WolfChases (EUNE)
: Why would you even bother arguing with someone you don't know, someone that you are probably never gonna meet irl and someone you dont give a damn about? I am a "veteran" player, playing this game since early season 3 and I have never been punished. I get mad as well bud I dint flame, instead, i can hit my desk, my mouse, my keyboard, anything thats in my room, than I finish my game, leave my PC, do a few sets of push ups and than start another game. Thats how it works. That Gragas aint gonna get banned but you most likely will.
Why the %%%% would you want to potentially break your own stuff to vent instead of just telling some guy what a pathetic piece of human garbage he is. When there is no context there is no justice. Context is king.
Arzzo (EUW)
: See it like this, Riot has strict rules. They DON'T ACCEPT any type of flame or insults towards your teammates, it doesn't matter what happened before, if he insulted you, if he trolled you, if he fed the enemies. YOU simply have no right to insult him at this point, and especially to hang himself. Riot stated if someone starts to insult one, and the other one reacts and insults him back, BOTH get banend because both insulted each other, doesn't matter who started it.
"They DON'T ACCEPT any type of flame or insults towards your teammates" but make as many accs as you want for free it fine lol.
Creaturve (EUNE)
: What do you think of the current state of the game ?
The worst its ever been imo, not because of the balance or community. But because of how many anti-fun and badly designed champs there are these days, champs who are good or bad but are just irritating to play against. Singed being a good example, I dont even think hes particularly good but every laning phase against him is just a boring dull irritating mess. Why because singed design is just so so badly designed, he is designed to be annoying. Teemo is the same, a champ i think is virtually useless but is un-fun to play against. Nasus is just so boring to lane against, because hes too busy brain dead farming for 20 mins to actually take part in the game Yasuo jumping about all over the place is annoying Panth throwing a Q every 0.00001 seconds Im not complaining about any of their balance, I think some of them are fairly weak, but if the objective of the game is to be fun then being put in a game or worse a lane with one of these nob jockeys just makes fun an impossibility. Win or lose against one of these %%%%s, it doesnt matter, all that matters is they are annoying af. Below are some other problems the game has, most of which like the above is due to Riot games being a shitty developer with no direction. I also agree the game has balance issues but after 7+ years and they still haven't got it right complaining about this seems to be a waste of effort. Riot doesn't know how to effectively moderate their player base. Meaning for all their bans the community is no better probably worse. They show favouritism to certain champs. The game is too grindy. The new runes are generic and boring. Half, maybe more, of the summoner spells might as well not exist. Flash might as well be a compulsory summoner spell. The new ip/be system feels terrible. The loot/crafting system feels token at best. New champs are becoming ever increasingly complex hard to balance messes with abilities that read like war and peace. More champions are having power shifted to their passives. Items are very restrictive, and builds feel more pre-determined than ever. The rank system is awful, a division system where the divisions dont matter, great. Only two free rune pages being cheap and tacky and a perfect example of how scummy riot is. To be honest this game is popular because of Dota and timing not because of how good or bad the game is. Had it not been the first of the cash ins to appear on thr back of Dota's sucess it wouldn't be half as popular as it is now.
Pest Fest (EUNE)
: Automatic bans and how WRONG they can be!
Unlucky mate, but the system is crap, riot games are crap, the support is crap, everything to do with player moderation in this game is crap. They ban for the slightest things, yet every game is the same so the system is working about as well as a chocolate kettle. Pro tip for anyone who isnt Jesus Christ, dont spend any money on the game make as many accounts as u can and play 1 or 2 champs per account, spread the risk as much as possible, so that the bans are as meaningless and effective to you personally as they are to the game as a whole.
Tammyart (EUW)
: playing a game with 2 afk and never surrender ????
Yeah %%%% that, in this situation id give the other 2 on my team one chance to surrender and if not give them a big "%%%%you" then ill just log into another account and play on that one for a while or play a different game. Losing is not a problem, wasting my time in an unwinnable game is and I just wont do it.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: Gonna need evidence to prove that this was your first ever offence, something you can't provide :P
> [{quoted}](name=Cypherous,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ABQ7AZsf,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-01-05T19:35:25.273+0000) > > Gonna need evidence to prove that this was your first ever offence, something you can't provide :P It doesnt really matter if it was or wasnt, the chat logs he provided did nothing to warrant punishment. Period.
: Unfair Permanent ban.
Yeap the ban was unfair. But then again what do you expect with Riot.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Riot fix your matchamking
Riot wont ever ban people permanently, for all their talk of wanting to make the game better what they actually want is to ban toxic players in the hope they make a new acc and buy more skins. The fact that anyone can be permanently banned and then be playing again in 2 mins is testament to the joke of a system. Given what the avg League Player is like there will soon be more "cancer permabanned smurfs" than not lol. jokes on them i aint ever buying skins again lol.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Disconnecting from the game means you'll still lose points, even if the game was won. It's been like this for a long time.
Disconnecting for the majority of the game yeah fine but not for a few mins WTF lol. Riot games really are inept.
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AoiScreen (EUW)
: Champion selection time
Or @riot just stop being such tight pricks and give us free MODIFIABLE pages.
Smerk (EUW)
: They won't BE, gains are fine in the long run. The problem is that many players rushed to get that level up asap and were disapointed that they got less than before. By getting that level in 2 days instead of one and utilizing first win bonus twice i managed to get more than 150 BE per game
Well i did level up in 11 games using 2 fwotd and i got 860be from my capsule, under the old system i would have been at 1200+ ip. So including 2 first win bonuses i managed 76 per game, under the old system I would have been over 100 per game with the 2 first wins. RNG %%%%ing SUCKS.
: "Just give me permanent chat restriction!"
Riots punishment model and philosophy is horrible. Through a ticket they told me that:- Number of games does not matter, so a person who rages in 1/1000 games is just as bad as the person who rages in 1/10. Time between punishment does not matter. So not had a any warnings for 5 years and 10000 games then have a bad day, well ur toxic son perma ban. Ease of account creation means toxic players are back in the game in minuets maybe less as most will have more than one account. As reference I was lvl 9 in a game where every person apart from 1 player was on a new account because their other one/s got banned. The automated systems are horrible and ban incorrectly. I have had three different punishments overturned after putting a ticket in because they agreed the bans were applied incorrectly. The system does nothing to make the game better, this can be seen by playing 1 game. I myself am playing proof of how worthless the system is. They banned my 1st account (costing me tons of money) for almost nothing and with a total of 1000's of games and 18 months between the 2 week and perma ban. Since then ive been far far far worse than I ever was, because these accounts are essentially burners. get banned oh well, get a new one. I had one account since beta, and since that got perma banned a year ago im on my 4th account. Why because since my first account ive not spent a single penny on any of them, ive got no attachment to them and i dont care about getting banned no more because its no loss. So in the case of me Riots crap punishment model has made the game worse, so well done to them lol.
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