dol0hov (EUW)
Im a Janna/Nami main in Gold 4! add me and we can try out some games, discord is also a plus (catz#8392)
Ralfs (EUW)
: lf dia support for clash tonight
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: Need a Top and Support for beta Tournament
I would like to play support in clash but i have forgot what time it is, can you give me CET time? Also im gold 4 support main, mostly playing janna and nami. contact me @ Hi Im Catz euw!
: Endless authentication
Was gonna have a good time playing with my friend for the first time in ages and then exactly this happened... GG rito {{item:3070}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
MyWabbit (EUW)
: flaming is never good, but why pick support role if you intend to play kennen, your gonna upset many people and in soloq it is not viable, play kennen ad, top or mid, but if you play it as a support expect your carry to have problems and be upset.
pepole get mad if u play kennen supp now? it was (and is) a powerful pick because of the long stun and it was played alot in worlds, lck and lpl, they havnt even nerfed him since then
Ketho17 (EUW)
: Why are the news items not moderated against scam links
just try to write like ''spambot'' or something in chat and all the bots will rage on u
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: Client crashes, champion select freez, client freez after game finish
: NCS Not working properly
i have the exactly same bug! its so annoying, i still dont wanna play ranked cuz im scared of losing lp
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Infernape (EUW)
: The worst part is that I've seen this happen before, someone was going on about Obama and got called a racist and white supremacist because they stated he was the first black president of America. 2016 is going to be the year everything offends everyone.
first of all: i dont know if this problem exist in all eu countries, but it does in sweden. if u call someone white, ur not racist. if u call someone black or even dark-complexioned ppl immediatley call u racist and stuff. the most ironic part is that the ppl who call u racist almost always are white.
: A Problem possibly for people with low connectivity issues during champ select
happens me pretty often too, might be bcuz of my slow media computer, but still i think its mostly because of the client, luckily i dont play very much ranked but i still get the time penalty
: NEW MAP! --- The Mountain Falls
Demacia VS Noxus would be pretty cool, Piltover VS Zaun aswell. ill keep an {{item:2049}} on it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}


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