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: What is a good build for velkoz support?
{{item:3098}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3135}} {{item:2055}} 's. If you get to the very late game you may want to pick up a 6th item but pink wards are incredibly useful, often times having more value than an item on supports. Situational options include {{item:3165}} {{item:3041}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3157}} Edit: This would be an arcane comet build, if you're more into glacial augment the build for that would be quite different. Hope this helps.
: ohh so i am moron :(
LOL don't worry, the curse of awful item RNG gets to us all, but yeah as Timarius stated, the golden eggs just signal each extra gold you will generate each round. They're a good indicator of your enemies' economy too.
: I agree most of the stuff you say. Force of nature tho... I don't really agree with that. Here is the reason why. I once wanted to go 6 noble + 4 wild and I need lv 9 + force of nature or lv 8 + 2 force of nature. And without that 1 item it's impossible. Traits that are broken and need to be nerfed/ changed: -**Noble**. Here is the reason: How often have you seen 3-4 champs hitting 1 that is lv 1 and has the noble buff and takes no damage?. From the noble buff I would half the armor and double the healing. -**Assassin**. There is no need for explanation. 3 assassin seem to be very weak but 6 too strong. I would increase the 3 assassin buff to 200% , and nerf the 6 assassin to 300%. **-Ninja**. I would change that completely. If you go 4 ninja you have 2 assassins. So might as well go assassins. Instead of giving damage , let's give the ninjas dodge. And by dodge I mean dodge everything, abilities , autos , items , effects. Any kind of damage , cc , debuff. **-Knights** . Early game 6 knight buff is broken. But how often did you see 4 , let alone 6 knights before stage 3?. I would make it stack. 4 knights = 20+ 40. 6 knights = 20+40+80. Or make it like in auto-chess , damage reduction. Nerf for lv 3 camps 2 options: 1. I would reduce the exp gain/round from 2 to 1 . Reason: to nerf lv 3 champs. Make it harder to get to level 5-6 for the expense of lv 3 champs. This way players get rewarded for not dumping all the gold in rerolls. The exp gain makes the reroll strategy broken not the frequency of tier 1 champs. You can play the game without buying once exp and get lv 6. 2. Buff tier 5 champions. (some of them). I'l mention the buffs below. It's easier to get lv 3 champs that are stronger than tier 5 champs that are harder to get. That makes my blood boil. Champs that need to be buffed /nerfed and that I want to see buffed/ nerfed: - Yasuo. Lv 1 yasuo without synergy is horrible. How can he compete with lv 3 champs? I would increase his base health and damage but double his mana. - Miss fortune. She is an insane stand alone piece. But lv 1 miss fortune does only 800 damage. Not nearly enough to kill tier lv 3 units. Even mf lv 2 can't 1 shit lv 3 units that have 1600-2000 hp. I would increase her damage to 1000/2000/3000. Simple. Oh and also when she ults to stay in place and not change direction of the ult. Often she ults 1 unit and than she moves and gets to hit 4-5. - Karthus. He is just bad. Not once I've seen karthus to be usefull. He dies too often before he ults or he just gets interrupted. And when he finally ults , it's not even that good. His ult should hit everybody no matter what , not only 4 units lv 1 for 350 damage. lv 1 Garen does more damage than that to more units before he dies. And make him immune to cc and damage while he ults. Or make his ult to be instant or lower his casting time by a lot. But hitting all units is a must. - Anivia. Besides her elementalist trait she is just bad. Her ult area is not big enough. I would double it. Or make it as big as the map , and decrease her damage by a lot and the attack speed slow to affect all units except glacials. - Veigar . If he is lv 2 and has a lv 1 piece in his range to ult that unit to 1 shot it. It pisses me off when he has next to him 2 lv 1 units and he hits the lv 2 one. - Kennen . He should not attack while he ults and just walk forward . Most of the time he ults e barely hits 1-2 units . - Volibear. His ult should hit everybody in range. - Poppy. Is one of the strongest tier 3 units at lv 1 because of her base stats. But Poppy lv 3 is a waste of money because she scales horribly wrong. She should cost 2 instead of 3. - Pyke. He is such a strong piece. He should not have mana at the start of the game. - Braum. His ult is .... a giant pile of shit. I would increase his cost from 2 to 4 and before he uses his shield to use his actual ulti. - Fiora. She is one of the worst pieces in the game because of her base stats. She needs at least + 100 hp. - Garen. Either increase his cost from 1 to 2, or nerf his E damage. One last thing. 1 nerf to items. They effect should not stack. Here is an example: If a champ has 2 spear of shojin and ults, afterwards he should gain only 15% mana on hit not 30. Or if a champ has 2 zekes the adjacent champs get only 10% attack speed buff, same goes for locket. They keep the base stats tho.
Really great response. Firstly, I'll address what I find so overpowered about Force of Nature, it is incredibly easy in the current game to just int whilst you eco to cheese two early spatulas and get a Force of Nature which puts you at a higher unit cap and a great economic position to pretty much faceroll to the win. I do agree it is nice to achieve some comps that require 10 units but I think they are just so few, I'd rather see the item completely removed and possibly add build options to turn spatulas into racial traits too or make the item more difficult to build, whether that's by being able to combine 3 spatulas to make it or something I don't know. That's how I feel about it though. As for the nobles I know how you feel, they are incredibly strong and easy to get for the early 3, I'd usually say it's completely OK due to how difficult it is to get 6 nobles however, unlike their DotaAC counterpart, the early game nobles in TFT are a bit too easy to transition into almost any comp so I do agree a little nerf would be welcomed. Still though I would prefer less flat stats on traits and more interesting interactions or even turn the flat regen into %hp regen for some weird tanky builds. With the champions I agree with those for the most part and especially with the AI issues, though as the gamemode is still so new I'm confident Riot will sort out those kinks soon and thank god when they do. Item stacking. That's very polarising haha, I'm honestly not sure where to stand on it currently. For Spear of Shojin, I think implementing ultimate cooldowns would be a great option (but removing the manalock mechanic) and then it's not so easy to abuse it and if they added CDR items or traits you could specifically try to build interesting comps into it that might make stacking Shojins on a unit very good but not just blatantly braindead and OP. Buuuut, I honestly don't completely hate the fact you can stack Frozen Hearts and stuff, but it probably should be removed I agree. More so making items have unique passives, that way you could still stack BT lifesteal if you wanted to, as in normal League.
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