Leonism (EUW)
: New ranked system fears and possible issues?
Waittttttt rank per roles..Thats quite stupid lol.But i really wanna know where this goes haha.
: What elo is your main?
youre amazing foxy {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Ranked MMR =/= Normal MMR , hence the rank difference. Anyway man, it's a normal game, who gives a shit about it? You want a level/even playing field? Go play rankeds. Easy peasy.
what mmr difference lel ???He is a god damn silver 1.How mutch mmr you must have in silver to fight a master tier..Mmr in normal is ballshit is random.So you can go as bronze 5 vs 5 chalengers.
bal40 (EUW)
: "Dying a Lot" & "Inting"
"bad game"I can die 30 times even on purpose riot wont ban.They dont even check games to see "is that guy inting?? or maybe is boosted" neh..just bad game.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Its really sad that its come to that... I think people would prefer to make it about skill so that you feel like you are improving by winning. Not just repeating the same thing over and over and over again because its strong and Riot hasn't fixed it yet.
even streamers like gross gore quit league because of that...If they dont change league will lose soo many players.Is no more about skills but the champ you play and how mutch luck can you get.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Season 8: "Play like crap and STILL win the game..."
Maybe because is not about skills???Even apdo say it is about picks.If you wanna climb pick right champ and luck.Thats it.
: league is not fun anymore
Thats why even streamers quit the game.They focus more on pro then us.The game is really hard and pretty mutch "impossible " to carry.
Rioter Comments
: Its a joke,every game has a toxic player or afk!
I know what youre sayng.Got demoted hard lost like 10 games and won 2.Now i lose 1 and won 7 xddd.They want you in that 50% seriously. But with flame is easy to deal mute simple easy done. Afk should be punished wayyyy harder.But riot dont care about int afk just focus toxicity.Amen.
: Leavers need to be punished harder/Leaving must be discouraged stronger
I agree.Too many ragequiters.Just another game and enemy toplaner ragequit after he died early game. What sad game lol we ended in 14 mins cuz they open.Whats most stupid is that riot wont punish this people.At max 15 mins and thats it.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: With how you play it is luck, your top 3 most played champions are Lee Sin, Darius, and Tristana. 3 Champions in 3 different roles. Going down the list doesn't help your case much either. Get a main role, that will make your games more consistent.
I did..I was a main top but because top seems to be quite bad now i just wont play it.I got d3 with gp on my main but that was tlast season.This season gp is pretty bad.Darius is not strong at all neither.I tried lee sin obviously but he is doing poorly too. So i try to play champs that are pretty easy and in meta.Like malza maybe morgana etc.
Rioter Comments
: He doesnt counter her directly aka a 1v1 hardcounter. Lb is stronger than all 3 champions i mentioned in 1v1s. Her weakness is waveclear early, she maxes w and either engages you or clears the wave with it. Now look at the 3 above mentioned champions. What do they have in common? All 3 are champions that have the tools to hardpush lane and roam. Id call this a "soft counter" since you avoid lb for the entire lane pretty much. You starve her by denying kills while you get your team ahead.
NO.A smart lb will deny you to farm.If you use aurelion to get close to cs youre out.As taliah you ave to use q but all the time you aproach she can engage on you easily.Same twisted fate you use tons of mana and you wont kill minions with 1 q so easily. If you want good counter you play {{champion:90}} or {{champion:61}} maybe {{champion:13}} if you play it well.But those 3 against lb are not good at all.
: Pick aurelion sol/twisted fate/taliyah, hard push the wave under tower 24/7 ,she has no waveclear early(if she uses w for waveclear she cant harass you). After you push to tower roam bot. Free elo. Also lb is 2nd worst midlaner atm #43/44 so i wouldnt say shes too strong.
wtf when twisted fate counter someone like lb???????????????????
Shlashpro (EUW)
: Have all the good players left league and do only the toxic remain?
I prefer to see toxic people..easy to mute instead of seeing evry game the kid that says "im out idc game is over" and the idiot just quit or int the game for no reason. Riot always focus on toxicity so i dont see whats your problem.They always get ban.Just creating new accounts thats something else.But int just dont get ban so its worst.
: u dont need to ban Zac Zac has avery low pick rate that means no one plays him
that doesnt mean he is not strong right now.There is a reason why lcs playng him.He is performing very well doesnt matter if they pick him or not.And with the buff i can assure you he will be target ban more easily.
: Why does Zac gets such a weird buffs in AP ratios on the PBE
{{champion:154}} is doing more then fine now.I ban him all the time no need for buffs...Buff him and im sure i will ban 100%.
: they surrendered. they had elder buff, all our inhibs and nexus turrets were down but 5/5 of the enemies surrendered and no one said why
you know what they say mate "stupid to be luck to have".
: i just won a 3v5. our bot lane left 16 minutes in the game and we won at 40 minutes. this doesnt mean anything i just like to brag have a nice day
luck happens.You won 3v5 because you got lucky.Wont happen again trust me.
: You're probably just very bad at judging whether someone is boosted inting or just losing. Theres a 33% chance your laner wins your lane. 33% to lose and 33% to go even. That means there's a high chance that at least one of your lanes lose each game. You have to play around that rather than cry about it.
ok...tell me this {{champion:20}} with {{item:3117}} full no troll ok.Goood.im bad to know haha xd. How about my {{champion:157}} that dies lv 1 and says i troll.And he goes full {{item:3070}} no troll mate.Youre righjt im bad to see..Before you speak ask.Im not stupid.I played the game for more then 3 years i know w hats mean bad game and int game. i dont remember the name of yi that trolled 300 games in silver.It WAS YOUTUBE too.And after 300 games of troll still didnt got ban. Mate....plz..
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Jax every damn game.
Cuz his good.Especially with new runes.And to be honest most of the toplaners got nerf.Evry tank nerfed even {{champion:41}} got nerf.Playng top is bad now low chance to carry only if you dont play someone like jax that is pretty good right now.So what you must do.Play champs that adapt to the meta.And jax is doing well top or jgl.
Èclair (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JenShen,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QpaKVjVJ,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-04-21T10:44:33.078+0000) > > Noone is agaisn the ToU or anything riot try to reduce teh toxicity. Flaming is against ToU. And if you do so, you'll get kicked out eventually for harassing other customers. You reduce unwanted behaviour by punishing it. If people know they might lose their account over such trival matter as calling somebody names and harassing them throughout the match, most of them will not do that. > The problem is ,first you do not go in a restorant, you play a game and you want to win. If you truly play to win, you should learn how to control your emotions. Flaming is counterproductive, it makes person who's being harassed play even worse. This is actually basic psychological reaction to harassment - you lose your focus and will to play this game. By doing so, you're lowering your chances to win the match. In most cases a person that is being harassed with either respond to you and the one-sided conversation will become a shitshow of two people throwing meat at each other or he'll simply mute you, blocking your way of communication with this person. How is that an action of a person that plays to win? > It is just anoying how every time someone act( i dont mean you, i speak in general) like a delicate flower. You know what also is annoying? Seeing people who break the rules you abide expect to get away without punishment. > When i was a kid and we played futball, we always scream(screem is a big word, but we argue, and blame each other it was perfectly normal, we called each other idiots and stuff, yes were close, but still) at each otehr if we did mistakes, we pointed that out so the other kid can learn. First of all, people you play with are strangers and not your kindergarten friends. This is completely different relation. Second, you don't get banned **just** for pointing out mistakes. This never happens. This is an extraordinary claim and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I've seen countless of chat logs posted throughout English and Polish boards alike and each and every one of them were 100% deserved while taking into consideration the history of person in question.
thats quite ballshit.I mean toxic ban is 100% goood.Im not against it.Problem is with toxicity is easy to deal. MUTE...GOD DAMN IT MUTE.So simple.With int i dont think so...And there are sooo many people who int game and nothing happens to them.Ofc you wanna flame them.You ban toxicity but what about this intentional feeding..Is not happening. Its not fair.And as i said MUTE flame easy...youre done end of game report.Not big deal.But int he just lost your game..And next day will come another 1 cuz they just dont get punished.Simple.
: It's not Riot's responsibility to help you reform.
Ye but because of trollers boosted monkeys toxicity exist too..I mean no 1 can be more toxic then going promos and then losing because he got that boosted midlaner.Its riot job to ban those people instead just focus on flame.Trolling games seems not be bannable i saw too many.And they still play today on their accounts .
Rågê (EUW)
: Jhin needs a huge nerf
{{champion:202}} ???He scales good but he needs to get feed and items to reach that.So no i dont think he needs a nerf.Maybe his passive with {{item:3124}} that works too good .But you dont nerf the champ you nerf the item that makes him so strong. If you want strong adc then you should check {{champion:145}} .She is picked in pro plays too and shes insane. Better then jhin even {{champion:18}} like always..
Egillion (EUW)
: Silly thing is ... most support/junglers in Silver don't know it. They haven't heard about this sick strategy that auto-wins game literally. If you are a jungler... you can simply abuse this meta and Camp botlane, then get all objectives for free afterward.
Thats why you play jgl or mid..I main top even my other account.Always played toplane.But now top is garbage the last role to carry.So i play champs i like and give me elo.And i go or mid or support and sometimes jgl.You have to abuse meta if you want elo..
: It's more of a problem with the system itself. It's automated, so it will catch more people that just say racist or offensive things. Imagine you had 3 games in a row and you went like 3/10 in all of those and your team reported you for trolling, the system would ban you ez pz even if those were just bad games. thats why its harder to ban based on trolling/feeding. because its not a person seeing the game, its a bot. But keep reporting him if you see him and he might get banned
Not gonna work.Reports against those people just dont work.You can troll as many games as you want.I saw 1 player yi that trolled more then 300 games in silver and no 1 cares.It was even a video on youtube about him.
: Botlane dominance has driven me away from the game.
Agree.90% of the games are decided from botlane.If your bot wins takes first tower can take drake can rotate and most of the time they easy win game.I dont main support but i do play it because i wanna be sure i win games..I win bot and easy win games.
HonorFive (EUW)
Its basic attack.But i do agree it looks so stupid.It should be fixed.
Rioter Comments
Legend298 (EUW)
: Should i buy Quinn?
{{champion:133}} not good right now.Just not worth playng her. And im pretty sure in bronze many champs have 50% +winrate.
: If Tanks can One-shot Assassins
Tanks need nerf.Thats the truth.But its impossible tank to 1 shot people.Yes if youre feed you have 2 3 lv ahead obviously youre do dmg.But if you build tank go vs {{champion:91}} and you got same lv as him its impossible to 1 shot.
mAdhAt (EUNE)
: I agree with 90% of the things I see in here. I was plat previous seasons and this season I'm stuck in Gold by playing the best of myself that I have ever played. But my problem isn't that is hard to carry if you have 15/0 because your team are braindeads and feeders/trollers/leavers/flamers, this happens some games. The problem is that a lot of times there is no way to comeback from the other way around. Also games last less. No matter how good player you are, if ONE!, AND ONLY ONE player of your team feeds..that's it, lost. The game is very unbalanced when it comes to champs as well.. I mean you don't need skill anymore, you take master yi, you ONLY FARM until 25' min and then come on the field and penta by AA-Q AA-Q... easy. Riot tho never gave a shit about changing that. Riot keeps nerfing shaco's and ryzes and galios and generally other champs that they need SKILL to play, and yi which is the easiest carry if you know when to Q, they just let him f around.
youre not the only 1.I saw diamond people stuck in gold/plat and they cant climb.Cant blame them its really hard.Because you got no chance to carry games.If your bot feeds and jgl is boosted you dont have the time to scale and comeback to game.Thats the problem.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: This game feels like wasted time now
Who wins early wins game.Thats how it is now.I barely see games pass 25 minutes.If you fall behind you just have no chance to comeback.
: Why tho? So the announcer says firsto bloodo instead of first blood? Shuto downo instead of shut down? Tripul kill instead of triple kill? Such changes much wow.
but amazing sound from champions.ps:nice pic the best :P
I believe they ban you if you do that LOL.I heard and read that if you make changes to patch you can get ban.I mean xd changing language and getting ban sounds so racist.
: AD/AP junglers to add to my champ pool
The only good ad assasin to carry from jgl is {{champion:121}} .Maybe you can play {{champion:254}} really good too. And the most funny and really strong is {{champion:154}} .Free elo zac.
: Do you do individual coaching for soloQ?
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: You need patience, is that what you say? I don't get the title game time and MMR. I was expecting somthing like "Diamond games last 25 minutes while Silver goes for 27 minutes" xD You mean game time as in time you play the game? How do you violate that "rule" when you do stupid stuff? And you don't need good MMR to become a good player, you need to be a good player to get good MMR.
good mmr to climb faster..If you have shit mmr you lose tons of lp and gain less in most games.So ye good mmr is needed.For example when i was d5 with 65% winrate i was losing more lp then win.Immagine someone with 50% winrate..
Zéűs (EUNE)
: When i win i get +14 lp but lose wastes 25 lp ?
MMR is weird.I was d5 with 65%+ winrate and still was losing 20 lp and wining 15.Quite stupid a??But remember this.If you are gold and go against silvers obviously you lose more because they lower then you.And you should win easily.Its logic.So if you go against gold players probably you lose 15 and gain 20 because they same skills as you. So it makes sense.Youre gold you go vs silvers you have to win cuz youre higher division.Better then them.If not obviously you lose more lp cuz you go against lower enemy and you lost the game.
: How I Lost My Team a Game, Seeking Advice.
Happens to evryone.We all fail thats why we learn and we try to improve on that.Take a break then come back.You dont quit league dont worry{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: you're warming my heart ahaha I think everybody should have freedom to play how they want, but be more accountable for it... I think too often people get careless because their responsibility is diluted in the team... "it's ok they will carry"
Its ok to play what you want..but remember if you play ranked you must make sacrifice.I love zed mid but i dont pick it if we are full ad.I make the sacrifice to win a game and play well with an ap champ then just ruining other people game. If you dont like to make sacrifice or to try hard to win then np.Just play normal aram etc..Ranked is for tryhard where people wanna climb.Thats what it is and evrybody must understand that.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: i'm starting to understand why people lose interest in league
Unlucky it happens to evryone.What is more stupid is that the player that int wont get punished because riot will say "bad game". GG justice has been done {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: did riot write my name in their deathnote or something???
I agree with you on some point.There are this games where i get this people in plat that dont even know what they doing..I mean they get caught like bots playng alone all game.Going 0 10 in 15 mins.Its absurd.Bad games happens but literally when i watch their op gg or match history it happens way too many times.Boosted thats what it is.
: > [{quoted}](name=Naniup,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZjowEBZO,comment-id=0008000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-13T13:16:07.202+0000) > > cc??yi can use q if youre smart..You can use w to heal so you dont get dmg.I saw a lot of yi players that can do 1v5 even in plat diamond...Immagine lower elo like bronze silver. then CC him after his alpha, or failing that CC him when he is immobile channeling his heal.... it has a long-ass cooldown > And yi is like an assasin...If he stacks his {{item:3124}} you cant even react to it. so why are you not complaining about other assassins?
i rather go against {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} then {{champion:11}} .Yi is way worst then most assasins
ohad0 (EUNE)
: nerf and buffs
{{champion:86}} nerf LOL?????{{champion:142}} got already a lot of nerfs.Annoyng to deal with but shes fine.
: People often suggest picking a strong split pusher that'll most likely not die in the pro. My go-to pal for when I want to stay safe and push damage on anything is definitely Ziggs. His passive and lich bane absolutely destroy towers, not to mention his w. Others often suggest Champs like trynda, yorick, Camille, etc. Note: there's plenty of other ways to win games, be it assassination, objective control, supporting/cc, team fight havoc, extremely good jungling, etc. But purely for closing out even games with even half-decent teammates splitting is good. Make them use resources on stopping your push and you're doing your job fine.
split is horrible in solo que..Why people think thats good...All the timei try to push someone get caught..or they start fighting and we lose game. Split push is not good for solo que.
: Whoever thinks silver = bronze
And why you say that??? Bronze 5 4 3 are for really bad players.New players mostly. From bronze 2 to silver 2 they all pretty mutch same spot.So goes on with evry elo.From plat+is a bit different. Bronze are unskilled like silvers.So i dont see mutch difference.
: Question to Riot - Mages
wait lux get buffs???wtf...Are you serious lel??
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