preetje (EUW)
: Having the same issues here. internet works fine but in some games i seem to be lagging. The game freezes sometimes, and then it 'catches up' after like 10 seconds, but im usually dead by then, resulting in frustration and flaming towards me while i can't help it. Already followed all the instructions on the help and support page, but to no avail. It's certainly not my laptop, cause i bought it like 6 months ago.
Yes me too!! Cant play a decent game lately. So I started playing Smite and had no problems so far. I like Lol more though. But lol seems a bit unreliable for me at the moment. Every fight I go in im hoping I dont freeze for a second or so.I Never had any problems like this...until like somewhere last week.
LOLtyrant (EUW)
: don't forget {{champion:266}}
Quinn. You can double proc her harrier. But I dont think it always works. But thats what you can expect from Quinn I guess.
Eveninn (EUW)
: ikr xd I hardly play him, but when I do, the lategame jumps, so much fun :x
I just discovered you can ult right back to place where you if you buy something really fast and ult you got a free teleport!
imbrus (EUW)
: The main problem I have with ekko is the ton of cc he has, e.g 80% slow for 3 seconds and a 2.25 second stun. Also his ult ratio of 130%
Isnt fiddlesticks a really big pain in the ass for Ekko? Ekko engages you with his w? You fear him and walk away. His alterekko almost comes to a point where he might ult? You silence him. I know Fiddlesticks can do that to everyone but, from what I've seen you can really predict what a Ekko is about to do, and a Fiddlesticks might be a good counter to that.
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: Bard is one of the most relaxing champions to play, his whole theme, voice over and play style. I just love him!
I havent played him, only seen him. But could he be a jungler?? I mean with that portal you can gank from lot more places so its harder to ward. Anywho, I dont know if hes strong enough to have decent jungle clearing time and all, but what do you guys think?


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