: I'm off to EUW.
welcome, i'm sure you'll enjoy your stay better) every server is toxic but euw is more competitive, thus less childish add me if you want new people to play with
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: The Lunar Revel 2018
they %%%%ed up and they refuse to extend the time to complete missions? disgusting ethic.
: Why does Riot force the Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick skin so much?
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: Client Update Open Beta Now Live
pls add button to hide friends list
: For us, skin shard (450 essence probably) is better than one icon. But for those lucky guys who got 14 cores is better to take 2 icons because one day they will be super rare. Unless they want to craft skin. So: - If you like skin you got, get the skin - If you have 14 cores and you do not like skin, 2 icons are better than essence - If you have 12 cores (#unlucky) it's better to take skin shard and disenchant it, more value than one icon. (Or not, depends if you really like icon)
i like the icon a lot but i don't know if i will regret it later... maybe i will want to play zed with skin.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Because of his elastic nature, clothes wouldn't fit that well on him. That's also the main reason why he has not that many skins.
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: Worst april's 1st ever
it was funny for about 2.3 seconds, then i couldn't wait for the game to be over so i could go in draft.
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LA Losty (EUW)
: I disagree, i think it does too much dmg. Dont know how or how much she should be nerfed, but i feel like she needs some minor treatment. Maybe we will see this in the upcomming patches :)
i think vayne's silver bolts do too much damage & they don't even have a cooldown
Light Show (EUNE)
: I hope they delete that cancer ass useless excuse for a jungle.
LA Losty (EUW)
: I think she needs a slight nerf on her E, the dmg is a little over the top imo. Good job though :p
it's supposed to, it even fits into the lore of wolf being that guy who kills those that don't want to die. which can be taken pretty literally! if they took away the e, they took away the jungling potential, because she doesn't have the cc to keep the gankees from fleeing, so she needs the dmg to kill them before they flee. notice how all junglers either have cc or lots of damage.
: I love kindred too. He fed me well when I was playing against him in ranked today!
thank you! this, to all those who say kindred is freelo.
EmEx (EUW)
: level 5? that was fast
now to get 100k points. ahah. but i'm not gonna play kindred only from now on.
SoulBawz (EUW)
: add me :D wanna play with a kindred
: Already lvl5? Good job sir. That was pretty fast though.
#kindredinstalock then i watched whether adc or jungle was called and picked the one that was not. also i could not wait to play more of these cuties every time i came home/ woke up.
Snow Enix (EUW)
: I got ksed a penta in ranked with Irelia... I was carrying my whole team and my adc decides to last hit the ennemy that would give me penta... I don't care much about pentas, but I've never done one with Irelia and since i was carrying I feel like I kinda deserved it, so i was a bit salty after that (didn't rage in chat tho). Didn't even report my adc since being a douche is not really reportable.
feelsbadman.jpg :( btw i still have my account surprisingly. yay.
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: The story of how my adc disowned me
Perilum (EUW)
: I don't even know where the teams are from. It's my first worlds and I only watch LCS/Worlds when I have Pizza time... but it's fun so far. Isn't Fnatic EU?
i don't even watch worlds. not really. only in text. reactions. and pentadunks if anything. i think they are EU, yeah.
: I think I finally understand.
so.. you realised the existence of the principle of "don't do what you wouldn't like being done to you"? seems legit.
Perilum (EUW)
: But C9 is NA. Believe in the EUW master race!
oh right. but uh. wait did any euw team make it out of groups even?
: Unfair Warning?
probably grudge reports. thankfully nothing will happen. probably. WHO KNOWS? not rito.
: [Skin idea] Flight attendant Tahm Kench
"Thank you for flying with Tahm Kench Airlines". YES. YES. DO IT. GIVE HIM A SUIT.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Please remove the Bildgewater event items from the Item sets tab that no longer exist in the game
Level 30 (EUW)
: Is this fair matchmaking?!
please fix this. i'm getting this bull too.
: > [{quoted}](name=Serika Zero,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lxAfLgwa,comment-id=0001000200000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-04T20:20:00.636+0000) > > Lamb is a girl, > Wolf is the pet > > Quinn is a girl > Valor is the pet > > Nunu is the boy > Willum is the pet > > Yorik is the guy > Ghouls are the pets > > Oriana is the girl > Ball is the pet > > Azir is the guy > Soldiers are the pets > > notice the trend?
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Game Anyone
Dzsime (EUNE)
: Snydra is such a smug bitch.
honestly they would make more sense if their kits were switched around. whoever made syndra must have forgotten stackable qs exist.
M4nhunt66 (EUNE)
: Looking at current state of teams in groups at Worlds.
i just about stared in confusion at that 0-3 lgd. what WHAT?
: Faker accidentally swears in a fan photo (flips off camera) on Worlds Tonight. (05/10/15)
: This is the best worlds yet.
it would be cool if this one time a western team would win. v: c9 take my energy. i guess.
: > [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=H9KhI7Ir,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-10-03T15:21:42.007+0000) > > So far these are the World with the biggest champion diversity and if you take a look at reddit, a lot of people think these are the best Worlds we ever had. I am not sure if thats true, but i seems like a lot of people actually think Riot did a "good fucking job". Too bad that the real playerbase in the meanwhile gets to suffer under this horror juggernaut patch. That's the only thing I am angry about, Riot is aware of how OP those Juggernauts are but they purposely leave them the way they are for Worlds. It's been confirmed that Darius will be nerfed, but of course in the "next" patch which will mysteriously be right after Worlds instead of the current patch where they had all the opportunities to do so. If they wanted to see Darius at worlds, then they should swallow it like men and accept that the LCS doesn't want to pick Darius instead of making him look sweet, attractive and playable. What's next, "Oh we want to see Urgot in pro plays, so we're reducing the spellcost of all his items by 50% and make Acid Hunter heal for 20% of the damage dealt."? That's merely the only thing I disagree with Riot about, they can't just go and rework champions into monsters for the sake of seeing them at the World Championship.
but why did they wanna see darius at worlds o.O
: Should riot change the Imperial Lux skin cost?
they won't change skin prices anymore probably. also you forgot to change the board.
res1ess (EUW)
: I am going to flame. Flame utnill they cry about their mothers. What else can I do?
ivo02 (EUNE)
: Finally this happened to me
this one game, i chatted more than i played but i was lucky to have a good team so i did pretty well myself. i ended up with 4 teamwork [or maybe some friendly i don't remember] and 3 honorable opponent. i'll go see if i saved a screenshot.
: Negative Attitude.
as we all know calling for surrender is negative. or well, as rito said. because knowing when a game is lost is soooo negative.
: Ignorant Players
have you tried playing on a level 30 account? if yes, then probably people know how to play their role or champ. but they're simple worse than you. v: go coach them.
: So i just got banned and i dont know why....
Voidner (EUNE)
: song name? where i can download it?
pretty sure it's a weird rendention of "i just met you". or whatever it's called.
CrySumPT (EUW)
: Well riot said the new system is very strict with the chat but they said at some point that if a player is able to reform at some time the punishment tier can go back to tier 1. Dunno where i saw that but when i find it i'll link in here. Edit: Here it is the [Post](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/yFLxpAcV-qa-about-player-behavior-systems-chat-log-reviews-and-feedback) > 3) We introduced a new version of the penalty escalation system. Now, punishments in League of Legends work like this: > > First Offense: 10 Chat Restrictions > Second Offense: 25 Chat Restrictions > Third Offense: 14-Day Ban > Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban > > However, if a player is showing more severe behaviors, it is possible to be escalated straight to the 3rd Offense Tier, and immediately get a 14-day ban for your first offense. This also means that if you get another offense after that (even if it's a less severe behavior!) you will be escalated to a permanent ban. **By showing neutral or positive behaviors, it is possible to improve your account standing and drop punishment tiers as well**.
that's from after i got chat restricted.
: I learned a valuable lesson
that's great. honestly it's kinda cool even having the opportunity to make such a comment to make somebody's day. iunno but personally, it doesn't work both ways, i believe. a good comment can make a person's day, it's undeniable. but a bad comment while it CAN ruin a person's day, it solely depends on who it was said to, cause it's deniable. "omg wow mastery 5 bard can't land an ult" i worked hard for that mastery okay? i even watched gameplay from aphromoo. so that should offend me. but it doesn't because i don't allow it to. v: it's my choice how i react to it. of course this is barring cases of extreme harassment like "kill yourself" or penta steals. but generally people can choose how they react to things. that is, if they have the necessary emotional intelligence. okay i'm off to play teemo and ruin toplaners' days. :)
CrySumPT (EUW)
: As Skylinez33 said, try to keep it cool. We all know that the best thing in game is getting that well deserved penta but even if someone steals it and taunt you, its not worthy to get your account banned just because of that. Try to think this way, at least you can make other penta happen in another game. :D
as i said to skylinez, "yeah i don't normally but at that moment i just cracked. xD i could SMELL the penta and at the moment, it was as if somebody waves freshly baked cookies before my face, then ate them, then spit in my face. it's kinda like, impossible not to get pissed. :P" but this isn't about that story, it's about the whole marked account idea.
: ''but sivir's auto lands just a second before my q. then he spams his laugh'' you just have to calm down, 1 its aram, 2 you are taking things way to serious. Don't let stuff like that get to you.
yeah i don't normally but at that moment i just cracked. xD i could SMELL the penta and at the moment, it was as if somebody waves freshly baked cookies before my face, then ate them, then spit in my face. it's kinda like, impossible not to get pissed. :P
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Vedixsz (EUW)
: I actually wanted to have Elise on the list but then i watched some youtube vids of her mid and top lane and she runs out of mana SUPER fast! I guess you dont notice it that much in the jungle since you use spider form allot but her mana costs in human form are soooo big!
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