Loonsta (EUW)
: this happend to me but i was silver 4 and then i got bronze 4 after 1 game its fucckin broken.
Seems Fair :/
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Thjodolfr (EUW)
: I had a similar problem: champ select bugged (internet did not disconnect, I checked) so I couldn't lock in my pick and got kicked. Then I had to wait (5:30) and lost LP as if I had left the champ select intentionally. This has happened to me multiple times now and it really frustrates me since it's not my fault at all but I still get punished. I realise it's hard to differ such cases but if there's a way...I don't know. I don't want to be punished for something I didn't do or rather had nothing to do with.
I couldnt agree more {{item:3070}}
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