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: First of all, whats the main purpose that this wallpapers created? its clear, for the fans. Therefore a good wallpaper is a wallpaper that fans proud of it and when they see it download it Instantly. as you see TSM Fans don't like TSM World Cup Wallpaper, and as you know TSM is most popular team ever (#tsmwin xD). all i wanna say is that they SHOULD change current wallpaper with a Wallpaper which is as good as TSM and TSM Fans, if they don't they are the one who lose not TSM Fans. btw ty Nips for spending time but as you see Fans don't like it, it will be very good that you redesign wallpaper just for Fans ;)
Why should a C9 Fan draw TSM World Cup Wallpaper? ---> Bio Freelance artist and creator of @OFFcells !! **#C9WIN** Español, 日本語, Dansk OK (( ))


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