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: Hey there, There might be a way to reset your mouse buttons to their initial state. Let's try this: First you need to be logged into the client. Then navigate to this location Games\League of Legends\Config and from there delete the "PersistedSettings.json" and "input.ini" files. Then launch a custom game. When you enter the game, try out your mouse to see if it works properly. Then exit the game and exit the client. The new settings should have replaced your old "PersistedSettings.json" and "input.ini" files. Let me know how this goes.
Very weird but this worked! Only thing is I can't move my champion with left mouse the rest is working! Thanks alot! PS: I reinstalled and deleted everything but that didn't work. Now I tried what you said and that worked haha weird :p Might now a fix for walking with left mouse again?
: It's probably in your game settings. But if you didn't change anything there and no other person had access to your account (perhaps a friend changed your settings as a joke?), you should check your mouse.
I didn't change anything. My mouse working good like I said I can buy in the item shop with left mouse. I can't find anything in the game settings related to "Mouse clicks"
: Problems when trying to play games
I've had this problem several times If you can't load like what you say (Internet problem) go to task manager close everything related to LoL. Start LoL > Login > Press reconnect > Now it will work.
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