Hi Im M0e (EUNE)
: Well you were not affected that much, actually you are mostly still were you are. If you got S5 that means you can get it again
Well won't I need close to ten wins. So far I'm 1W 5L
Hi Im M0e (EUNE)
: What was your previous Division?
Finished last season in Bronze 1, before that I was Silver 5
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: Also can use discord if needed.
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: hey thanks for replying c: we can play a bit now if you want? how old are you ?
Yea sure, I'm 24. Just add me in game.
: looking for team for upcoming uk+ireland tournament
Hey, I can play top lane and support and am looking for a team to join for the tournament.
: Play-In School: Upcoming UK uni events!
I really wanted to play in the KotN tournament but don't have a team. If anyone goes MMU hit me up pretty soon before the team submission deadline.
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: Hey, Mwlox. I added you ingame :) {{champion:17}}
Have you got any more space?
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: LoL Download Speed
Thanks for help guys, I have no other problem regarding internet speeds apart from when I'm downloading the client. Its a war of attrition to download this game.
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Luis Sc (EUW)
: Original PlayStation owner here, but I was more of a Lara Croft / Bandicoot kinda guy - spent way too much time on Wipeout, too !
Oh man, Crash was awesome, it could get quite frustrating but it was so cool, I used to love roaming around the mansion trying to kill the butler in the Tomb Raider game that was pretty awesome too.
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: You gained a border at the end of a season based on your rank at the time. This one will stay for a season, and you will get a new one when the next season comes around. Rewards are only stripped when ELO-boosting, and might not be handed out for the season if you show strong toxicity and get a ban for it. Apart from that you should keep your border in all cases (including being demoted, being unranked till the end of the season, you name it).
Ahh okay, thank you very much.
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: You can't "main more", you can only really have one main. That's what having a main is, a champion that you play practically exclusively.
Well, develop a stronger champion pool if you want to be awkward about it.
: You can see them on a lot of external sites...I don't like it, currently the points only reward length of time played, which says not a lot about skill.
Oh okay, can you link a site?
Nikläus (EUW)
: Pre-Season 6 / Season 5
So if you're in Silver or Gold division on 11th November you get the banners for that division? If not when?
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HexTechy (EUW)
: Looking for Silver ADC for DuoQ - EUW
: Top laner looking for 5s Team
Ill play, I'm looking for the same kind of thing.
: 5vs5 Serious ranked team. (Core Of intilligence)
I can play Top and ADC pretty effectively and would love to start getting into serious team games as I have a lot of spare time around uni.
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