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Balm (EUW)
: Low Plat Support LF ADC Main to Duo with (EUW)
Hey, im Plat I right now, if you want to try out some games, see if we have synergy I'm up for it. IGN: MrNiekio
: Creating a plat elo 5v5 team
Hey, Plat 1 ADC here, added you in game.
: Creating Ranked Team EUW - Team Night Gold+
IGN: MrNiekio Roles: ADC Main champion: Ezreal/vayne/lucian Secondary champion(s): pretty much every adc except for Draven Age: 19 Rank: s6 plat 2, s7 plat 3
Atrixious (EUW)
: looking for players for ranked team
IGN: MrNiekio Roles: ADC Main champion: would probably be ezreal/vayne/lucian Secondary champion(s): pretty much every adc except for Draven Age: 19 Rank: s6: plat 2, s7: plat 3
: looking for an adc to join a team, pref silver to gold
Hey, if you guys are still looking, I'm plat 4 (ended plat 2 last season) and could play with you guys. Add me if you're interested: MrNiekio
: Looking For Ambitious Silver-Gold -EUW- (ADC is The Remaining Spot)
Hey, I'm a plat V adc main and would like to join if you're still looking for an adc.
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: Looking for a active ADC to join our Gold Team
Hey, me and my friend would like to join as adc and midlaner. I added you IGN: MrNiekio
: Vayne Build 5.24
I build {{item:3046}} -> {{item:3006}} -- >{{item:3031}} -> ({{item:3072}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3139}} Pick 2/3 ) Shiv for waveclear, BT for lifesteal, LDR for armor pen, mercurial for CC. You can also pick a defensive armor/magic resist item if you get blown up in tf's.
: Belgian Platinum team looking for adc and jungler (Dutch speaking!)
Gold 3 Adc, weet dat het geen plat/dia is maar als je me een kans wil geven add me IGN: MrNiekio
: Creating a serious team for the new season need adc and jungler
I'm a Gold 3 (almost Gold 2) adc IGN: MrNiekio for more info
Strifee (EUW)
: Unpredictable Carnage looking for a strong botlane
Name: Niek IGN: MrNiekio Role: ADC Age: 19 Solo queue rank: Silver 1 main champs: {{champion:67}} {{champion:236}} but I can play pretty much every adc. (If I need to play a new adc for the team, I'm willing to learn it. What do you expect from a team: To have fun while also trying our best to win. With this I mean, no raging or flaming each other, just stay positive towards each other and help each other improve.
IGN: MrNiekio Age: 18 skype ?: Yes current rank: Silver 2 Main lane: Mid pref champs:{{champion:268}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:105}} dutch?: Ja
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: > Mr. Zed It'd Dr. Zed. Next time you're bleeding to death, just think Dr. Zed. Nobody will get the reference
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Pandolien (EUW)
: Starting a 5v5 ranked team Silver+ 18+
IGN: MrNiekio Lane/s: Adc and Mid but pref adc. Age: 18 1. Champs you like playing with: Adc;{{champion:67}}(main) {{champion:222}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:42}} Mid: {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:105}} (but can play way more champions on these positions.) Ranked status: Silver 1 english?:Yes
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: Lf Mid Laner Bronze/Silver
Hello, I'm silver 1 and meet all your requirements, message me IGN: MrNiekio
: recruiting for ranked team: dont underestimate
I'm interested, add me IGN: MrNiekio
jk321 (EUW)
I don't have a team, but if you guys would like to start your own team i would love to join as an adc. If you're starting a team or want to know more about me message me ign: MrNiekio
: F8ALITY is recruiting new players (silver+)
IGN: MrNiekio Age: 17 Division: Silver 1 Role(s): Mid, Adc, Jungle What are you applying for: Mid lane Champion Pool: {{champion:268}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:105}} Why should we pick you?: Well, for obvious reasons.
: Creating team S5+
IGN: MrNiekio Age: 17 (Almost 18) Role: Mid Main Champs: {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:101}} But i can play alot more and still learning. Flame?: No Skype or TS: both
: New team Silver1+ Looking for..
Hey, If you're still looking for a midlaner, i main mid. I mostly play assassins but I'm learning a few mages right now. message me if you're interested ^^. IGN: MrNiekio.
RomanB0nd (EUNE)
: Starting a serious team need some players
IGN: MrNiekio Role: MId Champions: {{champion:268}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:101}} (these are my main champion, i can play alot more)
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: Dutch player looking for ranked team
hey, ik ben MrNiekio en speel vooral midlane. Mijn beste midlane champs zijn: {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} maar kan er nog veel meer en ben nog actief nieuwe champions aan het leren. Als je nog een midlaner nodig hebt hoor ik het graag (IGN: MrNiekio).
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H3lipil0t (EUW)
: Ik ben geintesseerd in jungle rol. Ben s2. Main.
We hebben al een jungler, als je meedere posities kan spelen dan zou je in principe een subb kunnen zijn.
: ik ben wel geinteresserd in support, ben b2
We hebben al een support, als je meedere posities kan spelen dan zou je in principe een subb kunnen zijn.
H3lipil0t (EUW)
: Ben je nederlands?
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