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: Then save them for the next new champ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Its what I do with the remaining 5 shards that I have
jacktjong (EUW)
: You know whats the worst part? On NA you wouldve probably paid 4 pounds instead of 5... Fcking money courses man xD Btw, just reroll the champ shards (you can only get not owned champs) and just a heads up, rerolling 3 skins CAN get you a permanent shard for a skin for a champ you don't own.
Own all champs, rerolling them is useless for me lol
: Oh no, you bought 5 RNG things and aren't happy with the outcome...
I wasn't aware when I bought them that you can get champions you already own, that's what I'm disappointed with. £5 on stuff I already own. Disenchant into blue essence, blue essence is shit. I might aswell have just thrown £5 out the window lol
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shileka (EUW)
: a video would provide better proof though, you know, photoshop etc I don't have any software that can record gameplay anymore because they are annoying to deal with. Here is the replay though, skip to 6:45
: > [{quoted}](name=Mecha Syrena,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=KEnVmOYi,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-04-11T07:18:49.617+0000) > > This is so hugely inaccurate that my mouth is literally somewhat open as I type. > > Your brain doesn't just "enter" REM mode at 4 am and being awake at that time also won't cause any slowed reactions. > And i can especially write this with conviction because you wrote especially meaning that even with prior sleep you believe that slowed reactions would occur which is untrue. > > 1. REM Phase. > The Rapid Eye Movement phase of sleep doesn't appear at some set amount of time, when someone enters this state is completely dependent on when they go to sleep which depends on what kind of sleep cycle they are on (being awake during the day and sleeping during the full night isnt the only sleep cycle that exists) furthermore how fast or slowly REM enters is dependent on the persons condition and whether the person has any illnesses such as for example Narcolepsy or other sleep related problems. > Oh and not to mention that when your body enters REM you are paralyzed except for your eyes. (sleep walking is a disorder that changes that obviously, the parallelization is in order to stop you from acting out your dreams) > > 2. Sleep cycles. > There's a lot of different standard sleep cycles that differ from each other in varying degrees > > 3. That is all. 3. Lucid Dreaming as in Consciously sleeping Is a phase of sleep, where human consciousness is active WITH subconsciousness. It's a phase of sleep where brain can experience everything he is used to experience in the world without hurting his body. Problem is, it has to be achieved by controlled thought before the sleep, so the LD stance itself would not be wasted. Getting in and out of LD stance is what makes this type of dream a bit taboo as well as rather dangerous. 4. That is all. And now, for original post: I wonder who you call trolls? Those who can't play or those who just talk whatever comes out of their mouth and can't play? or real trolls. Havent seen one yet.
A Nunu top that says ''F^ck you, I'm trolling'' Roams around the map feeding all lanes, going 0-11 by 15 minutes then going AFK. A Thresh that builds Statikk Shiv and 3 Longswords, deliberately misses EVERY hook (not exaggerating, 0% hit rate with hook) and then sells all his items to buy support items as the enemy end so it looks like he really tried. I only accuse people of trolling, if they are legitimately trolling. If someone takes Quinn support, I won't call them a troll if they are actually trying.
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Zoo (EUW)
: Looking for ADC Duo, preferably a smurf in plat/gold/silver
Just closed my client, too many trolls so gonna sleep. Add me, we can play tomorrow if you want.
Rioter Comments
: Trolls aren't fun in ranked. Wish I could join, but unfortunately I'm stuck in bronze 2 due to going into ranked too early (since the season changed, I thought it was a good idea to join ranked when everyone didn't have a rank anymore) I believe I deserve a higher elo than that, but it is very hard to win games when I'm with bronze players. And especially when the adc cannot lasthit, understand when to all-in, use free poke, when to go back to base, and that they should run away when the support is sacrificing themselves so that they can live. I main {{champion:412}} . He's the support I'm most comfortable with, but if I'm correct I think {{champion:40}} suits {{champion:22}} better, and I can of course learn how to play her better if you are more comfortable playing with that kind of supp. I know pretty much all the basics and a couple of tricks that are impactful in the game. Like for example suprising the enemy with unexpected hooks, I know how to Q and then throw lantern to pull the adc with me over walls and such, and I help other lanes by roaming and warding which I do frequently depending on the game. If we do a couple of matches together, you can determine if I'm a good support or not, and I can see if you're a good adc. I don't know how much my elo effects matches if we were to que up together though
Unfortunately we can't play because the system does not allow a Gold player to play with a Bronze player. In order to play, you'd need to get to Silver 5 first.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Or do it as I'm doing it, learn another lane. one that can carry the game. Easier life from that lane, tbh.
I love ADC and personally feel like its the best to solo carry with. Unfortunately, it requires every other lane not feeding. If I main top and every other lane feeds, I still can't carry. If I had a decent support, I could carry any game at all. Had a good support the other night and carried a 4v5 where the 5th went like 0-7 before leaving. I just need a decent support.
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: a couple of months... only because i carry my game and people blame me i get a report. Is there something i can do about my restriction?
Just don't flame. I was super toxic last year, got restrictions every week but now when my team feeds I just mute them. When they are muted the temptation to rage disappears. Start game. /mute all Easy.
: Don't get loot because i had a restriction
They said some time ago that punished players will not receive any rewards. They are not going to give you a free skin for being a toxic player. You probably have to wait a couple of months without getting another restriction before you are eligible for a reward
: There is just no way leblanc 100-0 someone with QR without massive MASSIVE feed
I just played LB mid to prove my point. Went top 0-0-0 with 30 cs and level 3. Only dorans ring. Went top to Teemo, Q W E dead. Didn't need ignite. I instakilled him with 3 abilities at level 3 with dorans ring. I snowballed and late game I pressed Q R on Draven and he died. Just Q R. LB is a brain dead champ lol 16-3-2. Died 3 times to premade Trynd and LB. She chain cc'd me and he instakilled me. LB is broken :)
: Wtf is wrong with LB ?
I ban her every game and if I don't have a ban and she gets picked I dodge. If you're not cc heavy you lose. Was 6-0 in Jinx recently, LB was 0-2-1 with 43 cs, 1 item. Her lane opponent destroyed her so I wasn't afraid of her. I flashed her W just in case, dodged her E, then she got me with the point and click Q R auto combo and I died. I had 3 items. She had 1. I had 2 level advantage. Instakills me with Q R auto. She's is pretty broken at the moment. Just do your best to ban her when you can.
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Ziaja (EUW)
: United Kingdom based Team - [Team Vapour] Looking for Members!
I'd be willing to play ADC. Got a relatively large pool of champs I play. I'm relatively good in solo queue but as part of a team I always play great! Gold 3 atm.
Aeon Flux (EUW)
: Try , they save most of the games you might find yours there!
Truewarlock (EUNE)
: Sorry for that, it wasn't saved in , but registre and use this site and you have 100% save chance
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Jökër (EUW)
: Spoiling ranked?
As much as I'd like to agree, I can't. ''Their fault for feeding.'' 4-8 3-10 1-3 0-8 1-10 0-5 Just SOME of your recent losses. Now I get those games were support so you're not expected to have kills but still, those are a lot of deaths to be blaming others for feeding. Even if your team sucks, there is no reason for you to join in with the feeding. Stay back and let them feed and lose. ''If you keep losing maybe its because of you'' In this case, by the looks of your scores, yes. ''Watch what the pros do and try to copy'' That is how you improve. Watch people that know the game inside and out and copy them. ''Promos for S2, back in S4'' You're tilted, take a break or you'll keep losing. ''Not listening to pings'' Agreed, people ignore pings all the time in my games too, people only understand ''SS'' and not pings. Ultimately, the losses you have, you have earned. The wins you have, you have earned. Play well and win. Play bad and lose. Before you go looking at my stats and saying I'm a feeder too, I know I am. I need to work on my deaths, its something I desperately need to improve on. I recognize my errors and I don't blame anybody else for them. You need to do the same.
AzuraMaks (EUW)
: Female aged 42 looking for a kkklan
I get that this is a joke but I'm failing to see the funny part. Is there a reference I'm missing?
Bazzo (EUW)
: I'm not one to usually judge off of first sight but...
I have to agree, the champion just contradicts itself. There is no combo's that you can do with it to burst someone down. Get someone like Shyv with high movement speed, she will simply dodge all the orbs and take no damage. The escape is also useless because if he takes any damage, he instantly comes back down to the ground. The movement passive about moving in a straight line, essentially making him a useless laner because you need to always be moving and making sharp turns constantly in lane. He is a champ that is meant to stay away from the enemy and move fast but also get in their faces for no reason. There will be players that will work out how he works to perfection and they will play really really well with him, I can see him carrying games when played right but we are talking LCS level pro. Probably gonna be one of the lowest picked champions in the game. If not interrupted though, that E will be insane for ganks, no way you can ward against that range.
: "Why did you commit suicide" is a legit question? Suicide is an intentional act. That means you are defacto acusing the player of intentionally helping the enemy. That is unsportsmanlike. If you did that to your teammate in any other teamsport, your couch would bench you. And who exactly decides who is trolling and who isnt? I get trollcalled for firstpicking lux support... or is a nocturn / fiddle bot troll? Is a banner/zz rot portal nautitop troll? I got flamed alot by people who called me a troll in preseason. And now, what if i dont build zz rot and banner on nauti top.... am i trolling again? Again: Whereever you rage, people will question your mental capacity and potentially exclude you. Thats exactly what riot does.
Why did you commit suicide is a legit question. When my team mate walks into the enemy on his own and dies, I want to know why he did that. Was he trolling? Did he think he could kill them? Did he not know there was 5 there? Did he DC while walking to lane? It's a legit question. ''Trolling'' is when you are intentionally losing a game because you don't want your team to win. ''Trolling'' is a Teemo support that goes 0-100 with starting item 'Cull'. ''Trolling'' is sitting in fountain all game and moving 1 step every 30 seconds so the game doesn't think you are AFK so you don't get banned. It's pretty easy to spot a troll because they don't hide that they are trolling. Play whatever champion you want, in whatever role you want. That is your choice. But if you want to play jungle, don't stay in someone's lane stealing farm all game. Wanna play support? Don't steal cs all game. Wanna play any other lane? Don't go to someone else's lane all game. If you are genuinely gonna give it your all, then I see nothing wrong with Noc ADC, apart from the fact that he's melee and not ranged but if that's what you wanna play, its not troll, unless you're intentionally losing. And you are comparing a game to real life. If my team mate is feeding on purpose to lose a game, I'm gonna get mad because its wasted time and lost LP that I earned. If a person at the bank won't let me withdraw my money, I'll use an ATM. I won't scream at him. If someone won't serve me at a store, I'll use self checkout. I won't scream at them. You assume that because I might rage at League, I automatically rage everywhere else too. LoL makes me mad because people are stupid and get away with it. Life does not make me mad because when someone fucks you over, there are laws to protect you. League has nothing to protect you. You can't compare a game with real life.
: > [{quoted}](name=NathanusMaximus,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=dIJ2qkGl,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-03-08T17:26:44.070+0000) > I havent seen a public space where rage is acceptable. Try raging at your bankclerk... or in the supermarket or at the guy who missbehaved in a nightclub. And no, those television shows you mean are all run on privat plattforms xD In short: You make yourself look stupid by rageing. Just dont do it.
Each to their own. Everyone has their own outlook on raging and venting. If I see someone in a game getting mad because someone is trolling, I'm not gonna report him because he's venting. He's angry that someone is ruining his experience and stealing 20 minutes from his life that he will never get back. It's fine. If that same guy starts wishing cancer or harm to the troll or the trolls family, then I'll report him. Raging at someone for doing something troll or stupid or whatever, I tend to not care about it. But to wish harm on someone in real life because of something that happens in a game is disgusting. That is my outlook on raging, your outlook is different and that;s fine too. Neither one of us is right or wrong. Some Rioters say no rage at all is acceptable. Some say that you can vent as long as you are not directly attacking another player. ''Why did you commit suicide?'' - acceptable. ''WTF ARE YOU DOING? WHY DID YOU GO IN ALONE AGAINST THEIR TEAM YOU F^CKING R^TARD!!!!'' - Not acceptable.
: As Hansitheman alrdy answered your question, maybe you can answer mine :D "In game rage is one thing, I can deal with it and I rage in game myself a bit too but adding someone to rage at them more? That's just dumb." The amazing point at which some people decide what is dumb or not. But why dont you concider ingame rage as dumb... but postgame rage? Feels kinda random.
In the heat of the moment you can get angry. You're about to win but 1 guy gets cocky, goes in 1v5 and dies. You lose 4v5. You get angry, ask him why he commit suicide and threw the game. That is acceptable rage because you're simply asking why they were stupid. The line that rage becomes bad is when people wish cancer on other people. That is unacceptable. Raging in game is one thing, you say things in the heat of the moment. Adding someone AFTER the game, after the moment has passed to comment on their manhood size and call them a deformity? That's crossing a line. That goes from heat of the moment rage to just being an abusive player.
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SoulBawz (EUW)
: why did you feel the need to tell the enemy team they weren't bad but your team was just trolling? what did you achieve with it? only more pain for yourself. think about what you do next time
I told them my team was feeding because the enemy was being cocky and ignorant. ''No, we are just more skilled than you'' No, you;re just fed by trolls.
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: Blitzcrank knock up does not affect Ezreal
Since forever. Ez can E out of all hooks and knock ups. It's just dumb and annoying to play against
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: Yes cause having bad/troll team m8's in 1 promo session equals the system giving you above average toxic players......
Toxic players in game 1 AFK in game 2 Troll toxic players in game 3 Failed promos. Of the last 30 games I played, those 3 promos games were the most toxic. So yeah, that is NOT a coincidence.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=NathanusMaximus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=R1GvN3Fu,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-10-30T11:36:12.428+0000) > > Work in progress. > The current meta is essentially top laners building as tanks but still solo killing the carries. > These changes are an attempt to balanced it out so that a **tank** can't solo a carry. Tank? You should prolly change that with fighter/juggernaut. I do not understand why a fighter shouldn't be able to solo a carry. A carry should require peeling to dish out its damage anyway. Dueling(1v1) should be the fighter's job . The adc's job is to melt people from a distance or destroy towers and grab objectives( burst down Baron/Dragon). Besides, late game most adc's were already able to solo most tanks and fighters. P.S: Tanks are not able to solo carries anyway. They're in the worst possible place since the juggernauts came out. Not only were they already melted by apc's/adc's but, now they cannot even survive in lane against juggernauts.
Most top laners right now get Black Cleaver and then stack HP and Armour and then instakill ADC's. Garen didn't even need Black Cleaver, he just build straight hp and armour and killed everyone while taking no damage. Voli builds full tank, kills carries. Tanks are broken and ADC's can't solo them without help until final build late game. Riot are helping the ADC's because pro games are boring to watch when tanks are winning the games.
: The singer of World Championship 2015 - Login Screen
: Im Wating to be accepted in pbe for like 4/5 (or more)months i could help with the pre season
They get hundreds of thousands of applications and only accept a few hundred I believe. If I remember correctly, I think I read somewhere that if players were given any punishments for toxic behaviour they could not participate or something. Chances of getting picked are minuscule
: Preseason 6 warding
I like it, good idea.
: have you seen evil dead the original, all i like prince of darkness not super scary but i love the concept of it, the original nightmare on elm street is good. A lot of movies where scary back then i think its coz we were young when we watched it
Yeah, The Exorcist scared me as a kid, now I just look at it and shake my head at its stupidity. I miss being scared but I can't see a movie scaring me any time soon. Today's horrors and badly set up jump scares, over and over. No interest in them.
: > [{quoted}](name=NathanusMaximus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dmpE8RAB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-30T12:22:52.192+0000) > > 6-9 > 4-8 > 0-6 > 6-8 > 4-7 > 2-8 > 7-12 > > ^ Your recent ADC games. > Please don't rage at others for being bad. So? It's difficult to do things when your team has fed the enemy already, or is trolling.
Go check my match history and check my teams scores. Everyone feeds, all the time. If you were good, you would solo carry whether they are fed or not. Raging is not good for you. Practice and get better. You are not in Bronze because of your team. You are in Bronze because of you. I was Bronze 5 2 seasons ago and got to Gold in a week because I stopped raging and learned how to carry.
: I will go ADC...
6-9 4-8 0-6 6-8 4-7 2-8 7-12 ^ Your recent ADC games. Please don't rage at others for being bad.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: New marksmen are BEYOND ridiculous
Work in progress. The current meta is essentially top laners building as tanks but still solo killing the carries. These changes are an attempt to balanced it out so that a tank can't solo a carry. Everything in the post will eventually be toned down a little bit but overall it's a really really good buff to ADC's. I like it.
Sky8800 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NathanusMaximus,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=AzKAqJW4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-30T10:42:58.781+0000) > > Are you on the PBE? Or is there a place I can check those out?
: I Tried to make the best new masteries
Are you on the PBE? Or is there a place I can check those out?
: what movies will you be watching on halloween?
A movie hasn't scared me in 11 years. They are all the same shitty jump scares. I gave up on horrors.
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