: Why don't Champion Mastery points transfer over regions?
I really wish they would do something about this. I too was aware of the loss of champion mastery at transfer but don't get why it should be like that. Only reason i could imagine that they would do it is because of laziness or just not feeling that it is worth the work. Something i really think it is, it really is kind of depressing to lose all of the champion mastery one has earning and for one would really appreciate if somthing could be done about it.
: [BUG] Quinn Q causes on-hit stuns (Renekton W, udyr E) to miss (100% reproduction rate)
I can confirm this too as I've played against Quinn several times with rene, and my Q does no damage, and no stun. but still consumes all the rage, which doubly sucks. Laning just got horrible to an extreme point as the trades just, pretty much, just went one way because of that. I always had to wait for her to miss a q or use it on anything before I went in or else the trade was just ridiculous (says the guy playing Rene).
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