: 1-0-21 and 1-0-39 as Janna and just got "S".
http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2681391775/201674684?tab=stats Same problem even tho not that hight as yours. People say it's because you don't ward or don't buy enough pinks but what in hell could have i done more? It's really unfair this ranking but who cares about supports am i right? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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: tokyo ghoul is a good one ^^ and my top 10 is pretty much based on high rated animes :P [IMG]http://www.mupload.nl/img/zy3g4eam2iq.gif[/IMG]
Well it was the most popular from 2014. But i can't stand that studio pierrot. What they did to tokyo ghoul is sad, they just care about money and not about makeing a good anime.
: Beware! This is gonna be the story of my life < 3 > Btw why does so many people think that tokyo ghoul is that good 0_0?? I don't know why people rate it high, I however know exactly why I (personnally) love it so much^^! Basically I started watching this anime while season 2 was ongoing, it was because I saw a "picture" of a white-haired-half-masked-badass-like-hell guy and I felt I just **had** to know who that guy was. I learn he belonged to an anime called Tokyo Ghoul, I read the summary and thought that the anime should be okay. So I started watching it and didn't like it. I was about to drop the anime after episode 2 because the main character was far too pathetic for me. But then I fell back on that badass picture and thought "I'll watch this anime untill I know who this guy is!". Important note : I was always skipping the intro sequence (because it bored me^^) so I had no clue they were the same guy XD. The first time I watched it entirely was the episode where he gets his mask and while seeing the intro I thought "Okay so the badass guy must be the anti-hero guy, something like his evil-twin right?", then Kaneki got his mask and I noticed the mask he had and the one in the intro were mirrored which comforted my previous opinion^^. And then Kaneki got captured and tortured. I thought that was actually quite refreshing and I really linked into that part of the story. And then the badass-Kaneki appears and shows everyone what it means to be a beast. Then he makes the "wrong" choice : going to the enemy and, even though I hated his choice to runaway from Touka (I think they might be my favourite anime "couple" yet^^), I also loved how he dedicates to his belief. TL:DR : I related to the anime really well and got mindblown by the end of the season 1.
I am not saying is thrash, in my opinion it's avarage but MANY people say that is the best anime ever made. If you read the manga you will see how rushed it was, in my opinion parasyte has a similar concept but was executed better. Check it out if you haven't already you won't regret (i think '-')
: Anime! Top 10!
My opinion on the best out there 1-rainbow nisha rokubou no shichinin (underrated as hell) 2- evangelion 3-gurren lagann 4-gintama 5-parasyte 6-steins gate 7-fma brotherhood 8-death parade 9-no game no life 10-hellsing ultimate Btw why does so many people think that tokyo ghoul is that good 0_0??
Swittz (EUW)
Victorious graves with a cigar on the splashart and in game rito pls ;-;
Zhonyas (EUNE)
: "ADC's never thanks Supports"
Support main here and i say thanks every time my a** gets saved and the adc's that i play with do the same most of the time :3 It's not the role, but yes the person that is playing, this must be really hard to understand... you guys allways bring the thing to the table.
: So... You'd stab yourself nearly to death?
: If you could have one ability from League Of Legends...
Leblanc passive would be cool just to play a little.


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