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: Might just be a mishap that had nothing to do with your ultimate, but happened right as you transformed. It could also be something with the ultimates code, not being able to understand the kind of ultimate Elise have. If it is the ladder, i am sure riot will fix it :) Try to write a ticket if it happens again.
Pretty sure it did happen because of that ult, because it happened both times I used it, during both casts (transform into and out of the spider form). Also, everyone who saw it was affected.
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: I would say, unless you happen to have a team that can set up you, try to avoid Yasuo's ult as much as possible. because the things that makes Yas ult strong for Yas is the refreshed Flow (which you don't have) and the 50% armour pen (which is completely useless to you). That, and the damage is actually pretty pitiful.
Its alright in a duel against yasuo (if there are no other options). You can proc it from your e (if you land the chain you get a small knockup)
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