: Skin concept- Breakfast time Lulu! :D
Love this idea <3 Lulu my Favorite champ
Orisi (EUW)
: I just want a Big Hero Blitzcrank skin now... Hell an iBlitCrank chroma would suffice.
Hahaha :D yeah a big Hero blitz would be definitely nice
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: That's called "criticism". It's common to be told you're shit when you're an artist. I'm in a film school and the last time I got an assignment they told me I had 0 talent.
well, i wont say i am an artist, because I only draw in freetime, but i d love to draw and yes, cristism helps to become better and better <3
Borbland (EUW)
: He's not a professional LoL drawer or something, and it's incredibly well drawn for a fanart and you just come and basicly say it's crap.
happy to hear to you like my drawing and yes its just my litte freetime activity :D
Choda (EUNE)
: Logged in to say that it is great.
: This is awesome man :D
Ahrimaru (EUW)
: Riven and Zed Acrylic Painting:) I quit my job now i got time to create something Amazing!:)
: He died in the name of art, that is something xD
:D :D agree I will let it go now
: He lived like he died: Doing his job, he will be missed. http://www.blackfive.net/.a/6a00d8341bfadb53ef0120a69cdb0b970c-500wi
Petsho (EUW)
: That's awesome :D
: that is one sexy pencil drawing!
: If you are copying the official art, please copy the lighting too. Your drawing is just a bunch of lines with absolutely no depth to them. If it was supposed to be just a lineart, that would be fine, but you did take your time hatching and filling a lot of places. The medium you're using, even if relatively simple, provides tons of possibilities, so don't restrict it unnecessarily. Don't just copy line by line, think about shapes, the pose - it's very dynamic in the original and in your piece it's kind of hard to tell what's going on. It's great that you enjoy drawing though! I hope you'll keep having fun with it.
sure, and thank you for really taking time to commet it with your tips! :)
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