: _"Why I keep being matched with trolls?"_ Because you're part of a big player base and everyone get those guys from time to time. _"I always play my best and people get tilted and feed and I'm the one not flaming, am I supposed to keep losing points?"_ Well, indeed this is the case that the ranked system actually expects you to carry the game so you won't lose your points due to a loss. Honestly, I feel bad about every time it happens to me too. Like you get an S and still lose 19 LP. If you do not like the way it goes and you are not willing to accept it, you shouldn't play ranked at all. _"Should I start trolling like them?"_ Do you want to? _"This game is fuckingly unfair... "_ If you don't enjoy the game, then quit. It sounds harsh but don't expect Rito to change the dynamics of ranked because you are upset. If won't happen :( _"Is tribunal not worth? Is it active?"_ No, the tribunal was deactivated a long time ago. They are using automatic procedures and human overseeing to replace the tribunal.
why should I quit?Shouldnt riot do better?and everything was much better when tribunal was run by us
: And riot will not give u a shit, cause they only want money
Forgot, riot need to change their programmers, this game is really bad made.
Finawsome (EUW)
: Matchmaking
And riot will not give u a shit, cause they only want money
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B1oniCle2 (EUW)
: Getting pretty upset by this every day problem.

Mummys dont cry

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