its pretty awful to tell someone they should die.
I don't agree with your sentiment that you're never in the right to respond to flame. But I do agree with the fact that I should have muted him and moved on. It's usually quite hard to argue for my side when you only see what I've written, usually in response. My other teammates did agree with me, even if they were also pissed off at me.
Stell (EUNE)
: "I got banned because of others" no, you got banned because of your own behavior.
True. A click bait thread name gets more attention though. I just don't think my response are grounds for a permanent ban
: Cant stand rito and their stance on banning, they expect you to just mute the player and thats it, just think thats really silly.
Well. I understand if I got punished, I was being rude and ruining the experience for the person who wasn't joining in on it all, but a permanent ban for responding to hopes of me dying (albeit in a negative fashion) seems somewhat over the top
: How long are you banned for this?
duckarp (EUNE)
: So, what did you tell him then? Post your chatlog.
: You don't just get banned if someone tells you to go kill yourself. If you post something like this, post the whole story.
I posted my chat log now, you might not agree with me. But I was asked to kill myself, I understand that you shouldn't answer at all, but osmetimes it just gets to you.
Puddytat (EUW)
: "GD"? We haven't had General Discussion for ages now, are you perhaps a spam bot who has copied an age-old post from the old forums to appear human? Will one of your next posts have a great link for free skins? Bans don't just happen out of the blue, so there's probably more to this than what you're telling us. Additionally, your laning partner being a cretin does not justify whatever it was that you did that earned you that ban. Hopefully, they got banned too.
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