Viavarian (EUW)
: You said it yourself that the Lux was unranked. If she's really as clueless as you say she will probably lose most of her placements and be placed in a low rank. So I don't see the problem.
But she would have lost games in normals too, so why would she be placed in silver placements?
: why rammus w has a self slow is a more reasonable question
No? If you walked on all four you would be a lot slower too, and then you also have to protect yourself with a shell at the same time (and yes armadillos walk on all four irl, but in game rammus walks on two legs when strolling around)
: Who Was Your First Main Champion!
It was either maokai or irelia, but I think maokai ((old one, %%%% the new one) and the same goes for you irelia)
: Punishment for toxic behaviour.
I got a 2 week ban once, for calling someone by a disorder. I obviously understand that it's not ok but I didn't get a warning or chat district either. Just straight up ban with no previous toxic behaviour. So I agree that I feel a bit cheated but I don't think it's to much with 2 weeks
: Hecarim doesn't have to be half-human, i'd imagine that when he was still alive he used to ride horse quite a lot, considering how he looks now.
(the mythical creature would be a centaur, just wanted to point that out since no one has yet) your idea sounds REALLY cool purple. like a legendary or ultimate skin where hecarim is a soldier in knight's armor riding a real horse (either armored to the teeth or naked, (or maybe even a colorful cover
: Champion Concepts - Tanyr, The Aspect of Balance (A former scientist from the Blessed Isles)
a control mage would be cool to have in the game, though these descriptions just make me confused. and im sorry but didnt you call it a control mage? multiple sources of true damage? this sounds more like a god mage. i would suggest to keep it simple, lots of cc and low/medium damage. could work as a support or a "survive-lane-and-become-a-late-game-carry" mid laner
Thalmor (EUNE)
: Last Time Legacy skins were on sale
I got emerald taric in the "personal sale" thingy, so I'm very satisfied lol
Ðeathwish (EUNE)
: There is still time to fix Zed's face
: Pantheon Rework Idea, Multi purpose fighter!
Definitely an interesting concept, the God of War title fits better with someone that can handle multiple types of weapons. I'm not an expert and I certainly don't know how to balance things without being biased. But the W might be a bit busted. Compared to Noc W or Siv E they only get a personal small power boost, so if the shield proccs maybe another normal shield is added or a cooldown decrease. And the sword and shield Q sounds really confusing, a visualization would help but that's not something many people can make. Otherwise really cool
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