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Yo need 1 more for 5 man flex
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: So let's take a look at your last 3 rankeds, which you claimed to have been way better than your teammates in and that they were holding you back, so... In your 5/8 Lucian game your team... had similar scores. Okay, must be an exception, right? So to the next game! In your 4/3 game your team... still had similar scores! I mean, can happen, right? So, you lost a game while being 18/9! THIS must be clearly the fault of your teammates! But wait... Your Supp was 11/12/32, Top Lane was 12/11/29 and Jungle was 11/12/31! It's obvious your kda isn't a problem. You probably have way deeper problems, like map awareness, objective focusing or maybe you are snacking kills of your teammates for a good kda all the time. Either way, it's something we can't really look up.
Im not even talking about KDA. Hell you can go 0/10 but do alot of damage. Im talking about the fact that people are trolling. By not wanting to end or going afk. Why you even bring up KDA? But since you bring it up as you can see in the game were I went 18/9. You see that all other players in my team have more deaths. Why?? Because they didnt want to group and kept going in solo which led to us losing the game.
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: Hey, I'm not going to lecture you on how you should be able to get out etc, there are a ridiculous amounts of threads you could look at for that, however some of the stuff you said does not add up, even if you consider yourself gold you are still very very far from the top 1,000 players. I think that is an impossible dream, no matter what you are experiencing, no player in the top 1000 would ever be stuck in bronze, silver or gold etc
The way I normally improve in a game is by competing with better players but because of me beeing stuck I feel that I don't get that chance.
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