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: Is the trick to playing ranked to not care about your rank.
To get the to the actual question, ye rank is important for me, but only because I want to know how good I really am. I reached Diamond 4 in Season 6, then stopped playing in S7 and now I am Platinum 2 for now. I actually only want to know how far I can go, regarding my personal skill. We all know this "I dont belong in this trashelo" thoughts and I really want to know where my limit is, I for myself think Diamond 2 is what I could reach and play, I actually never reached it. So yeah, rank matters for me, but I always play to improve. Sometimes you have losstreaks, sometimes winstreaks. Dont give up after losing 5 or more games in a row and always try to improve your mechanical skill and awareness and most important, never play when you are tilted and never flame. I would also recommend muting ppl as soon as they start flaming. I would also highly suggest dodging champselect as soon as you have this "we gonna lose for 100% feeling". I know you gonna lose 3lp ,9lp etc, but you wont lose MMR and you wont get tilted by a lose etc, which is far more important than these itty bitty 9 lp. You gonna catch em up again anyways. So keep it up, keep playing, stay cool, and try to improve your play. You gonna climb for sure as long as you are to good for your actual elo. Thats how rank play works. Peace out
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: Well, I always have fun with crit/attack speed jhin, ofc normal adc damage items, but I tend to build attack speed to just for the lols. So much movement speed and stuff, it's rather funny to see some champ trying to kill you and then you pop your movement speed (can't catch me).
Yeah thats nice. If your positioning is good enough, go atkspeed boots and make them suffer ^^. + Atkspeed means more dmg for Jhin thanks to his passive.
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: I'm not a big fan of lethality and assassins, so crit > lethality any day
yeah I am with you, but which Itembuild do you like to play more when you play Jhin and why? Thats what I would like to know.
: cait: "team i need your help i cant 1v1 that 0-7 maokai he is too good even tho i am 10-1" no offense but that made actually no sense at all. Cait has no Net and No Traps ? No flash ? no Flash heal ? maokai isnt easy thats true.. but what do you expect a ADC to frontline ?? OFCOURSE she needs help coz shes a ADC and thats why you have a support maybe your own tank. do you think you only need your Support or tanks when you have a Negative KDA as a adc ? oh look guys im 0-5 adc now i need a support and my team.. cait has 11 kills so now she is allowed to break the laws of physics and become the frontline tank ? besides 11 kill cait should be loaded on items.. unless shes building terrible.. she can shred tanks like that 0-7 moakai if cait doesnt know how to use Net/Traps to reposition or even position herself during fights.. thats on the adc
You are basically right and I do agree with you. But I also get the OP and his statement, it does indeed sound wrong that a 6k HP cho has a 1.3k true dmg spell. I do think that league is actually pretty balanced (besides Janna and Ardent Censer tho, thats ridicolous and I am ADC main, I should love it), but if Cho can flash ult and oneshot someone that does not sound fair to me. You are still right overall, an ADC with 10 Kills has insane damage, but still zero tankyness, so ofc the Maokai can 1 v 1 me, or at least be a threat if my positioning is bad
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