: I am in the boards. I am people Does that mean I am not friendly? Brb, gonna go into a corner and cry
: Veigar rework idea
So you want to make him more op? dude no. so much no.
AnEmOnex (EUW)
: Made my very first video, need your opinions!
It's actually fun how annoying and noob Garen is xD
: Never said they can't. All i said was that there is no reason for them to get their own language pack on the EUW or EUNE or NA or other servers that are not Arabic. I mean I played on EUNE and i dont live in EUNE. But please for the love of god. Get decent internet first if you aren't in that country. If an arab knows english he can as well cooperate with NA players as any other NA player
That is very very offensive. I am an Arab and I consider English as my first language, so I don't really have a problem with the game or having an Arabic client or whatever. But if you're okay with having a Turkish or Portuguese client, why are you not okay with having an Arabic client? Don't use the language barrier that will exist because of that, because people speak many different languages on EUW for example and not everyone can speak English. #DoubleStandards
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: [SUGGESTION] - Remove key fragment drop ratio decrease.
I totally agree with you... but be prepared for so many people disagreeing with you...
Koudaaak55 (EUNE)
How about some {{champion:119}} ?
: Being a Woman/Girl in LoL (...literally..XD)
Damn! You're friendly as hell! <3
: Dear Riot, Please listen to what i have to say
I never got banned, but I totally understand what you mean by having problems and having them following you in games. But getting banned means you have flamed too much. Way too much. And that you have got more than one warning. Feels.
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RiotJerkee (EUNE)
: Tell us your greatest League story!
In my freshman year in university I hated everything and everyone. I hated the place and the people. I was once sitting with 2 people (who didn't know each other) and we were talking about evil professors. I said "Vayne will come and she will let us hunt those who have fallen to darkness". They said "OMG" at the same time in the same tone, and we have become friends since then. We are always eager to go to uni to meet each other, and when we leave, we are eager to go home so we can play. We have also become really close friends out of university and out of League of Legends.
Laslow21 (EUW)
: Hey guys, Riot Laslow here (sorry for no red tag on EUW). I work in the Riot Direct group and am involved with helping to make the ping better/more consistent. Especially in EU. If you could please provide the following information if you are having issues and I can try to see if there is anything on our side that we can do. ISP Normal Ping Latest Ping Spiking or Consistent? Traceroute to: if you play on EUW or Traceroute to: if you play on EUNE To run a traceroute open your command prompt by clicking start, then run, then type in CMD and then in the window type tracert (for example to EUW). Please paste a copy of the traceroute in your response here. Make sure to only include the traceroute and no identifying information from your computer like computer or user name. Once I gather a bunch of these I will see if we can find a correlation. Sometimes the best we can do is just notify the ISP that you guys are having trouble, but that's better than nothing :) Thanks everyone! Laslow
ISP: TE Data Normal Ping: 90 - 100 Latest Ping: 200 - 400 Consistent Trace route: Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms 2 37 ms 37 ms 35 ms almaza-r06c-c-eg [] 3 38 ms 39 ms 38 ms host- [] 4 39 ms 38 ms 38 ms host- [] 5 38 ms 43 ms 40 ms host- [] 6 239 ms 239 ms 253 ms 7 75 ms 37 ms 38 ms 8 40 ms 40 ms 40 ms 9 97 ms 98 ms 98 ms 10 * * * Request timed out. 11 103 ms 105 ms 103 ms Trace complete. Thanks!
Valynx (EUNE)
: Help me to choose!
{{champion:56}} Because he is more diverse. You can build him AD only or Off-tank/AD. He can split or snipe carries with his ult. He has more potential than Renekton. Renekton isn't as diverse. That's my opinion.
They say that all Egyptian players have this problem. I have the same problem and I have been advised to use vpn.
: Banning people for simply stating their opinion on a thread that is all about stating your opinion is not okay eighter. 1. It is my human right to have freedom of speach. if i say that i _Think_ that people who believe in some mythical greater being are retarded thats my right. The metro my mother takes every day was terroized by so called ''believers''. Just yestarday they found another bomb 2 streets from where i live. I do not see it as your right to subdue my opinion about religion. And i think the western world should man the fuck up. Regligion is dated and thus far has mainly caused useless death. think about crusades, think about terrorism, think about crimes between prothestants and catholics in ireland. I don't see why my opinion on relgion should be considered any less than someone proclaiming to believe in some invisable being. But aperently the western world is completely wussied out nowadays. And stating your opinion in a threat dedicated to stating your opinion is considered offensive. Well i find it extremely offensive that people belive in some mythical god and kill in name of that god. I never claimed anyone was retarded. i simply stated i _believe_ that people who believe in some god are retarded. I clearly indicated that it was MY personal opinion. i did not attack anyone. A christian has the right to say i belive in god. if i say i get offended by that are they going to get their account banned too?...
Let's not mix the belief in god with following a certain religion, shall we?
Dragon Fist Lee Sin and some ward skin idk lol
Paying (EUNE)
: How is it possible that lissandra is so bad?
Lissandra is just a different kind of mage, you can say that. She is not just combo based (one does not simply E R Q W or whatever combo). You need to know when to poke with Q, WHO to snare with W in a teamfight, WHEN to use E to engage or run away, and sometimes WHO to ult, including yourself. It all depends on what advantages you have against your enemy mid laner or ever their enemy team comp. You just need to be careful with your strategy when you play here. That's why she is hard to play. Using her abilities is easy. Making decisions with her is hard.
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: New here need some advice
ADC (same position as Ashe): {{champion:51}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:21}} Mid: {{champion:1}} {{champion:99}} Top: {{champion:122}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:48}} Support: {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} Jungle: I don't recommend you play in the jungle now, maybe later on. :) Good luck.
: This is the same problem we are having, and no , it's not related to the server, it's the ISP problem. I contacted friends with different ISPs here, and all are having the same problem, means Te-Data, Etisalat, vodafon and 3Gs. i took an advice and downloaded a vpn program for now , and the game worked perfectly, but sufffering from a lot of Ads cos it's a free trial.
But don't you think that it's a server problem because of that? If it was the ISP's problem, it would have been a problem only with one or two ISPs, not all of them. Honestly, I am not a very technical person so I can't say much about technological issues. But do you suggest I try the vpn program? Which one are you using? Oh and by the way, I have seen many many discussions on the same issue from different part of the world. The exact same issue. So I don't think it's an ISP problem.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 23
{{champion:28}} - She no longer has consistent damage, and almost no sustain. She kind of needs a rework instead of a buff, while keeping her personality and character as the sneaky bastard. {{champion:44}} - Taric needs a truly outrageous rework/buff. He has become the stun-and-heal support and he is not even good at that anymore. He is very very slow. Compare him to Alistar (also a stun-and-heal support). There is not even a way to compare. {{champion:6}} - And of course, this guy. As the top comment says, he needs some serious treatment. He has no consistency and his kit has no integration. He needs to be more classified as a genuine adc or harassing top/mid laner, as now he is none of those. So he kind of needs a buff to be at least "playable".
: In loading screen ping is 99 when i start game it keep go higher every second untill it reach 150 and keep go up and down and when minions spawn only few seconds then minions doesn't die and everything stop moving.
SAME THING!!! I even started a discussion about it just a while ago. http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/Vo8yujNk-serve-bug-i-am-not-even-in-the-game-when-it-starts-65
: Egypt ISP's problem
Are you guys experiencing this only since 6.5? Because I am. I have even started a post about it. But I think my case is different. My case is more related to the server, I believe. http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/Vo8yujNk-serve-bug-i-am-not-even-in-the-game-when-it-starts-65
: Patch 6.5 lag high ms in game
Are you experiencing something like this? http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/Vo8yujNk-serve-bug-i-am-not-even-in-the-game-when-it-starts-65
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I am having the same problem since patch 6.5. I occasionally can't connect to games, and when I do, it's like I am not even in the game. I lose LP and I get reported and now I am in low priority queue because Riot is not doing their job... like seriously now...
: So i need to waste 2 hours doing nothing just because my internet crashed a few times?
Other players lose because of your internet connection. Think about that. You don't want to lose because someone else on your team has bad connection, right? Check your connection before you play, or fix your connection to begin with.
Noobj3 (EUW)
: What to do with millions of IP
: Cannot connect to a single game, and I dc if I do. Only 5.22
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