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: i would like them to apologise to riot for being so rude, or at least delete the post so that they DONT get banned. if they do get banned, then that's their fault isn't it?
: A Call to Arms: The end of toxicity in the game.
: For everyone thats confused about whats going on with League today.
This sounds like tinfoilhat conspiracies but the fact that all of the bugs are so completely unrelated to eachother makes me think it must have been done intentionally.
: how do we turn off seeing the usernames on the minimap?
: After how many ranked losses do you stop playing?
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
Imagine posting what you just posted. AHAHAHAH
: Recent Lag Issues
Same here, and about 2 patches ago my game ALWAYS crashes after a game, aswell as me getting weird situations when my CPU is constantly at 100% when playing league.
: Over a statistically significant number of games, in normal and ranked that would be [Sylas]( for me at a 60% winrate over 86 games. Next best would be Ryze at a 54.6% winrate over 130 games :)
: Why is Riot trying so drasticaly to shove sylas into the meta
Sylas needs his normal shield back on E1 and if he needs nerfs they should nerf his ulti/waveclear. Randomly making his shield a magic shield is just bad
: [POLL] - Should the Instant Feedback Reports be removed from the game?
Having them show up all the time would be best.
: Why is everyone trying such off meta in rank games ?
Because not everyone is a meta slave and also some of them are most likely just trolling.
Tralux (EUW)
: POLL: How many games one after another can you play?
I play until I am close to getting into a psychosis, once that requirement is reached, (maybe after 18 losses in a row) I quit.
: What to do when whole team stats flaming you
: lol, so if i say to you to go jumping off the roof it's ok because unless you live in a shitty apartment and not in a small house with a garden that will soften your fall you won't die at most you'll break a leg, so it's ok it doesn't count as harassment xD
yes exactly
: Mages in teamfights
Seriously the best answer anyone can ever give to this question is this: It depends.
íGengar (EUW)
: Report calling Telling him to kill himself (Toaster in the bath trick) Spamming chat Verbal abuse I mean what exactly are you confused about? Yeah if this was your first punishment and you got perma then fair enough but clearly this is not the case. Once you get banned up to a certain point it also takes one game to make the leap to perma.
Toaster in the bath would not cause someone to die. Unless you live in a shit country that doesn't have RCD's in the homes. Also, since this is posted on EUW RCD's are used in all these countries therefore mathematically this comment should not be considered flame.
Obillyx (EUW)
: Hi Morogoth, Everything you need to know is here : you'll find FAQs on the punishment system
I can't find anything in there that would answer this question.
Deprecious (EUNE)
: There are people who got permanently banned after 1 year with no punishment since their 2 week ban.. there is no such thing as a reform system There are only strikes, you have 5 strikes, and you are gone 1. 10 day chat restrict 2. 15 3. 25 4. 14 day ban 5. Permanently ban
Yeah, and as you can see there is so much conflicting statements about this questions that's why I asked if people could provide their sources such as if riot themselves had answered this question. How are you so sure that what you're saying is true?
: If you improve your behavior in couple of months , there no exact limit, you get out of danger zone, so for sure 3 years it's a safe period, next punishment will be on a fresh start and will not count as an ex 14days suspended account. I don't have proof from riot or riot statement just my experience, I got once 14days and never got permanent banned because I was not toxic anymore, it happened around beginning of a season and at the end of season I finished honor level 4. In the next season so after 1+ year like 14 months I got a 10 games chat restriction, so no permanent ban, so the 14 day punishment was not take into account.
: Question about account status
I'm wondering the same thing.
: Debunking Shaclone claiming he is getting banned for no reason
Yeah I watch his streams a lot and he is inting/trolling every other game, I also think he's delusional as he comes up with the most far fetched nonsense to explain why he gets banned all the time. He thinks riot has a personal vendetta against him, that shaco has been systematically made weaker and weaker because riot games don't like shaclone. When I try and tell him that he is paranoid and his thoughts are most likely completely false he either ignores the arguments made or he gets angry and starts raging (or banning). I still like his streams because he is a fun guy to watch and I've watched him ever since season 3 but he is a super toxic player and there is probably nothing anyone can do to change that except for himself.
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: how is that not bannable?
If you can't handle reading words you find offensive in a video game you should probably stop playing. Or mute them and move on? God damn what is the problem with people like you?
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Chinome (EUW)
: Team up to lose to bots
Jekorgi (EUNE)
: Client bug or some updates being made without notification?
Draexan (EUW)
: System Error - Game loss
Same here. Whenver I try and reconnect to the game I crash after a few seconds.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: What is wrong with a system that force you to do some work to get a reward? Being otp means that getting S or S- on him, especially on normals, is easy (just get in your lane someone trying a champion for the first time).
Currently you only get 1 chest per champion.
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: afaik, his turrets BASIC ATTACKS have never procced on hit effects (though i believe the beam attack does) though they SHOULD be proccing 'icy' from rylai's from Basic attacks do not apply spell effects, but apply Rylai's Crystal Scepter's Icy. Beam attacks apply spell effects as an area-of-effect ability.
His turret autos used to proc Dark Harvest since his turret autos still count as damage. Now they don't AND they don't proc rylais.
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: Offensive Language
Haha dude just mute them instead of making a forum post about it...


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