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Arnoter (EUW)
: I dont want to show off or something, I was showing it to that guy that said I never touched ranked, that I indeed played some. My Main Account has never been banned, I bought this Account when I was on vacation and wanted to play, but this one got banned pretty fast. Trollers should be banned, yes. Win-Traders should be banned. OTPs should be put in Lower Priority Queue, if they make you dodge, because they cant get their only Champ they are good at. BUT, Flamers should be banned even faster then all of them. Riot tries waaay too much to "reform them", but it will never happen.
btw if you were higher than silver you wouldnt care to post this crap, just proves my point even more, like what challenger goes and posts that he was trolled on his smurf LMFAO
: ***
dude u have been dia last 5 seasons, if you cant realise your doing something wrong than you have some major problems in your thought process
: This is how to make league great again
looking at this post and your opgg i see d3 and i dont need to say anything more than that
Arnoter (EUW)
: >i hope riot starts hunting trollers --- >this dude wanted to play ashe top so we banned it Do you really want to be hunted by Riot? --- >aka videogamedunky was banned because a dude trolled in his game not just a bad game and he flamed him He got banned because he said that he wants somebody to get killed on the Street. --- >just history repeating it self back when i played in 2013 If you couldnt climb out of silver in 2013, you cant now and you will never be able to.
you shouldnt even be talking about rank if you havent even touched ranked once in your life
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: actually i been platinum last season ,this ain't my main account ,it's just one of my accounts which i didn't played that often on ... ,so that don't makes you superior to me , i just shared my opinion about how many people troll in support lane and didn't got banned . What i am looking for is to have the experience and to enjoy playing ranked without to have all time constantly bad supports who doing lot's of mistakes or just don't feels like they actually try to play ranked , they just stay lane and do nothing or roam after they doing lot's of mistakes ... ,it's not funny for me as main adc to relay on such guys who don't know the reason they play ranked etc... Secondly i know what good supports presents it's with , when someone roam to early from bot lane and refuse to go back to his lane when team tells him, that i could take as troll behaviour etc... , just want to be fair , many people get banned for troll , why there should no one get banned for troll as support , it's not okey this ... , i am sure they not even check that often supports to see them if they troll etc...
wait are you account sharing?? thats bannable to you know!
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Dainank (EUW)
: Team Scope - High-Tier Diamond Team - Looking for Bot Lane ADC/Support players!
Hi, the link to the discord does not work. This pops up: Oh noes! It seems this Discord Server is not setup correctly or we are having issues fetching data! Admin: Make sure "Enable Widget" is checked and an "Instant Invite Channel" is selected on the "Widget" section of your Discord Server settings. It can sometimes take 10 to 15 minutes to start working if you have just setup your server.
Korner (EUW)
: Acquire Esports Looking for Jungler to compete in UK scene and Tournaments online
OwOlaire (EUW)
: Snorlax's Den | Ranked Team (plat)| Looking for players: ADC, SUPPORT, MID
IGN: Kohilajurka Rank: P4 Mainrole: Support, Mid Champ pool: Anything for support except for Bard, Zilean and Blitzcrank. Viktor, Lulu, Lux, VelKoz - Mid. Playstyle: Can do anything except roam for support. Fast push- farm, roam, agressive on mid. Age(Age doesnt really matter to us aslong as you act mature): 21
: Accelerating Gaming LF TEAMMATES
Age: 20 Current and highest divisions: Platinum I, highest is Diamond V Country: Estonia Main role: Support I've played since : Season 2 Spoken languages: English, Russian, Estonian.
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: Brand New League Order Looking for Support! (S5-G5)
In game name: Kohilajurka Age: 20 Division and tier rank: Platinum I Do you have Skype? Yes. Do you have a mic? Yes. Hours of playtime per week? (Rough estimate) 2-4h everyday. Champion pool (top 5 picks): Thresh, Janna, Nautilus, Lulu, Shen (Taric <3) Playstyle: Depending on the match-up and the champion I play. Why do you want to join BNLO? This application looks dedicated and I hope this team although not of high rank is also. I want to experience 5v5 for a while instead of going apart after two or three losses. Also I noticed that the req is no higher than GOLD 5 but thought Id give it a try :)


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