: I think today's clash was supposed to be a test, not a full 3 day event.
Well, the whole client crashed. It's not just for the people interested in clash. With the amount of money that people spend in this game, I'm surprised they managed to screw up server capacity completely.
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: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
BadBigus (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MacDeath,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=osjn51JX,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-09-02T20:12:54.915+0000) > > The effort you put into your account does not privilege you to harass others. As someone who roots for fairness I believe you can understand Riot's policy. I never said it would. I also said i never did actually harras people on a personal level or a level that i deem too extreme in the extent of a game. Telling somebody that clearly has no idea what hes doing that hes bad has nothing to do with harassment. I simply see no point in not telling the truth. I tell people who play extremely bad as much that they play bad as i tell people who do well on games that they do well. Just not saying anything to somebody who plays so bad to the point that its sabotaging the game has nothing to do with being fair in my opinion. Even less in Ranked mod where you should only play champs that you at least know how to play.
You say you're telling the truth. Can you tell the difference in how it can be delivered: "you fckn suck" "Your CS is too low, and you need to work on it"
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: go to your cmd and type ping www."somewebsite".com /t /l 50
Thanks. Sounds like it would be easy to implement though.
: Flamers vs Trollers/Feeders
If you steal from a murderer it's still theft
Mangekyu (EUW)
: 2 people just gave up...???
Every game when a player dies like only once: [LANE] IS LOST GG
Mabons (EUW)
: www.speedtest.net
Also I don't see a reason why it shouldn't be easier to check the ping in league before entering a game. It's only useful
Mabons (EUW)
: www.speedtest.net
No, I've had speedtest show me a ping of 3 while the ping in league varies from 50 - 1000
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: [Volunteer Christmas] Skin Raffle ! [CLOSED]
My Ryze is oom, and stuck under Viktor's Dome, Some Jungler looming, and I'm all alone. Team come, or I am done, top is missing and it must be roam. This whole thing is prone to- What, a cyclone? Bot what is goin on? Mid is overthrown, this place is a war zone. Come soon, or I will be sleeping with the anemones. A swift strike that took me and the tower....... yeah, seed of hate is sown. Show Ryze some sympathy, not even his tome could help him tackle this on his own. You flame, your mouth must foam, please stop, my motivation has flown, so change your tone. Have you not grown? Where's your hormones? ok, I groan. ff at 20, this game is blown. We all stay in bronze. I'm blaming this one on my carpal tunnel syndrome.
Genielda (EUW)
: Why is it not bannable to annoy the shit out of people?
Maybe don't plant evidence for an offense against yourself by breaking rules too. And I'm pretty sure they want you to react toxic, so don't give them what they want. People normally stop trolling when I don't react (you can even point out it's their choice, and you can't do anything to stop them)
Artimedis (EUW)
I wonder how Riot handles reports like this. They just played bad. I have bad days too, and Riot must have my name on some kind of top wanted list. Edit: and nice work :)
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Montador, This does not yet exist in the Alpha client - please use the AIR client to receive these offers :-)
Ok thanks for the reply :)
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: i suffer from illness that makes social situations hard for me to cope with however that hasnt stopped me going to work for the past 10 years!!! to live you need money therefore you have to work nothing in this life is free! and as for poor job market there is always jobs around if ur not fussy what u do, which people shouldnt be a job is a job
What about Spain's job market? Why isn't 100% of the work eligible population working? Because there aren't enough jobs. I suffer from a serious illness too and work 50 hours a week. I still understand some people are not able to work though. That said I am pro welfare, and maybe we just have a different perspective on politics, which is of no use to discuss. Point is: Not everyone have access to RP.
: If you have financial problems, you should focus on something else than League and RP Case closed
Exactly! We now agree. Not all have access to RP, therefore LoL is not an entirely democratic service.
: I think you don't get what i mean So i will do it quick and easy Every player is able (by the client mechanic) to buy Rp Only chosen ones are able to be an alpha tester If you don't get into the Alpha = BL Riots fault, Riot makes you unable to join the Alpha If you can't buy Rp - It is you'r own fault, it is YOUR Financial Situation and it is YOUR Fault that you can't buy it **_Case closed_**
I disagree. Some times people are in their financial situation because of unforseen circumstances such as illness or an unfortunate job market. Do you not understand what social issues that exists, and how it affects societies? Case is reopened.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Man, I wish *I* had "amazing hooker" to add to my résumé.
I'd add an amazing hooker to my anything
: Every third auto only. But this way you reduce the rest of her damage while reflecting some, then you go for AS and life steal. Why? HP won't help you. Raw AD won't help since you probably won't manage to burst her (that ult) It worked when I used it as xin against her.
Cool, thanks for the tips
: I didn't discused it on the boards, i discused it with a friend of mine then he told me i need psychological help, and i think if i will tell the op what i told them, the op would just say the same, while Wolf in Tux just said ''Go take a cold shower'' and it helped, but not really long
For some it's taboo to get psychological help, and it's a shame. I've talked to a professional for many years, and it has made my life easier. You can try it too. And yes, it is scary the first time but they will prove to be understanding and nice people.
: Everybody is able to do it, while Alpha Client acces is something not everybody can have, so Riot made it able FOR ALL PLAYERS to get Rp and not just for a few chosen ones, you argument is invalid
It is not. Everybody have access to lol, but not everybody have access to buy RP due to a financial situation. It is downright impossible for some to spend money on RP. There are poor people in the world. The ability to afford skins in LoL is exclusive for a few chosen ones. Surely you can understand. I've played this game for 4 years before I was in a financial situation where I could actually spend money in this game.
: Just build thorn mail first item if you meet her in top lane
But she deals true damage?
Synpara (EUW)
: no, this would be a way to get flamed before the game even started, just imagine the havock if someone had the wrong summoners etc.
Just enable mute. Problem solved. Also if you have a good reason for picking your mastery, don't let the others words affect you. Remember: you'll never meet them again after this game. So who cares what they think of you. I'm pro this suggestion. As a jungler I could share my tactics before the game starts (and before anyone says I have 1:30 to do it after game starts, it does not counter that it would be a nice feature with a chat in loading screen)
: Because ALL players where able to play Dominion, and not EVERYONE is able to be an alpha tester
Not everyone can afford to buy RP and get wards, skins and icons. It's not a 100% democratic game
Rismosch (EUW)
: Riot shouldn't reward testers. While it's true that you helped Riot, not everyone got access to it. Also, I bet some people just applied because they want a new client instead of testing something. There is so much wrong about rewarding testers and I hope Riot wont.
If we are going to say that rewarding is wrong, then surely we can acknowledge that not rewarding can also be regarded as wrong. A rock star can exploit his stardom to get free workpower because people wouldl ike to hang out with them. Pro: fans get to hang out with them. Con: cynical exploitation of hopes and dreams I'm not saying we should get an award. I don't care personally. But it would be a nice gesture. Maybe a chest and a key?
Lux Lux (EUW)
: It would be good for your team, but in some cases. If your team decides to swap roles in champion select, then the stats window wouldn't be accurate anymore either. You can't do it for the enemy team since then you're revealing information about their role before even knowing it. For example Lulu can be Support, Mid or Top, but if this system was live, you'd already know from the start, which is unfair. Plus, it only takes a few seconds to make and you have plenty of time before minions spawn or when walking to lane, for example. ^^ Edit: corrected a typo.
True, but people play more often in their roles, than swap. But you're right about knowing enemy team's roles. And I am ofcourse aware of the time I have before minion spawn, this is when I allign my stats screen as of now. But I'm just looking to optimize :P
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: won't impact the game play? If i see a level 7 on my team I'd rather gank their lane than the one with no mastery points at all :)
: The " It's you, not your teams" quote
Some people start whining before the game has ended, dragging the morale down. Then it is _also_ you. It is always possible to turn it around, unless the negative attitude overflows and everyone gives up. To me, this is mostly the case. The majority can't win without snowballing.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Husker,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=WEwhIG6U,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-08-04T13:53:59.735+0000) > > sheeeeeeeeet my cover is blown We have a spy!?!
You need to read the art of war
: What i mean is, to report in the lobby, so that you can dodge, accept the consequences of a normal dodge, but, the report stays on them just like ordinary reports, and, if the report is valid, it can easily be checked, and the player in question is actualy found guilty, gets a strike. they will not be notified tho so that they can't abuse the system. After 3 strikes, no matter how far in between, they get a penalty equal to the penalty for the action in game. Further offences will result in a perma. that's the plan and that's what i am gonna suggest. what do you think?
It's a good suggestion. But I don't have access to the alpha, so I just had another suggestion. Semi related. When you report someone post game, it would be easier for the the guys who reviews the reports if they automatically have access to the proof of violation. If someone types into the chat ingame that they are going to feed, you can mark that comment, and it appears alongside the report. So the a person is reviewing a report for FEEDING. Ok: Alongside the report they also have a marked section of the chatlog where the feeder also admits to it. Can also apply to hatespeech, etc.
: They must implement an intent report in the champ select. I will make a post about it in the Alpha client boards.
Can you suggest to mark specific entries in the chat, for reports? Like when someone writes "I feed" you can somehow mark that for report after the game.
Gorgant (EUNE)
: Well you could always find Doom guy and just tell him to kill some demons and close the portal
Or just uninstall the game
Grips (EUW)
: I get that all the time, doesn't bother me in the slightest. In fact, it's quite funny when a team of non-premades beats a full premade team.
: i love blink pick tbh
Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: This would make last second bans impossible meaning people would get kicked from lobby even more than they are now. Really not needed. Just deal with it and play another champ
Maybe a box appears before confirming. It doesn't have to be a notification you have to click "OK" to. just a message appearing next to the ban button "hey man, there's a guy on your team who wants to play that champ. Just a heads up"


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