: Lol I'm not joking, matchmaking is a total joke. 18/6, pentakill... THEY STILL LOSE lol... https://image.ibb.co/bZvC3U/3.jpg
Seems like you need to learn how to carry and guide your team.
: I enter a game... gives me error saying that i dont have internet... exit.... cant log back in
Can't log in as well. "Unable to connect to the authentication service."
: Can you imagine that? Every bot stronger than Faker.
More like: Every bot is announced to be stronger than Faker one day, but right now the developers need time, billions of dollars and some useless pr stunts in a cave in Thailand. Also Riot now sells flamethrowers
: League is becoming way too complex for casual player
I'll just point to the Jhin or Kled passive here.
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Cheini (EUNE)
: How long will it take so the game balance is justified?
I feel the same. The new runes are really interesting, but especially when you play vs.. lets say Lethal Tempo Vayne or Soraka with this little Aerie, it becomes a nightmare. Lethal Tempo vayne starts ridiculously strong after lvl 2 and doesnt fall off later, since her w sinergizes well with this and the 1.5 sec "channeling time" is barely enough to get out of her range, because she simply rolls after you. I hope they bring out first nerfs in the next 2-3 days. {{item:3070}}
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