: That's a starting rank. Not your actual rank. You still have to play 10 games to get the actual rank but your actual rank can't be lower than your starting rank. So placements do exist. And it can place you pretty fairly after 1 game since it does have history from you anyway. Technically it's not just one game it's looking at.
that still destroys the whole purpose of placement games, might as well be placed after 1 game
: If you have never played that ranked queue before on your account, you will be considered iron 4 for the party eligibility. However, your placement on flex is based on your last season rank OR, if you haven't played flex at all yet, it is based on your soloq rank. You might want to play together, but you can do that in normals. That way your don't cause any weird issues in matchmaking and that is why the system stops you from playing together in flex and soloq.
I stopped playing for the last 2-4 seasons, before that I was plat. I can understand why that system is in place but how can it rank me fairly after 1 game that was closer to a bot game than anything else. Isnt that was placements are for?
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