shatan7 (EUW)
: Clash, wrong team?
It's happening to me as well and I don't even want to play Clash. I didn't even queue up for it and now I can't play at all.
: U have to reboot your PC...
no, rebooting won't fix
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Nelzareth (EUW)
: 3v3 Broke me
In the past I played ranked just for the rewards. This year I did the same, but I wanted a Plat border so I played 3v3 since they are faster. I reached Gold 1 70 lps, dropped to g3, then climbed back to p5 4 months later or so. Many times I had unfair matchups, but what can I say? It is me who chose an unpopolar mode. The mmr is different and that's it, sometimes I won against Diamonds, sometimes lost against Golds. I even played vs a Challenger some time ago, while my team was composed of me and 2 Silvers. Btw, end of season is NOT the right time to climb, many high rated players just need few games to get that 3rd chroma and will do it in the last hours they have.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: I played poker for real money, where we all had a lot of fun. One doesn't exclude the other. You can be competitive and enjoy the game at the same time.
Yeah, but while you can be competitive and not having fun in ranked, I feel like you shouldn't do the opposite. I play just the games needed to get the rewards, but I can tell you I know a lot about the topic, since I've been around for 5 years. Example: I once had one person in my friend list that loved to try weird stuff and wasn't toxic, but can you really say anything tho those who flamed him when he picked AD Elise or support Fizz in ranked? You should do that in normal only, unless you are pretty good and played like a tons of games and find it cheesy. And, by the way, I will never understand why people get mad over silly shit like that... a random dude on a random game called you a moron? So what? Ignore and that's it. It's not like he was an important person to you anyways. Why should his opinion matter to you? Just mute him. I find flame fine as long as a person doesn't waste time writing when he shouldn't and as long as he doesn't int or dcs. Unluckily, I realise that very few people get this, as there are more and more kids playing LoL and even the rest of the community makes me feel like I am one of a kind.
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Kurel (EUNE)
: Bring back in-game chatrooms ;_;
totally. starting a 2 augs onslaught is more difficult than the game itself
DooTsoNz (EUW)
: Excuse me Mr. superior mental capacity, but what's up with the condescending tone? Not like I haven't got that figured out, but it just sucks when the queue times are already 5-minuteish. There could be an alternative path to a whole new champ select other than a reset.
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: Delete what? This post? Also, Nameshaming would be something like shitting on person who is bad, does not perform according to your standarts etc, but naming a person who intentionally ruins 4 ranked games in a row... I do not think he deserves anonymity. Checked his history - one guy met him in two games in a row. Imagine how that must feel.
that's not what I meant. I said that we can speak of nameshaming when the subject is innocent, in this case I don't think revealing his name would be a problem since he is trolling hard
Ìxeas (EUW)
: If you really feel like doing something about it, send her match history (maybe even a replay) to support. (Even it's unlikely they will do anything). But don't name shame here, it's just not right, also, it won't do anything.
tbh we speak about nameshame when the subject is innocent...
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: Player Views on New League (BETA) Client
It makes my laptop slower :(
Queen Sunmi (EUNE)
: I am on EUNE. There is no spanish or french option there. EDIT:There is also only japanese on JP.
really? that sucks then. well you can still do it manually I think
Queen Sunmi (EUNE)
: Maybe we should be able to change our client language already?
Man you can change language from settings what do you mean...
subutex (EUW)
Løuie (EUW)
: Plat 5 support looking for ADC here you are
QQuit (EUW)
: So the new client is kinda ressource intense
Exacly. My laptop isn't that good and the new client makes the game drop to 25 fps from 60 fps after like 30 minutes. That's bullshit because I won't be able to play using the legacy one since it will be removed. I am so pissed off.
rAbSe19 (EUW)
: Can´t use abilities
Just reinstall the game or choose the fix option when you open the client. It'll take a while but it'll most definitely work
: Nasus dash bug?
Ivern's Q can be used by allies
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: well if level 30 acc are doing it then twisted and dominion are ruined for ever.
Yes... I hope Riot will do something...
: To be honest this is why the community does not play Twisted or Dominion because people bot script to get the refer a friend rewards, but since Riot reworked it it takes much less time to get them so that should in theory reduce the number of bots. They have also updated security and continue to do so to stop these scripts from ruining the game. Unfortunately people still find ways to do it so Id advise to play these game modes with friends.
But the accounts are already level 30 with 100+ victories!
: reconnection during a game
Happened twice to me this month. You only have to wait 1-2 hours to play another game without having to reconnect to the crashed one. Annoying.
SideBar (EUNE)
: About Alistar skin claim
You can still get them if I am not wrong ^^ {{champion:26}}
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