: They never said there was going to be an event. So obviously its going to be a disappointing "event" to you. Cuz it aint one. Next one should be harrowing or smth cant remember which one they confirmed.
Worlds will be soon so I guess it's going to be that
: Very disappointed in the SG Event
Not only the event is a disappointment for me. SG Zoe is as well. It feels incomplete (ex. just using the basic voice lines), and part of me says that it doesn't fit Zoe at all (as a result). I like the trailer though. I almost believe they're better at creating an anime (short) than coding the game.
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: feeders are automatically detected, u dont need to report feeders. flamers, u can just mute them. again, why do u need to report anyone??
Can you please stop, OP at least has a point. You don't. Not all feeders are detected. There are many different ways how one can feed. Also, having a bad game is a thing too
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: Sigh
I've kind of stopped playing solo/duo because I'm spending way too much time on finding a match/ dodging than actually playing. Not worth mentioning the teammates you get, they basically have to completely redo matchmaking I think.
: Are ranked unfair at certain time of the day?
I think ranked matchmaking is bleeding. Especially in this season. Disregarding the gap between silver-gold, because I've seen gold 4-3 players who are really really bad. I can even say that I liked being in silver 1 much more than being in gold 4. Ranked has become much more of a dice roll. I don't know if it's just me but there are more smurfs in ranked now. I usually don't have an issue with this unless their intention is not to learn but to stomp low elo which I see as abusive behaviour. Sadly the latter is more present, I see much more assassin/hypercarry (main/OTP) smurfs than smurfs which try to learn a new champ/lane. Other than that, I mentioned ranked being a dice roll. In the last 50-ish games I played, gold elo, I've had most of the time so much int and open "lane" that it's not healthy anymore. These players usually say ff 15 when they die once/twice in lane and continue to feed. I've never had such an experience in S8. It feels like "Fake gold" exists. _I'm trying every game to do my best and improve but this is very frustrating to see._ I'm by no means perfect. Not every game I'm playing is optimal - I'm not platinum or higher. But I do prefer an enjoyable experience when playing ranked.


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