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: Greetings. While it is a few years ago, Riot has made a statement when it comes to the issues with a middle eastern server: > I don't want to be dismissive because we will indeed do another territory analysis for this region, but I also need to manage your exceptions: we may not go with local servers there > To be transparent, the biggest challenge for the Middle East region is to find a server spot that improve latency for the whole region and to make sure there are enough CCU (concurrent players) at a given time to ensure reasonable matchmaking. > For example, if we put servers in Egypt, players in Saudi Arabia may have a worse ping because of Internet infrastructure: most connections from Saudi would through europe first before going back to Egypt. And vice versa. There are potential solutions for this so don't lose hope but what we are saying this is not just a simple geographical equation. The Internet infrastructure is not that simple. > And if ping is only improved to a subset of the player base, it might take forever to find a match in matchmaking and then start a vicious cycle: players try the server, see it takes forever to find a match, which is then not super balanced, and thus go to the more populated server. [Source](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2m2x0l/middleeastern_riot_please/).
**These places you might find someone to scare you the Middle East server UAE - Saudi Arabia - Kuwait - Qatar - Jordan And most likely will be in the UAE. Not only the PING problem As you know most of those in the servers of the WEST & NORDIC They do not speak Arabic As they know, most Arabs do not speak fluent language fluently. Few of them can. If there is a server for the Middle East, all people will speak Arabic, the team, understandings, tactics and strategies Well maybe the only problem would be the number of people But you will find this problem a way I hope you understand me Thank You.**
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