: Hard Stuck in Silver
It's really simple. Find a handful of champions that suits the strongest meta (there's a reason it's called a meta-game) that you can play to a high standard, play the crap out of said champions, only deviating when banned away. The more you play a champion the more you get used to it's strengths and weaknesses and get more adaptive when playing vs certain match ups. Find a duo partner that completely understands the objective game and doesn't blindly flash for kills and then dies for it, grab them for every game. Preferably put yourselves into Carry roles so you aren't relying on teammates. If you're better than the rest of your team, you should be carrying. Learn to farm. Aim for 70cs at 10 minutes and go from there. Realistically you should be at 90cs at 10 for doing really well. Put yourself into practice game modes against the hardest level AI. They don't represent a real threat but you can get used to trading in the lane and still hitting max CS, maybe ask your duo partner to practice 1v1ing you in the midlane. Max CS = More Money = More items = More Damage = Faster kills = More Outplays. It all starts with gold. Try not to be greedy. If you don't have vision on 3 members of the enemy team - fall back to safety. Drop plenty of wards to prevent this from happening more often.Communicate with your team, even using pings is fine. Some won't listen, but the majority want to win too and most low elo players are just looking for someone to follow. You can be that person. Learn power spikes - Once you get used to playing the same champions over and over again you'll start to notice patterns in when your damage is massive in comparison to other champions. Most hyper-carries will go off with just 2 or 3 items and only get stronger the more they scale (see Kog Maw Blade of the Ruined King and Runaans Hurricane). Watch montage videos of your champion on YouTube, honestly seeing other people play is the biggest advantage you can gain. You can learn tricks, tips, positioning, skill orders, item builds, timers, outplays, everything. Understand the meta-game - Winning league of legends doesn't necessarily mean winning fights. Watch LCS matches, world championships, understand when to push for tower objectives or how to use a botlane advantage to benefit your team. You'll see in professional play when botlane takes 1st tower they'll often rotate to the topside to push that in as well (only furthering their gold lead on their opponent). Understand which dragons are important and which you can give up based on team composition. If their team has a Janna and spawn 3 cloud drakes, you know you can't afford to give up those drakes realistically. Sure it won't be the end of the game but they'll have so much movement speed that if they get ahead of your team they will run you down in teamfights. POSITIONING. Probably the most important league of legends skill is your positioning on the map. You can dodge abilities and potentially even avoid game changing fights by having the correct positioning on the map. This is mostly to do with knowing the range of champion abilities but it's something you'll only really gain from experience. Lastly - Your mentality is important to your gameplay. Don't put yourself on tilt. If you have a bad game, take a back seat and let someone else lead. Play safer and concentrate on your farm, avoid fights all together (see positioning). Once you have 6 items you can make that epic comeback you've been dreaming of. If you lose a game, don't queue again whilst angry or down. Excuse yourself, get a drink, talk to a friend, watch a YouTube video. For me personally I watch videos of my champion on Youtube and think "That trick looks really cool and people don't expect it, i'm going to try it out in this next game" Most importantly don't forget that whatever happens, you physically cannot win every single game. As long as you win 60-70% of the time, you'll climb. Good luck. Stay friendly.
: Ah yes, the infamous Tank meta
Malzahar top? What elo are you playing at? At Plat 1 and above you'll only ever see Cho vs Maokai/Galio up there. Or presuming Cho got banned - Galio vs Maokai (unkillable matchup) Edit: You might occasionally see Gragas or Zac up there too. But still, only tanks.
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: Anivia wall cancels channeling abilities when placed the right way
Anivia's wall was considered 'CC' in riot's library a long time ago. Try it yourself... Wall on top of someone without damaging them and let your allies kill them. You'll get an assist.
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: Starting to Learn how to Edit - Would love some Feedback :)
I have to agree with Zoe... The plays here were very mediocre and made for a pretty boring watch. Don't you have any better material? 2 members of the enemy team were AFK/Inting or Flaming everyone and the match-up you had in mid was very heavy in your favor from champ select. I can only assume this was Normal blind pick and you were ridiculously lucky to have blind countered your laner. There seems to be no other strategy in any of the champion picks other than "they are god tier or as close to it". The majority of 'plays' in this video seem to be mostly errors from the enemy team which you then capitalize off - Something most players learn to do by about Silver/Bronze elo. It helped that your team was so ridiculously far ahead for the entirety of the game. TF is extremely boring to watch, his kit makes for 1-2-3 playstyle, a targeted stun, followed by some AOE dmg, Rinse-Repeat. Play different champions, get yourself into Ranked, teach yourself to farm better... The more farm you have the more gold you get and the more gold you get the better the items you can buy and the better the items you can buy the more flashy plays you can afford to make on your opponents. Honestly, having 120 farm at 20 minutes is miles below where you need to. You should be aiming for a minimum of 70cs every 10 minutes, optimally you'll have 85-90cs at 10. Gameplay aside the video editing was not what you would expect of a typical streamer and you would expect more 'oomph' in the music and transitional periods. I would say try and get yourself into higher elo before you worry about making videos. Most people aren't interesting in watching one-sided public stomps where you're expected to win. People like to see gimmicky builds or epic comebacks from behind or ridiculously skilled 1v9 carries.
: Why is Yasuo still perma banned?
> [{quoted}](name=sepnu puas,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=RF741erv,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-12T10:21:32.383+0000) > > My thoughts tho. If we let him open, he gets insta locked everytime. But really, i made over 900-1000 games this SEASON 7 and 90% of this Season this champion was banned. Why does Riot not change his kit? Dont tell me he isnt broken my question is just, why is he perma banned. You open an entire thread to ask a question you already answered yourself. Whichever way you spin it he is broken. Much like Vayne you can put him behind for the first 25-30 minutes of a game and it doesn't mean anything. If they have a stalling defensive comp aside from Yasuo and they hold you long enough for Yasuo to scale, he will win. 0.2s Q's, The ult is a death sentence on a squishy target and even tanks once he gets his armor pen. Stupidly high mobility, perma shielded in fights. Dumb champ, dumb kit. Just ban him and get him out of the way.


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