Okami XaR (EUW)
: Okami Legion! A new community rising! (fun and epic times for everyone!)
hey guys do you also have like ranked teams within ur group? if so im kinda interested since i also love anime :3 xoxo mssfaith {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hey there! u can add me ingame if u want: mssfaith I've played gold on my other acc for a long time and my main lane is mid! cya!
: Bronze to Silver+ before end of season. (Jungler)
whats ur current division? ;){{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
1v5 god (EUW)
: Aqua PSI looking for Top, Mid, Jungle and Support (Gold+)
i left an application form :3 msg me ingame :D {{champion:117}}
Fador (EUW)
: 5's Team looking to finish off core
> ELO: SILVER5 but played gold and plat few seasons ago > Application: > What Role Do you main? > MID > What are your Best 3 Champs at the Role you main? > LUX, BRAND, AHRI, LULU > What times are you available? > almost every evening > Can you play a 2nd Role as good as your main? What is your 2nd best Role? > yeah i can play any lane but my best second main is adc >
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: We want you ! New Ranked Team EUW
> Game related: > > IG Name: Mssfaith > Are you available on the times I mentioned above? eh ja maar er kunnen avonden tussen zitten dat ik niet kan > Main role/Champs: mid (mid: brand/lux/lulu maar kan meer champs) > Secondary role/Champs: (adc: voornamelijk jinx) > > Out of game related: > > Age: 19 > Country: Nederland > Got skype? ja > Willing to make Line? ja :P > (Line is a mobile app where you create an account with a username (so its anonymous) so we can chat via mobile phone). > > And just tell something about yourselve ! ik studeer nu social work in tilburg, ik heb een acc gehad die gold was t beste is om eens met me te spelen, helaas is dit acc silver aangezien ik een keer mn acc kwijt ben geraakt gr maxime ps voeg me maar toe ingame
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