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: I am dissapointed
i should not have said that in the title. is just asking for negatives
: > [{quoted}](name=Mrmiki,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=zoszyJrA,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-18T02:59:24.023+0000) > > so i have been thinking that zilean's abilities does not really fit the time control theme good enough mostly because they are very outdated. Stop spamming these posts. I reacted on that making a long story but wont type the whole thing again. As a 1.3 Million Zilean main: Zilean does not need a rework. Your idea is bad and its just to reallistic to be a time hero. Soon ill make a montage for this champ and u will see Zilean is still playable. You just need to learn to play him. Guess people are to lazy nowaday's to actually learn a champ to play. And i see u played zilean once and over a year ago. Does it not makes sence if u play a champ somewhat more before talking about it? _Sigh_
this is more than anything a creative thought of a possible rework of a time mage champion. it is not like if im mad with the current state of zilean because i don'even play it but i think it could have more potential. don't panic though, riot wont change him based of what they read in a post made for fun
: I commented on your rework idea the last time you posted it, citing that it had way too much power and too much potential to troll with. What you have done in response is add more power to the kit? The passive is still the same thing that offers absurd power with no counterplay to it. The Q is now basically an offensive version of his E that you can proc whenever if it hits an enemy. What is the counterplay to that? That new CC on the W actually doesn't add any new dimension to the game. It's not like Brittle or Sleep, it is just delays everything on the target. The damage done to them is the same. The healing and shielding is the same. It's just burst rather than DPS. The E has gone from being the trolliest thing to almost completely useless outside of Zilean comboing it with his R. The amount of thought, comunication and timing to be able to use it effectively on anyone other than yourself would be absurd. And the ult is the exact same, with a slightly shorter duration.
i don'really think this has more power . its true that passive may be a bit op. the Q is a skillshoot similar to his current bombs. the first cast doesnt do damage until 1 second so the enemie can just walk away and the second cast must hit them as well. you need to hit 2 skillshoots to do real damage. thats the counterplay the W cc is basically a stun and it does not need to be a new radical invention. the diference is that it can delay your death so enemies may waste abilities on you or your allies can add shields that absorb their full potential of damage instead of dissipating you think the E is useless? Try puting it on you or an ally to have 3 seconds to play agreesive and then go back to safety and regain some health. cast it when someone is chased so they can go back to where they were few seconds ago. cast on an diver to apply cc and damage and go back to safety. there are a lot of posibilities the ult now stops everything so a melee cant enter the zone without being freezed. your allies and enemies will need skillshoots to use its potential and the enemies can avoid them with flash or dashes anyway thanks for your feedback. i can't believe you saw both of them. i just wanted to update the last post based in your opinions and my own conclusions
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