ChertismySK (EUNE)
: I reached platinum and became bad
Take a break for a week. Yes, i mean at least 5 days of not playing league at all. Make a smurf account. Play a couple normal games on it when you feel tilted, or just relaxing. Grab a friend to play with, perhaps a beginner you can teach. Play a couple normal games a day. Not many, just a few. This seemed to work for me.
: The " It's you, not your teams" quote
tl;dr I think you're wrong about personal efforts having miniscule effects. Your attitude often means more to your teammates than your performance. Sometimes the problem is your team, but more often you could have done something differently to change the course of the game. I'm not saying its your fault either - this is a competitive game, that one team wins isnt the FAULT of the losing team - its simply the winners doing something better. That someone is better at something than you doesnt mean you are bad. There will allways be someone better. We have teamwork to remedy that. tl;dr end. I found individual progress CAN decide games below Plat 3-2, but then from there on it depends more and more on teamwork due to the players becoming better at working together. (Note - at my highest point i reached Plat 1, and it felt like i had been dropped right back into Gold V - the individual skill of the players was near rock bottom, some had no clue how to lane at all - the only thing they were good at was grouping up. I cant speak for Diamond and upwards as i havent reached that point (yet), but your personal effort can decide games depending on your role. I've experienced every role carrying games on their own - most notably on champions like Janna, Rengar, Lee sin and similar. I occasionally use the "its you, not your teams" argument depending on the player in question. Some people simply refuse to learn from their mistakes and open up towards new possibilities - a former friend of mine has nearly quit league because he's been stuck around Platinum 1 for the better part of a year. I've played with him now and then, and realized despite him blaming it on teammates the problem was him. He was stuck in the mentality that was left behind after Season 4, "Top lane is an island", and he was unable to adapt to the new meta of "Group as 5". He kept complaining that his teammates were awful and riot made the game unfun by nerfing his champions like Tristana, Nidalee, etc. **As Nidalee he expected to be able to towerdive people at level 3, blow them up from 60% HP and get out alive. As Tristana he expected to be able to 1v1 anything in the game regardless of his level, being surprised when the enemy support and jungler interfered and his "worthless support" wasnt capable of stopping them. As top lane he tilts because the enemy jungler ganks him repeatedly when he's "just pushing the enemy tower all day, go for drake or something".** Some people are incapable of adjusting to new changes. They ensure their mindset is stuck around a former state of the game and refuses to accept the game has changed from their favourite version, expecting to be able to keep going like they used to and becoming upset when it doesnt work out anymore. Sure, a lot of times it might be your team - or more precisely, the enemy team being superior due to their average skill level being higher. A team is an entity consisting of five units, and some of those units are bound to be higher skilled, have better item builds, stronger champions or outright more luck than their counterparts on the opposing team. That's just how it is with people. If matchmaking was perfect we'd be seeing over an hour-long battles several times a day. Personally, the matches i do have the strength to carry players with positive attitudes give me motivation. That 0/9 Sona support might not be able to contribute greatly gameplay-wise, but his attitude of cheering me on and never giving up gives me the drive to win. When someone is openly trying their absolute best, clearly hurting because they feel like they're letting their team down and refuse to stop trying, i want them to win. That improves my performance A LOT, as i immerse myself more in the game and my senses sharpen. Obviously it leaves me exhausted after the game. But it also ensures i have a lot of fun and genuinely enjoy it, regardless of the outcome being winning or losing. The player you mentioned might be getting carried, but that may well be thanks to his attitude. Allways being cheerful and encouraging to those around you makes a massive difference for them psychologically, especially compared to those who'll get sloppy and depressed - or worse, angry. Funny i should be preaching about attitude considering i'm a toxic player - i've been permabanned several times. But its true - I am unable to stay positive when things go south, so when another person does that job in my place tough games become a lot more tolerable, and i grow much more patient. Your personal attitude is what decides wether i give up after going 0/3 to that Darius/Lee sin duo or say "heck, it happens - i'll ward up and get my items and get them back for this once we group up." You might think your personal efforts doesnt matter, but to some of us it means the world. In a sea of salt, an island of sugar is a massive relief.
iLoveJammin (EUNE)
: I miss old Graves so much :C
New Graves LOOKS good and the concept is fun. Old Graves WAS fun and really strong to boot.
: Female Champions classified by trope
Now make one for the male characters. Sincerely, the female playerbase.
Declined (EUNE)
: Hey Narimasa, As we can't assist you with these sort of issues on the Boards, we suggest you [submit a ticket]( to Player Support. They'll be able to look into the issue and give you further assistance.
But what if they end up permanently disabling the account due to the sharing issue? What categories of support would i submit under? There are a lot of them, and most of them abstract.
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: Delete every assassin/bruiser/adc from the game so the game is based around skill with mages and not actual cheese.
: Lucian talking to his wife about the new champion
Expected horrible racial joke. Got awesome pun. UP!
: [Dunking intensifies]
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Insert obligatory **DETERMINATION** reference here
tudorana (EUNE)
: enjoy. p.s put it on multiple tabs.
{{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}}
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candoodle (EUW)
: couldnt {{champion:429}} be #1 for the EXACT same reason?
If you've read the most recent addition to the lore, Kalista is very different from Kindred. Kindred is the physical representation of death - where Kalista once was human and has become the picture of retribution. She collects souls to strengthen herself, but she has to be summoned to use her power - she cannot blindly use it on anyone. Technically goes for Kindred as well - but they will come for everyone eventually, with extremely few exceptions (and, depending on how the story evolves, might be none as "immortal" does not mean "unkillable").
: I know it's non cannon but Renekton kicked Nasus's ass in his league judgement...
That was the old lore, just saying. And i think OP missed the part about Nasus and Renekton being brethren, meaning one has existed roughly as long as the other and would likely be a lot closer in power than what is portrayed here.
: [POLL] When did you start playing League of Legends?
I'm impressed somebody who started in pre-season managed to find their way into the boards. Nice!
: He has no gapclosers. He has no hard CC. He is immune to CC but things like Trundle pillar or Anivia wall make him useless. His immunity to CC is not permanent. He can be kited with any character with a dash. While splitpushing, he will need to 1v1 other splitpushers or be able to escape a 1v2-4. I am not really sure if Olaf can 1v1 a Tryndamere or a Jax that are equally fed. I don't know. People think even Illaoi is OP, while she suffers from very similar drawbacks as Olaf.
You mentioned a strong counter right there - Illaoi can be rather good against Olaf provided she dodges his axes and is on equal terms item and level-wise. Olaf falls off sharply if behind in levels. Little note about Olaf mains - they usually run ghost, so catching one can be EXTREMELY hard without a wall ability - 1v4's are a piece of cake if you have even just one ward of warning and combine your ghost with your ultimate to multiply the speed boost.
: Thx for the reply, very detailed.
I can go on further, but after seeing just how long the original post got (didnt even realize until after i posted it) i think i'll pass... Ask if you want, though - i'm a massive geek that's been playing since early season 2, so i know A LOT about the strengths and weaknesses of most champions in the game.
: This is a wall of text but worth reading, everything he says is right
Wow, somebody actually read through it. Impressive! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: Olaf - Why does he seem so strong?
One of the main reasons he seems so strong is because he is **intimidating**. He is large, fast and not to mention **loud** with _lots_ of flashy effects to boot. And he turns **freaking red** while ulting, often coupled with ghost or righteous glory. As an Olaf main i can confirm 60% of his gameplay is about mind games - intimidating your opponent into thinking you are capable of more than you really are. He's very similar to Rengar in that fashion. As for the actual gameplay, the things that usually cause less experienced players to dislike his matchup is that it is **very** difficult to gauge his cooldowns - he has two cooldown-lowering mechanics in his kit, his first being his iconic first ability to pick up his thrown axes (this is also what distinguishes good olafs from bad olafs) - he can literally slow you permanently along with doing pretty heavy damage if he manages to land his axe in a favourable position - both hitting you with it, but throwing it so close that he can quickly pick it back up **while constantly attacking you**. The other is his third ability, the reckless strikes that might have been the origin of the thunderlord's decree mastery effect - the lightning strike that in his case cause true damage to his target. The cooldown of the spell is lowered by auto attacking, which in turn causes most olaf players to push their lanes. Against melee opponents, this makes it feel as if going in for a minion kill is a grave mistake - he will allways strike you with his true damage and perhaps chug a couple axes at you, unless you are able to swiftly maneuver in a confusing pattern so that he misses. On to real counter-talk though. Olaf has very little mobility, relying on pure movement speed and his in-built slow ability. To make up for this, he is one of the strongest duelists in the game, on a technical level being able to outduel anybody from Mundo to Fiora. But having only movement speed to rely on, Olaf struggles heavily against champions with mobility that defies his first spell's slowing effect - see Riven, Leblanc and Ahri for examples. Wether it be one long dash or multiple short ones, Olaf literally cannot do anything if he cannot get up in the face of his opponent - **and stay there**. Because of this, ranged champions with kiting capabilities counter him heavily - most notably Quinn. If Olaf wants to land even a single blow on Quinn, he is forced to blow his ultimate to reach her through her strong kiting ability. And in this case, she most likely has flash ready to escape should it be necessary. Once his ultimate ends, they'll most likely be near a tower, which will force Olaf to back off. Quinn can freely fire at Olaf all this time without fear of retaliation. The most Olaf can do is chug an axe at her, and if he walks up to retrieve it it will allow her to freely land several heavy hits from both her spells and her passive. If she moves cleverly, she wont get hit by his axe either - meaning he'll be forced to back away from her because he's losing a lot of health points. Kiting and poke. Which brings us to his third weakness, mana. Even with Olaf only having **two** spells that cost mana, the nature of his axe-spamming will make him run dry very quickly. And once he's out of mana, he loses most of his power. If he builds mana items early (righteous glory, frozen heart) he will generally lose out on damage and not be able to gain the upper hand in skirmishes. Lets summarize some of his general weaknesses: He has no dashes. He cannot chase you across terrain, and he needs a pretty intense movement speed boost (which is usually coupled with his ultimate to shrug off any slows or crowd control you throw at him) to reach you. If you have a low cooldown dash, or several of them, you can easily bait out his rather long cooldown gap closers, leaving him demoralized and grumpy. Even better - champions like thresh is olaf's worst nightmare. (Then again, that goes for most champions in thresh's case) Thresh's lantern can ruin Olaf's day several times in the course of one game - after he spends a lot of mana and cooldowns on finally reaching his target, they are simply pulled off to safety in a manner Olaf cannot hope to match. Mobility. If he doesnt get his items early on, he'll be left rather weak until late game. The black cleaver recently got its cost increased, so it takes Olaf slightly longer time to get the item even with the recent gold gain changes. If your jungler forces him to back off from farming or he loses his lane, he'll be weak most of the game - he relies on being ahead of his opposition by a level or two at least until he's nearing full item build. Olaf is a Juggernaut. Just like Darius, Nasus, Shyvana and the other extremely tough fighters of their kind, they are natural raid bosses. Ganging up on Olaf is the best way to defeat him, as his real strength lies in his ability to kill his target in single combat. On a sidenote - Champions like Anivia makes Olaf's life hell. A clever Anivia will place a frost wall between Olaf and his axe after he's thrown it, preventing him from resetting the cooldown and thereby removing his strongest gap close and damage tool for a good four to six seconds, depending on his itemization. Here is the most important counter strategy of all of them. If you force Olaf to miss an axe in a position he'll be unable to fetch it safely, it gives your own heavy hitters a chance to strike at him while he's vulnerable. Notable champions that excel at this would be Irelia, Riven, Tryndamere and Jax. Without the axe, he simply cannot match them - the most frequent reason i've lost trades as Olaf is because i've either gotten cocky or miscalculated the distance i should throw my axe, throwing it way too far - and the enemy irelia instantly jumping me with all she's got, easily outtrading me while i desperately chase after my axe. I'm sure there's a ton of stuff i forgot to include, but i'm pretty sure i've already written more than enough. I hope this helps.
Elkzahr (EUW)
: "baww I got flamed in leaguf og fignead" do you know what you could've done when you got a "barrage of hateful comments"? Click the "home" or "play again" button. do you know what you could've done after you accepted that friend request? Delete and block him as soon as he started flaming and realise you probably shouldn't do that again instead you chose to cry and even quit league of legends over it. if you're going to worry about every single a**hole in this game without simply ignoring it and carrying on it's all on you. I hate this victim culture so much.
Spoken like a true toxic player. This isnt a "victim culture", this is the result of a playerbase forgetting common sense. You seem to be part of the problem. I think OP did great with this post, it was actually interesting to read for once and not just a massive facepalm at someone complaining about a bad game. Well written, well formulated with great spacing made it a pleasant read - and the point is as valid as it's ever been. Sounds like they mostly played with normal or even unusually well-mannered players. There is of course that one player that takes everything deathly serious, and that's the player that makes an issue out of every game. I would know, i used to be -almost- that bad three years ago. You know it's becoming a real problem when they go to such a lenght as to add their victim to keep harrassing them in the private chat post-game - its as if them showing courtesy to the winning team by claiming "gg wp" is a personal offence to these people. It's unbelieveable, and yet i see it happens more and more often. From the two times i saw it happen in season two to the most recent **eight** times it has happened _this very preseason_, this is just becoming more and more common. Its despicable, and yet there's literally nothing we can do about it.
: Don't wish for it. My boyfriend got stuck in it and he deserves to be at least silver....It is litterally hell.I played a game once with his account and couldn't decide if my tears came from all the laughing or the desperation.
That's the thing, i'm not sure if you've experienced this or not - but once you hit your level of play or slightly higher, the amount of frustration you face in games rise up way higher than the amount of fun you can attain. Sometimes you just want to relax and play in a lax manner, not having to spend so much energy and focus on the game as usual. That's when i wish i could play at lower ranks, because my memories of Silver III Waaaaay back in Season 2 were ones of the game essentially being a 1v1/2v2 affair - with teamfights being exceptionally rare. I imagine the community is now so educated in the meta that teamfighting is a lot more common than it was in the past, but at the absolutely lowest levels of ranked play things might still be that primitive. Of course i would never actually consider playing against f.ex Bronze V players - that would be extremely unfair to them. But that doesnt stop me from wondering what it's like to be a beginner again, does it?
: No. Even Casual players can be good. Comparing Bronze to Casual Games i like comparing Shakespeare's Hamlet to a dog pissing up your leg.
I didnt say it's the same as being a casual player. But the less experienced the players are, the more relaxed the game will be. There'll me a lot more predictability throughout the game because inexperienced players do not have the game knowledge to get creative and make it work. Some of my most relaxed friends in League are Diamond, and they do not even care wether they win or lose their lanes. They play for fun, and enjoy the game practically no matter what happens. I never intended to give the impression i think unskilled is the same as casual.
candoodle (EUW)
: [Quality of life change] Website always going to NA version super annoying
: Dear Bronze
I often wish i was bronze. It sounds so much more... Casual.
: Oh, I know some doctors smoke. Difference is they don't tell people not to because then they'd be hypocrites. Much like you are right now, being one of the worst flamers I've ever seen and here you are, giving advice on how not to flame when you clearly failed to follow your own words.
This goes for me too, of course. I obviously misbehaved WAY too much to get not one, not two, but THREE accounts permanently banned. The thing is, most people are perfectly reasonable when NOT playing the game. The problem rears its ugly face when the game begins.
: You should propably stop playing altogether before you seriously strain yourself.
I've been playing the game for six years, i'm afraid that's a bit too late...
Booga (EUNE)
: Shut up and play the game
Ironically, this is some of the best advice out there. It's just near impossible to follow.
DireXcon (EUNE)
: Play female mating sounds in the background, works for me. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
What the actual-- Yeah, i dont think i'll do that. THAT sounds disturbing, but i'll keep this post open when i play so whenever i feel mad, i can minimize the game, burst out chuckling at your comment and get mad at myself for laughing when im angry. xD
Nipple MD (EUNE)
: You know, after i found my old acc banned i read rules carefully and found some interesting tips. Mb these could help you. > Not writing in the chat is not reportable. ( there was an option " refusing to communicate" ) You don't have to write even a single word. Even if somebody calling to you. Even now no one can report you for not answering. >Report callings are reportable,and " "Username" reported" both passive agressive chat option. It is easy - you re spreading bad expirience to other players. When somebody breaks the rules - just report him. You don't have to tell about your thoughts. > You can't tell what to do. I also dislike duo mid, double jungle. 3 adc etc especially in ranked BUT there is no rule to play ONLY meta. > Bad game and trolling are different. Actually afaik trolling counts when: 1) somebody says that he's trolling 2) somebody building useless items. BUT useless means - items that give no bonuses. like Ap talon or few boots. Otherway it is "Metabreaking" 3) Running into enemy. This is both feeding and dying. > Noob feeder scrub etc = verbal abuse. reportable as hell. >Bad game - not reportable. It means when smb trying to play but he is dying alot or lossing lane = this is bad game.But negative reaction on bad player - punishable. > False reports are punishable and the opinion of fakereporters becomes less valuable.So don't worry when smb report u for no reason " Picking any champ, playing any non-META , not obeying smb etc." >Calling like " i will not gank you or i will not help you " - still reportable. It is refusing to participate and counts as griefing. >The Important one. Only ONE report needs for a player. Riot counts reported games not number of reporters. This makes X9 x4 reports useless. i hope i helped you a bit{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
One massive issue these days, however, is that i very rarely WANT to report somebody. I already know what it feels like to get your most beloved account torn away from you and in extension losing all the posibilities and capabilities of said account. Getting your memories and time invested in the game ripped out of your hands and knowing you will never get it back is the worst feeling i've ever experienced, and i've experienced plenty of bad things already as it is. If it were up to me, nobody else would have to experience that ever again. It feels like having a piece of your soul taken away. The only exceptions to this are if i am extremely angry at someone, I will usually report them for something like negative attitude (in these days, unsportsmanlike behaviour) to burn off some frustration, and that's it. It doesnt matter to me if my reports lose credibility - i do not want anybody punished in the first place. It's all a way to burn off anger, nothing else. The thing i need is an alternative way to burn off anger that does not affect the game, other people, require violence (such as squeezing a stress ball or punching a pillow or punching bag) and does not revolve around loud sounds or curses (as i am extremely sound sensitive and in actually a pretty quiet person in reality). This is EXTREMELY difficult, as most advice revolves around things like talking to myself (sound, dislike) or listening to music (usually do this already, hence not very effective).
: First of all, I appreciate that you come here and ask for help. Making yourself vulnerable like this takes a lot of courage. In order to help you, we need to know why you flame ingame. Do you flame when others start insulting you ? Do you flame when you feel like your teammates are playing terrible ? or is it some other reason ? One general tip I can give you is to distract yourself when you get angry. We all get angry or frustrated at some point. It is important to not let this out on other people. Find out what works best for you. Mute the annoying players, put on some music you like or even get something like a stress ball. If you feel like you get angry way too much and would like to be more relaxed, I suggest you check out this video. It helped me to be a lot more calm when facing frustration.
I appreciate the proper response, very encouraging. The main issue is that when things go sour i will turn extremely negative to burn off anger. Usually completely neutral negativity, it is still negative and most likely demoralizing to anyone having a good day before meeting me. I have a tendency to enjoy arguments a bit too much for my own good...
Jeyce (EUW)
: > How can i improve myself? Did you get banned for toxicity? There's a few things you can do - 1. Unbind your enter key with "AutoHotKey" (you can disable any key and only when a program is open, google it for tutorials) 2. If you don't want to use AHK you can change the "Chatscale" line in C:/League Of Legends/Config/Game. open "game" with Notepad and CTRL+F Chatscale, then change it to -100. Chat bar is now invisible. You can still type 3. "/Mute all" at the start of every game
This is excellent advice. I hadnt even though about entering the config files. Thank you.
: 1. Try not to make snide comments to your teammates that could have the possibility of sparking an argument over the rest of the game and/or lower your team morale. 2. If an argument starts, try to disengage from it as soon as possible. If you strongly disagree with their opinion, try to break off as soon as you've made your point clear by saying "let's just agree to disagree" or "ok whatever, let's just drop this now". 3. If someone keeps arguing with you/flaming you after your attempt to disengage, mute them immediately. You don't even need to say "muted", just press the mute button and don't say anything else to them (sometimes I unmute about 10 minutes later to see if they're still flaming, if they are then I re-mute them straight away). 4. If someone insults in a joking manner, try to keep the mood in chat light and joking rather than taking offence. If you want to insult someone jokingly make sure it's abundantly obvious that it's a joke. Kappa is overused but it works. 5. If you are mad/on tilt and your teammates are flaming you, just /mute all and focus on your own game, play safe, maybe put on some music that makes you relaxed. 6. Be courteous to your teammates when they do things to help you. When you're jungling and get a leash say ty, when you're mid and your jungler gives you blue say ty, when your teammates do well/get an early kill etc say gj/wp or something similar. 7. Keep your flame out of the chat. It's fine to swear and shout at the screen when you're mad or frustrated, I know I have done it a lot on the occasions where I tilt. Just keep it between you and your screen, don't bring it into the chat. 8. Never say "easy" when you win.
I appreciate the "well proportioned" response, and splitting it up into paragraphs is an excellent touch. I never make direct offenses to teammates. I may be sarcastically negative towards enemies, but it going to a point that would be reportable is EXTREMELY rare. (Sadly it wasnt rare enough in my case). /mute all has been my best friend since right before my first permanent suspension, but sadly all it did was teach my body how to subconsciously write /mute all without me even realizing it. 8: Easy has as far back as i can remember been one of the worst insults you can EVER use in League of Legends. I would never cause that to another player, be it friend or enemy.
Krestek (EUNE)
: Anger Management.
The problem is that i rarely have anger issues outside of this one game. My entire life currently revolves around the League (even my college, where i'm majoring E-sports which focuses on competitive League of Legends gaming) so it has only been going in a jumpy downwards spiral ever since summer went by. I cannot just quit the game either, as the college tuition fee is... Well, suffice to say i'll be paying off on the debt for several decades into the future. It's too late to turn back now.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: And you'll find accounts that still flame, even though you yourself know that you get banned for flaming. So your claim doesn't prove anything other than that there still is need for behaviour systems that punishes this type of behaviour. Riot isn't able to punish people before they misbehave.
I appreciate you taking control here so i wont have to respond to his comment by myself. Ironically, i find the current system for treating toxic players a good one. The worst part about getting suspended again and again is that it both teaches me what is accepted and what isnt, as well as showing me that bad behaviour DOES have consequences. The only sad things is that each step of learning costs me a fully leveled account... But Riot only gains from it, and though it may be naive i like to think that Riot earning more money, even from toxic players like myself, will help to improve the game. All admiration for how well the current punishment system works aside, i hope to one day see a better solution than permanent suspensions. There has to be a better way.
PRoxy oQ (EUW)
: ***
Its funny, but your attitude here is actually worse than the one i displayed on the match i was suspended for. Not much, but slightly.
: Why do you flame?
Long answer: When things go to absolute hell. In 0/13 scenarios where not a single player on my team has a positive score, everybody is looking for something to rage about or starts going on about ranks. I tend to get extremely negative, but i do not direct it at a specific person. The problem recently was that i would for some reason be matched against players between Diamond and Master Rank, which at my strongest point in time was still half a division above my own. These days i play the game at high gold/low platinum level of play myself. Getting matchups like these in every single normal game for about 20 to 30 normal games in a row were enough to set me off tilting once again, after more than a month of being able to stay cool. The problem comes when i'm not able to enjoy the game anymore - when every match feels like pure hell where i am unable to do anything and taking a break changes nothing. All i want is one casual, relaxed game (which i would easily be able to get before preseason do to pretty extensive knowledge about the game and mechanics) which i am not unable to attain due to having to re-learn a lot of how the game works. Short answer: I become extremely negative when things go too far south.
Unmandao (EUW)
: just forget about the chat. Dont type what you think of other players, you should be good. However, if you feel like a burning anger every time you play, you should probaly quit for your healths sake
It does not necessarily happen every time i play, but that varies largely from day to day. Sadly being negative in chat has been the most effective way to burn anger without affecting others up until now - sadly that's no longer good enough.
Stell (EUNE)
: Well umm, for starters you should disable /all chat , because if you are overall toxic, flaming both your and your enemy team, that'll reduce the amount of flame alot. That way you will not get provoked by your enemy team. Also, if it's the urge for retaliation (you tend to curse back, start flame war if you see negativity in chat) , you may want to type /mute all at the beginning of each game. And try to resists the urge to unmute. Refusing to communicate will never get your account banned, whoever claims otherwise is straight out lying. You can also just throw the chat out of your screen so you won't see it at all. Also, if you still want to use and read the chat, you may want to read through your chat logs that you were provided after each ban and see which actions got you banned and avoid just doing just that.
I tend to disable the chat in general (in ranked play), but sadly that didnt help me for normal games. I rarely curse if ever, and never at a specific person. The problem is my extreme negativity when things go to absolute hell.
Silisa (EUNE)
: The first thing you need to do is - understand why you are toxic. For most toxic people, the very possibility of a loss (in any game mode) is enough to send them into a rage. So they flame those they believe will be responsible for that lost game. From there, you need to understand two things: 1. Raging - flaming, w/e, won't turn the game around, won't make someone play better, in short - it won't get you that win. The only thing you can do to save the game, is to focus on your own playing. Ignore everything else, and just focus on what you can do to turn things around. If you don't, and decide to focus on flaming someone instead - you are just making that game a 3v5 (after the bad player has already made it a 4v5). You are not playing the game if you have the time to monitor others to find their mistakes and then write about it in chat. 2. It doesn't matter. This game, LP, whether you win or lose, your elo. None of that really matters. Think about it - do you remember how many games you've played last week? Do you remember all the victories, all the losses? Let me guess, no? We spend so much time and energy on this game as it is, don't waste any on raging about it. Some practical advice: 1. Listen to music you like while you play. Music has a way of improving anyone's mood. 2. If you can, play with friends - most of us (no matter how bad our friends are) value our real life friendships far more than a game, so we have to avoid flaming (so we don't hurt our friends' feelings). 3. Find players who you believe to be on your level to play with. If you know someone is good, and respect them as a fellow player, you won't feel the need to rage at them if they make a mistake - you will know that they are trying as hard as you are, and that making mistakes is rare for them.
This is extremely practical advice, thank you. I rarely care wether i win or lose the game, my problem is that i'm extremely negative - you know those matches were every single other player in the game just seems to outstat you? One match you play an assassin, and the enemy support outtrades you - the next you play a tank, and the very same assassin you played can two shot you? Having several matches like these in a row will slowly build up frustration until i at some point make a mistake, and instead of saying "freaking thresh" i say "f***ing thresh". Some jerk will capitalize on this to report me, and that's it. Some cases have naturally been A LOT worse, but it's usually related to negativity. I never directly assault anybody.
: Talk to yourself while playing. I have the habit of muttering my thoughts out loud or flap my arms around for a second if I get frustrated. I've never been toxic, but I can get ridiculously salty and I enjoy arguing a little too much (without using cursewords of course; never been punished for any of it). Talking softly helps me release those emotions instead of releasing them into chat. Alternatively you can type it in chat, but not hit the enter button. That way you get to express your feelings, but without hurting anyone. Try being cheerful and greet your team when you enter champ select, set a positive tone for both you and your teammates. Glad to see someone wanting to improve rather than complaining on the boards about how unjust their bans are. Keep up that attitude! Wish you the best of luck!
Most matches start out cheerfully or completely silent, depending on past experiences the same day. Sadly i cannot argue with someone for fun, because i am simply so good at it (and stubborn to boot if i'm on the "losing" end) that i will happily keep up a discussion or argument from the second minute of the game to the last. I never directly insult anyone, and VERY rarely make sarcastic remarks about people on my own team.
Nipple MD (EUNE)
: You know, after i found my old acc banned i read rules carefully and found some interesting tips. Mb these could help you. > Not writing in the chat is not reportable. ( there was an option " refusing to communicate" ) You don't have to write even a single word. Even if somebody calling to you. Even now no one can report you for not answering. >Report callings are reportable,and " "Username" reported" both passive agressive chat option. It is easy - you re spreading bad expirience to other players. When somebody breaks the rules - just report him. You don't have to tell about your thoughts. > You can't tell what to do. I also dislike duo mid, double jungle. 3 adc etc especially in ranked BUT there is no rule to play ONLY meta. > Bad game and trolling are different. Actually afaik trolling counts when: 1) somebody says that he's trolling 2) somebody building useless items. BUT useless means - items that give no bonuses. like Ap talon or few boots. Otherway it is "Metabreaking" 3) Running into enemy. This is both feeding and dying. > Noob feeder scrub etc = verbal abuse. reportable as hell. >Bad game - not reportable. It means when smb trying to play but he is dying alot or lossing lane = this is bad game.But negative reaction on bad player - punishable. > False reports are punishable and the opinion of fakereporters becomes less valuable.So don't worry when smb report u for no reason " Picking any champ, playing any non-META , not obeying smb etc." >Calling like " i will not gank you or i will not help you " - still reportable. It is refusing to participate and counts as griefing. >The Important one. Only ONE report needs for a player. Riot counts reported games not number of reporters. This makes X9 x4 reports useless. i hope i helped you a bit{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Thank you, this helps to know. Now if only i'd been able to keep my words to myself each game... I know that one genuine report is worth more than nine fake reports. Never seen the point in asking people to report someone.
Noob Sin (EUW)
: ***
The problem is that i never write a word when playing ranked games after my first suspension. My issue is that i would at some point tilt in Normal games. The most recent (today) due to my matchmaking rank somehow placing me with Diamond/Master level players every game, draining the game of all fun previously present (due to either playing my extreme best or getting absolutely demolished and then harrassed by my teammates based on rank. In normal games.) Taking responsibility and admitting my faults hasnt been a big issue for me ever since my first ban. The most recent games preceding my most recent suspension saw me playing champions i had never played before and expecting to do decently in lane against extremely experienced players practicing for solo Queue. I would simply be so negative that some teammates would report me due to bad attitude. On a sidenote, i never directly insulted anyone - the closest i get is sarcastic remarks about players being unable to do this or that when i would get three-man ganked. Some players on my team would capitalize on this to make remarks on my rank, and then proceed to report me if i tried to talk back. Which i naturally couldnt stop myself from doing.
WyzmaN (EUW)
: Often i will mute everyone in the game and act as if i am alone, if toxicity is your issue, everyone has those games where your team makes stupid decisions that cause you to lose, even in ranked its frustrating, my advice, mute everyone, listen to pings and ping back and things go more smoothly. And most importantly be happy that you notice the mistakes, they probz dont, and as a result they will keep making the same mistake, causing them to go down in solo Q and you will not make those mistakes, causing you to perform better. Be happy in the knowledge that you are better and dont bring yourself to thier level. Soz about spelling and grammar! What you gon' do? Flame me about it? ahaha Best Wishes.
Omg your grammar is so bad reprot for I honestly can't see a single problem with your grammar OR spelling. Dont worry so much about it. I appreciate the advice, but my problem was/is that at some point i **subconsciously** write /mute all and then write whatever the heck i feel like, then repeat /mute all to re-mute all players. Worst of all, i dont even notice that i do so. So muting everybody sadly doesnt help anymore. On a game-related note, i never flame anybody for how they play. Playing bad and making mistakes is something i do all too often myself - especially now, with all the massive changes to the game. I will usually let my frustration out on the enemy team in the TEAM CHAT, i will NEVER(!) vent my anger towards an ally. (!) The only exceptions are when allies are extremely toxic (constantly harrassing another player on my team, generally spamming the chat with curse words and insults about autism/race/sexuality.) I appreciate the proper response.
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LightTrack (EUNE)
: It means that the community is doing a better job than Riot itself. Therefore Hansiman:MVP. If he was a Rioter then he would contribute as much as Riot anyway by your logic. PS:Can anyone explain why Hansiman is talking in plural form as in "us"? We didn't ban anyone, Riot did.
HM is clearly a moderator. Wether he's part of the support team is unclear, but...
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Dodos. Its funny 'cause their dead
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. To be honest, I'm quite sure you know what you're doing here. You haven't just gotten 3 warnings from us, but on a couple of your accounts, you have gotten multiple warnings and bans for your behaviour. You have been provided with a link to the [Universal Rules]( on most of the occassions you had content removed from boards. As for the comment that got you banned yesterday, it states: > Did daddy abuse you too much or why are you so m@d? This is a legit reason to give you a time-out from the boards. And you've been punished for smaller things in the past as well, so I don't know why you'd assume something like this is ok. As the Universal Rules states: > Just because you’re anonymous doesn’t give you a license to be an asshat. --- As for the jew "joke" you made; that was also removed, and you should consider yourself lucky you were just warned for that. From what I see regarding your history; we're actually very forgiving on your part.
Hansiman contributing more than any Rioter as usual! (Plot twist: Undercover Rioter)
Lord Rad (EUW)
: Christmas skins idea - Nice Ryze and Naughty Nautilus
: You're not allowed to learn new champs in a normal
True story. Wether its someome who considers you high rank or low rank, they'll wield it against you in gamemodes completely unrelated to your rank.
Zarnotox (EUW)
: What I think is the problem with Guinsoo's Rageblade
If you think Jax, Xin Zhao and Irelia are ridiculous with this item... Wait until you experience {{champion:11}} or {{champion:102}} . [You're gonna have a bad time.](
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