: This is a pretty well articulated comment, thanks Zammea. If I'm understanding correctly, you feel like you can start with a cool head, but after the first game you already feeling pressure build... Are you saying for you the process goes something like: Bad in-game moment > frustration > lack of game knowledge (due to frequent updates) leaves you unequipped to deal with a champ/situation > teammates pile on > you tilt yourself? What would you like to see changed, whether it's us, you or others, that you think would help?
In every game there are champs that are OP vs others. This changes the moment you (the "supplier") tweak / nerf / buff champs and then the circle of strength changes. One day Zed is top notch, the next Swain. Sure we can get tilted by the fact that our beloved champ no longer holds his own, but the solution is easy. Change champ. Learn another champ, or a handfull and play them until your main man re-appears on top of the list or you enjoy the new one. This being said, all of this relates only if you are familiar with the game, tactics, objectives, team play aka knowledge of LOL. Basically, people can avoid being tilted about games or champs if it comes down to them changing their habits and being open for something new. Now ... none of the above is possible when your match making system is so out of sync, we not only get tilted, we flame, destroy the keyboard, head butt the display, scream at the dog and sell our souls to the devil in the hope that the players we just met would burn in .. yes yes rageaholic ahoy. But seriously though. All this MMR, improve your game, stay calm, work together, its only a player having a bad game .. "baloney" .. does not work when the ranking system pairs you with 2-3 dual left handed, cross eyed players with bags over their heads. This is not 1-2 bad games, or a bad player, this is so many bad players in every game without a single clue on what to do and how to do it, week in week out. This on top of AFK or trollers .. makes us tilted. Even with 95% of my games at /mute all to avoid flipping .. I still can't cope with how I get paired with players who can't find their keyboard. This is ranked, where players of similar levels need to be matched up in order to be able to work together to improve. This is not possible (_especially due to your heavy penalty on losing and weak benefits on winning_) when 3 players aren't just bad, they are .. "un-typable words coming to mind" .. then get thrown into your promos over and over and over and over ... and over again! Rumours that life improves when you get out of Silver must be a lie, but either way, un-tilt the tilted by changing how your ranked match-up works please. New players who hold potential are suffering because they have arrived late to the match and need to fight through the crowd in order to get a glimpse of the game. The game should not be about "choose a champ that carries everyone else even when they are really bad in order for you to get out of silver". I would hate to see dating sites use this algorithm.
: Stop playing ranked !!!!!!
And on top of that, introduce a system that qualifies people with IQ, hand/eye coordination and common sense before allowing them into ranked. Just because you have the game, doesn't mean you should be able to get into ranking games. Yes yes, we know it's free, but so is voting and you don't get to do that until you are of age. It's not about winning .. wait .. yes it is! It's all about winning. It's not about having fun spending 30-50 minutes enjoying the scenery, chatting to buddies whilst being over run by the competition or admiring the bright light coming from the towers .. If you don't know what to do, go practise in normal mode. When you know what to do, still play in normal mode until you can hold your own. If you don't understand your lane and your teams objectives, play in normal. If you have two left hands, play in normal. If you are drunk, high, racist or have something against Mary Poppins, play in normal. People in ranked want to win, and would prefer to do it in a winning environment, with a team aiming towards the same goal. If you do not get this, STAY IN NORMAL!!!!! And before ppl start with their witty comments .. there is a clear difference between having a bad game .. and playing s#@! You know it, I know it, and it's easy to see. When your climb in ranking is based on a team performance, it is nothing short of an insult, punishable by a kick to the nads, if you join a ranked game without a clue! For the love of all things electronic, money leeching. loss of reality online gaming, stay in Normal!


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