Morlek (EUW)
: What am I supposed to do for open honor
Locking your honour is a punishment. It's not going to take days, it'll be weeks (maybe a month+). Just grind through the time! oh and stop opening threads on the same subject... your just wasting time! GO PLAY! GRIND!
: Being reported (for no reason) by flaming and trolling teammates
whether it's 1 report or 9 reports it has the same impact. How dod people still not know this, I laugh at people asking to report player x for such and such.... morons!
: Saying k y s no longer results in instant 14 day ban?
theres no instant justice in this game. Only an instant feedback notication to the person whos report results in the ban. He'll be banned it's just not straight away.
: Why i get permanent stupid feeders in ranked games
> this isnt normal .......... It's not english either.
: Burned my thumb preety heavily, shall i go see a doc?
> i've read that 3rd grade burnings even so small can be dangerous You should also read about not touching hot shit too that can potentially burn you. You should have run it under cold water as soon as possible then maybe go to the doctor just incase it gets infected. Sounds pretty bad though. Don't do it again!
Kluteman (EUW)
: Banned even though a guy was more toxic.
> he started inting in all chat -- > annoyed the other team with his constant inting in all chat what?
Mordetark (EUW)
: All of my games ran like this, the 'trash yi' was a one time thing, as you can see I was quoting him saying 'stfu', me threatening to feed wasn't literal and also a one time thing - probably shouldn't have said it. I've played a good 100 games if not more or so since my 14 days expired 8 days ago, and virtually all games ran like this without insults and the occasional request to 'report' someone since I came across I'd say 10 toxic people, one of whom I received a message about penalizing them. So essentially I should not ask people to report someone, not throw the occasional threat to 'feed' which this was literally the only game in my 100 games that I've said something alike, and that's all I was doing wrong?
> So essentially I should not ask people to report someone, not throw the occasional threat to 'feed' which this was literally the only game in my 100 games that I've said something alike, and that's all I was doing wrong? Yes stop calling for reports. as it was mentioned above. 1 report is enough (your report) will trigger to be further investigated. typing "report <champion X>" is seen as negative and ultimately disruptive. Just you report then get on with your game. Good Luck in your future games, I'm sure you can reform. Tenzo
Chizhovskiy (EUNE)
: The autofill issue
> We get filled against our will into roles we don't enjoy playing and hence are not good at, thus we get pretty much doomed for failure. You could always dodge and hope you get the role you want next time. No one is forcing you to stay in champ select in a role you don't want.
Yurodivi (EUNE)
: Seems like client is dead dead
hmmm seems mine is the same. It won't open, never seen this before!?
Mad Allen (EUW)
: done paying this game.... Riot is garbage
> [{quoted}](name=Mad Allen,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=J38rd8nt,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-19T12:25:54.437+0000) > > * its not that i have the time to play lol all the time to be active in ranked... > > * i guess i will download some illegal mod like everybody does and troll and hack the hell out of this game, > since its the only thing you can actually do to have some fun in this garbage... So you don't have time to play this game as much as you'd like, your angry and now you're going to waste what time you have to just do this.... Just go play another game if it's this upsetting, why waste more time on a game that doesn't interest you?
Eambo (EUW)
: By "lost" I mean they will not exist - loss or win, unless they were literally finishing. They will most likely not show in your match history in any way.
NikoIaii (EUW)
: By lost you mean we can't play it or that it will count as a defeat?
this! Defeat or loss pevented?
insaneabuse (EUNE)
: What about old banned accounts?
no because permanent means forever.
: Perma ban
> [{quoted}](name=CuteMarsmallowx,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EJFsjKgf,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-01T16:39:54.925+0000) > > I sometimes agree that I can be toxic in games and I want to proove myself that no ban is needed. You can have all the time in the world by creating a new account and not getting that banned. Then lesson learned! Don't flame, Don't be toxic. It's easy!
bococro96 (EUNE)
: Cheating
better report people for cheating because they use to find out 'hidden' secret runes and masteries as well as builds. CHEATERS!
: A message to all dear midlaners and toplaners from a support main
> Do you need a gank in order to win lane? Why are you people so afraid to grow skill and best your opponent so you instead relly on your teammates&amp;#039; ganks IN FOKKEN SOLOQ?!?! AND WHAT REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS IS WHEN THEY GO 1/6 AND STILL BUILD OFFENSIVE AND DIVE THE ENEMY,THEN PING NOTHINGNESS RAGING IN THE CHAT: "omfg team!??!?!!!?!!?!?" This still amazes me. Losing your lane and still buying damage and not sustain just to keep you in lane and farm. You can't fight anymore so why bother making it worse.... Thing is one no ever answers as to why they continue that way. (or give a better reason than... "we lost anyway" LOL no you lost! the team is doing fine)
Cúne (EUW)
: It helps a lot. Thrust me i never thought that one video will give me any views at all. I just wanted to know how to get people to notice my video, so i can get some feedback and improve. 100 views would be great as a start. But it's just. Even if i uploaded something people want to see, how will they ever discover it? I don't know if this link works, but maybe this will help. It's all I can offer.
Cúne (EUW)
: How do i get my first views on youtube?
you need to ask yourself "what do people want to see?" and "what can I offer that no one else can?" TBH Urf Nami montage doesn't really scream 'WATCH ME!' also building a viewer base takes time. You aren't hitting thousands of views next week. It'll take time (maybe year(s) ). Don't rush it, what I find is, record footage and use YouTube as your platform BUT AS A HOBBY. If you're successful you'll see the views. But it's not as simple as just uploading and hoping video 1 gets me 100,000 views. Maybe 100 would be great to start out. Hope this helps a little.
Daktilarta (EUNE)
: Got banned, want my money back
> I've bought those skins to play with them /to use them/ now and in the future. Riot decided that don't want me in their game so i won't need those skins anymore. You don't own the skins, you never owned them. It's been made clear plenty of times. Riot owns the skins you simply pay to use the skins on the account (which you don't own). The account belongs to Riot, when you understand this you'll hopefully get why this thread about money is pointless. You deserve nothing in return but a big ... '%%% off you're not welcome around here, Riot Games xx'
: This score with Blitzcrank got me only A+? Is Riot screwing with me?
you placed 10 wards..... and you had eye of the equinox. You need to put down so many more wards than 10. I place 15+ wards in just laning phase. well short of wards placed.
: Riot explain please im confused
So... your client needed to repair (obvisously some fault with the client. It happens) and you thought "I know, since the repair is finished I don't need to check that everything is working fine so I'll just queue up a ranked game and not try a normal or hell even ARAM 'JUST TO CHECK EVERYTHING IS FINE!?!?!?!'" and now you're here complaining.... please just don't!
: plz unban my account plz
: A question about instant feedback and "bans"
> [{quoted}](name=Sibrus,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=BzXTc0qE,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-08T02:02:43.391+0000) > That goes on for a while (like 10 minutes) of constant negativity towards a player without those &amp;quot;racist and homophobic slurs If this negative chat has gone on for 10 minutes then I'd question you as to why you didn't mute him/her earlier?! as soon as some dumb ass says 1 stupid comment they are muted. I'm not wasting my time reading their comments and you shouldn't either. They offer nothing in communication. Learn from it.
Nightsaur (EUW)
: Leveling Bots
I would also assume they ban the accounts when they are level 30 (maybe a little after) as to waste as much time as possible to even people. I dunno how long it takes for these leveling bots to hit level 30. But lets say 7 days. Banning them after 1 day they lose maybe level 4 or 5 account and can simply just create another one. But if you let them get to level 30 THEN ban it. All that time waiting for the account to hit level 30 to sell it THEN ban it makes it for nothing. (BTW I Understand no one is playing these accounts hence it's a botting program/ script but still need it to get to level 30 to sell it) Thats just how I see it. It's damn annoying these bots though and seems no end but when you can create free accounts over and over I guess It's more of a battle than we can ever imagine.
CivaNo1 (EUW)
: I lost my LP for nothing
why did you show us where your pictures are saved on your PC Harris? lol upload them to the internet :) imgur or something.
Tarolock (EUW)
: or what about playing the game instead of afking in base? you dont have to win, just go farm jungle, learn to farm on a different lane etc, that way you wont get leaverbuster punishments and maybe you can improve your skills
this, or maybe go to a lane and practice last hitting (probably under tower becuase it'll be 1v2) you deserve the leaver penalty for being afk. Coming to the forum complaining about it is just stupid. I've been in the same games as you where your whole team is bots. I've won them (and lost them) just get on and play the game or afk and take the penalty. Don't come here complaining.
House x33 (EUW)
: That won't stop people from buying RP.
Wannes (EUW)
: Item spreadsheet
I'm not sure what you're asking but I use this [Lol item set](!/editor) website to do my item sets. maybe this is what you're looking for.
edu505057 (EUW)
: Picking system
: premade honor
To be perfectly honest, I don't care about honor. whether I get it or not. I play LoL for the game the honor I couldn't give a toss about. People give me honor which is like 'ok, fine whatever!' but I wouldn't focus on it.
Adam Blaze (EUNE)
: I need a rioter to check this out and then explain me if i'm wrong in something AFTER you read this
- Could someone explain me why do you choose to give account suspending and permabans for bad behaviour? It's explained pretty well in the 2 words they used to define it 'bad behaviour'. Behaving in a way that is bad... it's not acceptable. You will be banned for it. - What is justice? If you catch 2 drunk guys driving you give the same punishment to both of them?. Be for real. ummm what?
: Simple Poll: Shotcalling or Teamwork Honor?
I got shotcalling honor from my team and all I said in game was.... 'end' after an aced teamfight lol I don't care what they call it. teamwork or shotcalling.
Doomley (EUW)
: A feature that Riot should add to the game.
This is actually a good idea. I like it
: This Bot thing is off the rails
yep I agree I've had 4 bots on my team a lot lately. While I did manage to win (push a lane to inhib then work on the next one) It takes like 40+ minutes and after a while I just cannot be bothered. Bots are out of hand now.
amir36 (EUW)
: I got a permanent ban, but i did nothing
Sadly you are responsible for your account. I doubt very much there is anything you can do. I suggest sending a ticket via the support page and see if they can do anything for you. If not, Then hopefully your next account will be more secure.
: Feeder
Reporting doesn't result in an instant ban, just that his account will be flagged then more reports will require further investigation. I wouldn't waste your time looking at every idiot who ruins your game to see if they are still playing. Just report and move on.
Kuym (EUW)
: Mute everyone put some music and focus on winning the game alone. that all i have to say.
This! and now with mute pings I can mute any %%%% who thinks spam pinging will tilt me lol NOPE!
Nergali (EUW)
: PC freez when ALT+TAB
maybe don't ALT+TAB then lol
Hansiman (EUNE)
: It's one of many questions. Riot is aware that people won't be able to remember everything with 100% accuracy, which is why you get several questions to answer. You just need to answer enough to show beyond doubt that you were the person that originally created the account. Even if you don't manage to prove you identity with the first list of questions, you'll get more.
Is there a way to find out what my 1st champion I ever bought? I have access to my account. I was just wondering whether there is a area to show ALL your account purchases?
MoarQQ (EUW)
: Constant demote
you don't even put down enough wards. 10-15 wards is terrible in a game. You have a sightstone... USE MAN! really use it.
yordi1379 (EUW)
: Banned for protection but they dont wanna give me my acc back
It's things like this that worry me with my main account. I've had it since Season 3 and I have no idea who my 1st champion I bought was. (this isn't my main account, I cannot sign into the forums some reason with it) all it takes is one person to find a way into my account and I've lost a hell of a lot of money on that account. Sorry this doesn't help you, I really don't know how I can but I hope you get it sorted soon.
: Virgin Media
I'm with Virgin Media I get 24ms I'm in the South West region. Maybe it's a regional problem? certainly isn't national.
: My account got hacked and It is my fault
yeah, you are responsible for your account. You messed up. GET GUD KID! MAKE THAT AKKOUNT SECURE!
r3fflex (EUNE)
: Changes to the suspensions and restictions
If you can't control your temper then online games probably aren't for you. Try Single players one, there are some good ones out there.
kuben OTP (EUW)
: report for nothing
My main which I've had since season 3 has never even got a chat restriction. Simply because I don't answer back to stupid comments, just mute them and play. I get threatened with bans all the time I laught at it (out loud, not typing lol in game) They are false reports. You got banned for something you did in game. Unlucky. Also learn how bans work!
: Getting unbanned?
you have to show you've reformed, by simply not signign in doesn't show this. You could not sign in for 6 months then the first game back you flame, thats all it's takes. Just try to not be a %%%% in games and you'll be fine. I'll tell you what stops me from even wanting to type ANYTHING negative to a player. I remember 'IT'S JUST A GAME' if you're no longer enjoying the game just stop for a day or two and play something else. I hope you change your ways and don't get your account banned. All the best fella!
: Just /mute all ... at the start of the game... you can flame as much as you want because noone will see :P
who told you if you mute all THEY can't see your messages LOL thats pretty dumb!
: Remake with premades
You say they were 4 premade players and 1 went AFK, well maybe they knew he/she was coming back? You don't have remake every game because someone isn't there for the first 3+ minutes. The game isn't lost.
: Does ranks 'decay' over time?
Platinum and higher has the decay (I believe), Gold is fine. You won't drop if you hit gold 5.
Vïviu (EUNE)
: Ban for being offesive against other players ?
> As i know if u report some1 and they got punishemnt u will get a notification about it right ? You only get notified if your report resulted in the ban. Otherwise you just have that warm feeling inside knowing you reported someone for being a massive T.w.a.t
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