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: Hextech Chests not dropping on my account, I think it's bugged
Just had an S on Fiora and I didnt get a chest or the grade
JamesIAm (EUW)
: The difference is, with those 3, none of them have to go into the enemy jungle to comeback. With a playstyle like Kindred's where you have to frequently invade into their jungle, if you're behind and you get spotted, you're a free kill. If you don't go, you don't get most of your damage. It wasn't too bad at lower elos as people wouldn't establish very good vision. But at high elos, Kindred was almost never allowed to stack.
JamesIAm (EUW)
: She was changed for a reason, with her old kit, if she wasn't shut down early she became too strong late. So they nerfed her so she wasn't too dominating, unfortunately this resulted her being too weak in games when she was behind. As a champion she was too feast or famine which is why they changed her to allow her to be more consistent
Isnt it the same with current Kog Maw and the other 2 main stack champions, Nasus and Veigar ... Even if they get shut down early or are behind they they have a really really high come back ratio unlike old Kindred. Im currently "trying" to play her but I cant enjoy it, everything feels underwhelming I dont know what items to buy the damage is really low with anything.
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Solash (EUW)
: Yeah man, so weak, completely useless, can't get kills at all man
They wanted to make her a bruiser, try her top lane against some decent people, you will notice her passive being too weak to be able to sustain in lane and her not being able to really defend herself against most top laners. I havent played her jungle yet as of this patch since I had A LOT of success with her top lane before the rework. My post is mostly about her at the top lane.
: i want the old one back. Just my thought. but from what i've seen today. Her ult is badass! Got our team a lot of pick up kills. Not sure what her passive is so.
Her passive is the fury into healing when burrowed. When at 100 fury (= 4 hits with the rework) she heals 20-190 health at levels 1-18
: I mean, you can still build an aggressive build from old rek'sai. (I say aggressive because that's what it was considered back then). Something like Warrior, Black Cleaver, Titanic Hydra, Tank item, Tank Item. Mid game won't be too hard because you assassinate everything, and late game you have 3.5k hp, 170armour and mr, so you're not dying fast.
Like I said she wont be able to deal too much damage tho and she is supposed to be a BRUISER. Compare her to something like Renekton. Renekton is more tanky AND does more damage, I know every champ serves its purpose and this Rek'Sai is clearly for late game team fights but seriously at every other state of the game she is completely useless.
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