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: Are you available this evening for a couple of games? Feel free to add me
Yeah I am free, would we be playing the times listed above or would it be different times?
: LF Gold Toplaner for 5v5 ranked team
Hey Gold 3 top lane main here, with experience in both ranked 5s and tournaments. My best champions are Fiora, Renekton, Mundo and Malphite. But I can play almost any top laner. I have both teamspeak, a microphone and fluent english. I am only 19 though.
23josh123 (EUW)
: G5 Top and Jungle making a ranked team. LF Mid, ADC, Support silver and above
IGN: Moryarty91 Age: 19 Role: Mid or ADC Champion pool: TF, Ori, Viktor - Lucian, Vayne, Sivir Can speak fluent English?: Yes Times I can play: Everyday after 4 GMT Extra info: ?
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: The Wolves Pack | Looking for a Gold 5+ Top laner read desc
Moryarty91 Silver 1 with impressive stats aswell as plat/low dia 5v5s experience in previous seasons
: Team NLO Looking for Top Laner and Jungler! (S5-G5)
IGN: Moryarty91 Age: 19 Country of residence: Sweden Do you have a mic? Yes Do you have skype? Yes Solo queue rank: Silver 2 Position applying for: Top Champion pool (Top 5): Mundo, Renekton, Gangplank, Fiora, Riven Playstyle: Depends on matchup but I usually play aggressive and put down a lot of pressure.
: Just Survive LF Jungler and Toplanar
IGN: Moryarty91 Age: 19 Nationality: Sweden Overall Experience: Playing since pre-season 3 and occasionally playing with teams from time to time. Have experience in higher elo 5v5s (low - high plat) Main role: Fill Sub role: Fill (Every game ive ever played in soloq ive played what ever is left over or unclaimed) Champion pool for roles Top - Mundo, Shen, Malphite, Renekton Jungle - Lee Sin, Twitch, Nidalee, Nunu Mid - Viktor, Twisted Fate, Zed, Le Blanc, Lucian ADC - Ezreal, Lucian, Twitch, Sivir Support - Thresh
: making a 5v5 team.
Hey added you, I can play any role!
: Looking for players for ranked 5v5 for wardskin
I added you ingame, mid laner {{champion:238}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:236}}


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