: Worlds Play-In Round 1 wrap-up
Actually clutch can't get D because TL is in that group
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: Ranked team recruitment
ErikaAaAa (EUW)
: I can carry you out of Bronze 5, I'm Bronze 4 support :)
What is your in game name?
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Karma938 (EUW)
: Support Looking for ADC to climb ladder with
: Silver 5 looking for team. Can do all roles well
Hi, im currently bronze III but i was silver last season. Im ADC main, so if u want to start a team with me it would be great :)) {{champion:18}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:81}} U can check out my stats on lolskill.net if u are interested :))
Madragoa (EUW)
: So I got permanently banned...
This person is tilting me..
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