: Please elaborate. One more dopamine hit for you btw. Enjoy.
Read the first post... that is the subject :) I think my dopamine is fine btw.. I feel very unaffected by up and down votes if that is how you determine it :D Oh and this is my main account btw in case you think I up or down vote anything. Have a sweet day :D
: ***
Having trouble staying on subject? You can find alot of help for this :)
: Yes, and Alfred Nobel is a war criminal.
That is an interesting point since one could argue that he created things that led to war crimes. Far more valid than pyramids and flat earth but still far from what I am talking about... Go ahead please try again Riot lap dog.. you will get there in time.
: Yup, and the earth is flat, and the pyramids were created by aliens.
And the game and how it works was created by Riot. Which makes them responsible... What you are saying have nothing to do with this. You are a lost lil Riot lap dog.
: What to do when whole team stats flaming you
Realize that Riot is the root of all evil and blame them for everything that is wrong and mute your team becouse they are only human and haven´t yet realized that its actually Riot´s fault.
mAsfer (EUW)
: Am I a joke to you - poppy
We are all a joke to Riot games. They care not for our feelings about champions or the game. "but Riot these damages removes everything that IS LoL" Riot says: But asian kids like it.
Tralux (EUW)
: Music while playing ('YES!' or 'nah'?)
Circus music is a must.... no other song goes along better with a Riot game...
: This new change not only is annoying but enables trolls
Demanding it to be 5 yes votes for a succesfull FF or 4 against one instead of 3-2 THAT IS TROLL!
: I said it 2 months ago and I got banned for 2 weeks homie XD
It´s HOW you say it... you can actually say pretty mean stuff without violating any rules.
: Bring us the old league back
Im so sick of this new LoL and Riot! Restore the game... its not LoL anymore its a one shotting sandbox for children!
Zedant (EUW)
: Isnt this a bit too much UNFUN/unfair in ARAM?
Riots thought procces seems to be more damage in every single situation. They want a mindless feed fest for LCS. Do not support this company. Quit playing LoL or atleast do not spend any money on it.
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: What is worst LOL season 9 or GoT season 8
I will never forgive Riot for the damages... it ruins the game and everything it stood for. Goodbye team fights hello random roaming and one shotting all over the place until someone randomly wins.
C4libur (EUNE)
: Please, Lower the Goddamn Damage Output a little
Elramus (EUW)
: My toxicity
Why flame your team? Flame Riot instead they are the root of all evil.
JayceGatsby (EUNE)
: I decided to main Yasuo! In Silver!
A perfect description of how terrible this game has become.
: secret trick to make the game enjoyable
That worked for me up until they gave every champion in the game an increase to damage... now the only way to enjoy the game for me is to not to play it all and hope that Riot comes to their senses.
Pavle2001 (EUW)
: LOL. Do you even know what ''speculating'' means ? Because I don't see any other reason to deny it. You SPECULATE at what's going to happen. Which is far from whats will probably happen.
: > [{quoted}](name=MuminsAreGreat,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tJtky6vq,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-19T02:56:12.758+0000) > > Seen this thread and subject before.... I reply to it same as last time. > > If we need more bans becouse of the fact that too many chanpions are broken we probably need more balancing and not more bans. > When LCS demands more bans we will recieve more bans. They are not the only ones we should make a huge vote for that simple and easy through the web app
I agree with more bans... but what I said before is also true I think. What I said in my previous post is how I think Riot handles this not saying that I agree with it.
Pavle2001 (EUW)
: Its a speculation that you think people act like this in voice chat. When was the last time you've been in a league game with voice chat ? Because I've tried it and had no issues. How long have you played any games with voice chat ?
You are putting words in my mouth. And from reading other posts you made, I have nothing more to talk to you about. You win the argument... goodbye.
: This game needs more bans
Seen this thread and subject before.... I reply to it same as last time. If we need more bans becouse of the fact that too many chanpions are broken we probably need more balancing and not more bans. When LCS demands more bans we will recieve more bans.
Pavle2001 (EUW)
: Yet again another speculation
No its not a speculation that i prefer death threats in text rather than voice.
: Make league voice chat
Yeah I prefer death threats and insults in text rather than a child screaming in my ears.
Exoría (EUW)
: DuoQ = worse teammates/better enemies?
Sounds like ranked is more about abusing and play around Riots systems rather than actually play well and learn things so not that I would compete anyway but this certainly doesnt increase my will to play ranked.
Mártir (EUW)
: Rox Bans 5 Supports, agaisnt female team Vaevictis, in Competitive
This is not sexism.... however since this thread exists, its really proving that sexism does and that people need to educate themselves more about what sexism and feminism is.
: > "Everything will be ok in the end. If it is not ok then it is not the end" I like that one{{sticker:garen-swing}}
Im glad you liked it as it is one of my absolute favorite quotes :) Unfortunally I cant say where it originated from but I have read that John Lennon have said it aswell as Oscar Wilde. Personally I read it in an old school book many many years ago where it said that its some kind of Chinese saying. Oh right I almost forgot! "if this is the end it is only the beginning of the end and not the actual end." That part is kind of Winston Churchill but a little bit different :) Have a great day!
: > [{quoted}](name=AceFromGorillaz,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=matWwBKU,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-28T00:31:39.504+0000) > > ye theyre too busy making skins and music videos It is fantastic how people still don't know that the skin design team is a complete different one from the team working on gameplay and stuff.
One could argue that with the pace new skins are released in comparison to how long it takes to repair their old failed experiments and balancing the game it seems like 10 people are working with balancing the game and millions of people works with skins. This is ofcouse not true... just another perspective that explains that instead of hiring people to do enourmous amounts of merchandise and commercial content like music videos and skins they could hire more people to fix the problems. Typed this becouse I agreed with the point just not the way it was expressed. *edit here* I dont think the slow balancing is duo to lack of people but rather something complicated I dont know about but still a good point I think! :D " theyre too busy making skins and music videos"
: Looking for mentality advice
Its hard to have a perfect mind set becouse some days you are simply having more fun than other days and the bad days can be rough! If I decided to optimize my mentality before a game I would make sure to get enough sleep, exercise and eat healthy. During the game I would make jokes, listen to some relaxing background music and I would ignore all the bad things people say to a certain point where I would just mute them but I would reward every tiny single drop of positivity with more positivity. That is how I have most fun and ultimately that is how I optimize my chances to win games atleast if we are to trust Riot in this matter and with their experience of player behaviour Im fairly certain we can. As soon as you start to think about it in how can I change my team mates or how can I deal with them you already lost that battle. The only way to really move on from this experience is to forgive the misstake and encourage the person. In this case I would have said np or it´s fine we get them next time or something that removes focus from the negativity becouse arguing or reflecting over that kill will not give you 300g or whatever and will not encourage your jungler to do something different either. You can only change yourself not your team mates so work around that and mute the rest when needed :) Have a good day!
: Perma ban
Im sure in another scenario same could be said about me but this is soooo stereotypical and has been for so many seasons that I couldnt help but to LOL. Yasuo main bronze-gold banned for random reason. Please Riot change something... EVERYTHING is starting to feel the same every season except for dmg that has only been this insane for 1 season so far, that one I will never get used to.
: WHY THE %%%% IM I AGAIN IN RETARED BRONZE I WAS IN GOLD go %%%%youself riot pice of shit game
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Extra Ban is needed
If we need more bans becouse of the fact that too many champions are too strong we probably need more balancing and not more bans :) Have a great day!
: I got a two week ban for saying the 3 letter "K.." word in premade 3vs3 with friends jokingly, automatically detected by the system I assume. Really isn't hard to get these bans xD, luckily for me it was right before my exams so I could focus on that instead :)
That is why I don´t understand how you manage to get banned without actually making an effort for it becouse we all know that word leads there.. but I would never ever say that or any of the 0 tolerans words to anyone even if it was allowed to so I think that is also why it took me more than 48 hours to get banned... the system simply didnt identify me as being THAT toxic. I know alot of people complain about how bans and this system works but I honestly always had an enourmous amount of respect for how Riot deals with flame and stuff like that. Have a great day
XDynamite (EUW)
: League is dead
It is not dead! It is in a flaming, limping, ignoring, yelling, inting, one shotting, cc:ing and absolutly confusing state but to call it dead pff... if this is the end it is only the beginning of the end and not the actual end. "Everything will be ok in the end. If it is not ok then it is not the end"
: Banning your own team's champs is just not ok..
You are free to pick what you want why shouldn´t you be allowed to ban what you want? Just becouse you enjoy playing or having a certain champion on your team doesn´t mean everyone on your team does. I had plenty of games where people banned my supports but I didnt rage at them... I banned their champions muahaha :P Naah that last part was a joke.. my point here is that just becouse someone banned your champion doesnt mean they did it to piss you off... they probably did it becouse of too many negative memories of your champion that would ruin their game experience.
: True. they need to be removing a lot of the RNG in the game because its becoming more common to have no control over how a game plays out and that is not enjoyable. Is League a TellTale series now? where my choices dont matter?
Exactly how I feel about it.. too many random factors and too much damage. The frustrating part atleast to me is not flame hell not even inting or any other wrong doing will make me angry irl.(I stay away from ranked that could contribute to me not raging over that) but what makes me absolutly furious is when I get painted into a corner by the game and I am powerless to change the situation. This is not becouse of the fact that Im loosing... if this scenario would happen in a winning game I would still be angry. It is just so damn frustrating to feel like a spectator in your own game. Just realized I never gave the answer the original poster was asking for and deserve so: Gimme that and will find a way to have fun {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} {{champion:34}}
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=MuminsAreGreat,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=y6bAP8ZG,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-01-22T05:12:04.042+0000) > > Id like to say that it sounds almost more like an oversight or a "bug" rather than something that is intended... I dont think I can recall any similar situations in the history where any champion had a "natural" damage advantage versus another champion in this way but I could be telling lies I dont know. I'm not sure i understood this part. Can you explain in another way or elaborate?
Apologies if I explained it in a bad way. I tried to explain that if this is not something that Riot would consider an error on their part. The only option left to counter the situation is to build items against it or to out play the ability. But then again I can´t remember a situation when a champions ult had more impact on one champion than other champions becouse of how that specific champion is designed.(I could be wrong here) For example, sure Zed´s ult will have more impact on a squichy target than a tanky target but his damage to any of those targets does not become more powerful becouse one of them are unable to build armor it just have more impact becouse one has less health and armor. But in your champions case as far I understand it you cannot increase your health with items which generally is how you deal with true damage. And this to me seems like more of an error on Riots part rather than something they intended but I could be wrong. I hope this made my point more clear. Have a good day.
: I have something that is bothering me....
"Is this what people call love?" I think it is still being debated around if love actually exists and I do not mean that uhh we are so evil but emotions is an extremly complicated process. Even if love actually exists its still not clear what it is becouse we probably experience it differently. Some even argue(I recon with a bit of humor) that love almost should be classified as a mental illness becouse you become irrational and stuff like that. From personal oppinion or experience is to dive in and talk to her! :) Good luck my friend {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
And I came here expecting a person with 200IQ to be able to atleast express arguments :( I mean even if someone thinks Mode is op you are still not presenting any proof or taking the subject to a place where it can be discussed and changed. Have a great day.
: Dunno but deliberately trying to ruin others game by inting is pretty toxic, for this is a game thats about "fun"
Yes that is very toxic and that is why you can report the person. Also remember that just becouse that person ints doesnt make him or her a terrible person. Atleast not how I see it, we all have bad days and games. What I think would make that person into a toxic player and not just someone who once did something toxic are the motives and the habbit of repeating that negative pattern. I think it is the most fair way of looking at. Like it will forgive people for being human but punish them when they are becoming "too much human". :D Have a great day.
: This is satire. This has to be satire. I mean, nobody could actually be this ignorant could they? But just in case it isn't, let me explain: Now I'm sure that when you started you were instantly faker, but us lowly mortals, we have to do a thing called learning. It's where we try something, we make mistakes, and then we improve our ways in order to not repeat the same mistake. Now I know for ones gifted with such a boundless intellect as yourself this might be hard to comprehend, but the aforementioned learning process requires the making of mistakes. If he can't play the game, he'll never get good at it. So we beg for your forgiveness, oh great one but I fear you will in your infinite wisdom and patience have to learn to deal with the fact that some people have to learn the game before they can hope to match your doubtlessly flawless performance.
Haha I will call you the narcissist whisperer. That is how you reach them xD "A man does not have himself killed for a half-pence a day or for a petty distinction; you must speak to the soul in order to electrify him."
: You shouldn't throw around the term mental issue like that, there are legit people people with 60 iq who burden society and ruin games. Also shy should I help, can't every respectable player teach themselves? Like at least getting a gold level of skill takes only like an hour and no effort xD
Im sorry but I will express my very honest oppinion here: Your view of other human beings are disgusting... (not passing out diagnoses) it is not allowed to say what i feel about narcissists and psychopaths but yeah you get the point. They are in my games... will I demand them to leave? No becouse they harassed me for having 60IQ so I muted them in a second. People who in many cases would score extemly high on "your IQ meter" but then turn your brain into 60 IQ. First I think you should take a long break from playing LoL becouse you are not seeing things clearly right now (reasoning in anger). With how you talk about other people being weak and unworthy of even playing the same game as you and still seem to have the view of yourself that you are a good person/player. I would rather play with the 60iq player every game rather than to have someone with your view of other people in any game I ever play in my whole life. Also try to not think about other human beings in IQ becouse the human brain didnt give some people more capacity than others it just spread it out very differently so trust me a person you think has 60IQ is probably a god at something that challanges his/her brain in another way. Have a nice day.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: How does pyke deal with vel'koz's high amounts of true damage?
First I wish to say that red replies would be the only ones who could reply with facts and not oppinions or guesses. But it did not really seem like you were asking for facts so Ill dive into this. Id like to say that it sounds almost more like an oversight or a "bug" rather than something that is intended... I dont think I can recall any similar situations in the history where any champion had a "natural" damage advantage versus another champion in this way but I could be telling lies I dont know. Zhonyas as linked previosly is the only item I can think of that could buy you out of the situation. The rest is unfortunatly up to your positioning and game play Im saying unfortunatly becouse you didnt want to hear that and not becouse you had to actually outplay it :) I think you should actually find some suiting department at Riot and try to pitch this thing with them and see what happens. Thoughts was asked for and thoughts I shared. Have a great day my friend.
DunQ (EUW)
I have my flash on another keyboard in another room.. atleast that is how it might look like when I SHOULD HAVE flashed!
: Banned for telling a new player to uninstall?
Im not sure if you are being serious but in case you are, here is why you got banned: "terrible player" if this is a trigger for you according to summoners code that is toxic, atleast if you express that oppinion. "mental issues" if this is a trigger for you according to me that is incredibly toxic. Mental issues is very very common in the modern society so yeah get used to that. Like in would you hate someone who´s got a cold as well? "Like lie there you depressed person I will not help you!" or something similar? xD Also I think it would be alot more decent of you as a more experienced player to be helpful and encourage him or her to play becouse if you want to get rid of the new blood all you get is us old bitter farts :P Have a good day no matter if you are serious or not.
: Where should we draw the line?
I have a hard time putting in a vote I prefer to say something constructive in the subject instead. Last week I got my first post removed, it was for a tiny wall of text asking (no sorry) rather demanding them to lower the damages. Ofcourse it was not what I said but how I expressed it that got my post removed. Together with this removal came good and constructive feedback from Riot, Id like to thank the person who deleted my post for turning me into a better forum visitor. I didnt read the rules so it was all on me. Do I think you deserve to be punished? No I dont really think anyone actually does... the world is simply too complex and soooo many factors to calculate. However I wouldnt vote to "unpunish" you either becouse you are always responsible for what you say or do and it should not come as a suprise that many in the community are minors. To make that post legit the game must first be for 18 I think and I rather have children in the game rather than to have the game for 18 just to post nude material or things related to it. Have a great day
KoMoHoMo (EUW)
: may i get a reason why im a good person so wtf srsly
Just telling somone that you are a good person is not enough for people to think so ( you have to actually prove it) So my advice if you are being serious here is to make a new account and prove that you are a good person. Should also mention that just becouse we are not being evil doesnt make us good... most people are actually not good people... you really have to make a very aware effort to be a "good" person. I wouldnt call myself a good person... Im not a bad person either but I have my flaws just like everyone else.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Well maybe because players that truly deserve punishment dont get it... Same as yestarday i got today 1 jax that inted the game...Ofc riot will say bad game.Yeh..Toxicity is bannable not inting games.And if you do it smart you will never get pnushed. I prefer toxic players at least they tryhard instead of this tilted kids that have nothing else to do but to ruin games.
I see your point here definitly however to witch hunt down inters and trolls is not what I would prefer Riot to be spending their time with. If I was them I would rather focus on players who are being friendly and to focus on making the game for them. Flame and troll will decrease over time with increased game quality and a better feeling that you control your own fate in a game. Regular haters always exists but they are usually removed rather fast I think, right now you are experiencing normally non toxic players being toxic too. That will mend over time.
Gavarta (EUW)
: ofc riot doesnt ban no matter what you say ... they only "punish" with some stupid chat restrictions which people use still to flame when they can talk in chat :D their system is %%%%%%ed
Dont you think its fair to warn someone that they are going in the wrong direction with their account instead of just slamming the ban hammer on anyone who had a bad day before banning their accounts? (to defend chat restrictions which I think is a great warning and teller that you are doing it wrong) Wouldnt you rather believe in a view that players and humans can change and better themselves + why not focus on the other 9999999999 players that Riot never had to punish? Id like more threads about people meeting friends online rather than alot of raging about flames and bans. I also would like Riot to be more educating in this matter.. I dont think any other company in the world holds so much research and data on player and internet behaviour as they do. Like you can learn to play non toxic and behave well but a ban doesnt come with that manual. It comes with a ban and that person will return cooled off but not reformed to actually change a behaviour you need to make huge efforts that potentially can take many many years. Not saying Riot should start a rehab center even though I love the idea ^^ But many videos and guides could be made to benefit them and us as a community I think about alot of different subjects regarding flame and the health of the game and community. Said this to cheer you up.. when I read through this I doubt it will have that effect bet hey I tried. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Have a nice day.
Mada (EUW)
: Why I report players
To me this has always been a very easy thing. I read the rules! I reported the people who violated them (we all do at times).
: Poke mage supports really need to be acknowledged as a problem by riot because the "support"rrole should be about helping your own adc, not making life hell for the enemy's. It's just not fun to go up against someone whose entire purpose is to not let you play the %%%%in game
Amen my friend.. I have mained enchanter supports as long as I have played the game and Im really dissapointed to see the role abused like this. I cant really remember much of my own gameplay from season1-4 but I remember fragments and I remember feeling like I was there to help my ad and later join my team and like I felt really appreciated back then when I played my role well and stuff like that. My next memory is talk about "the support is the carry of bot lane" even though I agree that is partially true even today. I never enjoyed that, I picked support as my role to support other players NOT to carry them! In a small way though.. I cant help but to some tiny extent like that you have a completly different freedom in what to pick and where to use that champion now. But the price for that is too large. It gives us a game we no longer recognizes or even asked for.
Busty Demon (EUNE)
: However, Do you think a single camp can ruin a game? I know some junglers take specific paths, but he wasn't really behind. I don't know. I don't main the role to understand how to recover from a lost camp xD
Definitly no.... I mean its impossible to predict what will happen in a game as a result of something that happened earlier but no that camp itself will not affect the game much at all atleast not in the larger perspective. In this case the jungler snaped and decided to be very unhelpful so in that regard sure a camp can probably ruin a game but not at all in the way you are talking about :) Not even Riot wishes us to have such slim marginals that a failed jungle camp means GG.
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