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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Be honest, would you be friends with Amumu?
no his ult is scarry as fuck what if we get into a fight
Premocan (EUW)
wow this again, happend to me in my promo's
: DUDE I just had the same problem, it's a client problem idk.
and im still in this but i posted this 10 min ago so i dont know if it will kick me out
: Soon people will be complaining about it i pressume. I got into champ select and timer of someone picking got to 0 and froze at 0, i could still changed my prepicked champion, but couldnt lock in because the pick was frozen on another person. 40sec later, nothing has changed and all of a sudden it kicks me out of champion select (Ranked SoloQ) and tells me "you did not pick or ban a champion". Riot Please fix this issue.
So I just lost my promo's?! BibleThumb {{item:3070}}
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: TSM TSM TSM Lets chant
Xenoid (EUNE)
: Hello, It was handed out by a mistake to every Alpha Client tester on EUW and NA servers: Most-likely, it will stay.
: I randomly got a TSM 2013 icon
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CaptainHout (EUNE)
: Flex queue MMR and Solol queue MMR
i found the anser on a other post, no it doesnt affect your soloQ but only your flex
CaptainHout (EUNE)
: Flex queue MMR and Solol queue MMR


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