: ***
I totally agree with you dude.
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: Finally someone who is right! Yay.
Nice to know I have some people who see where I'm coming from.
X1 HeaveN (EUW)
: Senseless logic OP.
Would you care to explain why you feel it's senseless logic?
: Well said. Lost count of how many times I get 'shut up toxic flamer' when I say; Hey guys can we group Please play safe and try to farm under turret Need help or gank please Let's work together
This is my problem, I agree that something needs to be done and in ways I think they are doing good. But I think this whole 'toxicity' culture the community has fallen into is just a whiny girly way of dealing with online communication and trash talk. Yes there is going to far and verbal abuse but simply saying to someone, "that was a really bad play Malph, for the love of boobs wait until your team is with you" - "ehhh muted and reported toxic fuck" People who say this are the ones who need dealing with, it's such a bitchy, I refuse to listen to what you have to say because I did something wrong and I think you are calling me out for being shit, way to react and deal with the situation. Just seeing someone say the word 'toxic' tilts me these days.
Cosmick (EUW)
: How is claiming to shag someone's mum any different, than telling someone that their belief in a relion is a sick joke, since their god is a disney cartoon named Donald Duck? Disclaimer: There is no difference. Why?- because what you may think is totally fair game, someone else might be seriously offended over. So you got some form of punishment for breaking the guidelines of the game, maybe in order to find the real issue behind your well written blog, you should look to yourself for answers. I'm not disbuting that there are some players who throw the term toxic around, more often than I bet they take showers or change underwear, that doesn't mean you need to entertain everyone in a game with an argument you are never going to win though, and doing so will only lead you where you are now.
I struggle to find sense in what you say when you say this; > So you got some form of punishment for breaking the guidelines of the game, maybe in order to find the real issue behind your well written blog, you should look to yourself for answers. Did you read this part of my post; > No I'm not salty over a ban or anything, I have had one chat ban across 5-6 accounts and that was in fact on this account. Let me explain that my first and only ever chat ban was when chat bans were first implemented, I spoke with the behaviour team about why I got a chat ban and improved myself. It worked because I got to talk to a human about what I was doing wrong and how to change. Typing 'I Agree' or whatever it is I have seen people have to type when they get reported is literally the most condescending piece of shit way to communicate with people.
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Aquaday (EUW)
: Are you plat 3+ support main?
Was a support main last season, D4. Getting back into the game now, only played 100~ games Season 5. Drop me an add and we can play sometime maybe :)
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Plans for the preseason?
Get me into PBE and I'll play with you :D
Nyxanna (EUW)
: Needs friends for the IP boost >.<
BladesFTW (EUW)
: Wild Rockets is Recruiting! (Serious Team, Looking to Improve)
I have sent you a friend request, want to talk to you about something :)
Dèmôn (EUW)
: Making a team need MID main, JUNGLE main,SUP main Diamond+ Team leader -AHAZmatTeddybear
I would be interested, I'm support main. P1 atm, only just done placements. Was D last season.
Hyxaru (EUW)
: So I got a few questionmarks with a warning for negative attitude I just recieved.
It's from people reporting you. It's automated and probably based off of the number of reports you get. People report for no reason all the time. Lose a game? Report your team and everyone on the enemy team too just for good measure. If you know you have done nothing wrong, don't worry about the message. I get them every now and then, mainly on smurfs actually and I don't talk in chat when I smurf, yet I still got the mystery skin for fair play on all accounts at the end of last season. So many people just get butthurt and throw reports around to make themselves feel better. tl;dr If you know you have been a polite and respectful person, you have nothing to worry about.
: [Resolved] Patcher Stuck at 99%
Very top right of the page. Support button, that's the fastest and best way to get your problem solved :)
: Diamond 5 ADC LF Duopartner!
I have sent you a friend request. I was Diamond 5 last season (60-100LP, not one of those 0LPers). I haven't finished placements yet, I'm 4w/1l atm and am playing mostly support. I mained ADC last season and the season before so I have a lot of bot lane experience :)
Smijl (EUW)
: ARAM Together
I don't play ARAM quite all day every day but I do enjoy a few games so drop me a friend request :)
MrWestin (EUNE)
: Fix your crap already
What is this low priority queue you speak of? Link pls.
: 100% True. Both traders would also trade something acorded from both summoners. Examples: -IP for skins; -skins for other skins; -anything exchangeable from both summoners and their own amounts. anything that can be changed beteween both sides of trading and both agreed with a certain tax to riot trading system having a limited amount of trades per week/3 days (5 like mystery gifts) would suit perfect to make the system functional.
Only issue is, people with skins won't want to trade for IP as it's incredibly devalued based on the fact that it's easy to get everything you can buy with IP if you have been playing for a few years.
Kairuy (EUW)
: Thank you! And it's supposed to be in that tune, so I really hope you're not the only one xD Have a nice valentines day :3
LindRiver (EUW)
: Ranked 5v5 team looking for Mid and ADC
Name - Squaggy, Squagg, Squaggle, Rich. IGN - Sir Squaggle League this Season - Not finished placements yet. League last Season - D5 70-100LP Role - I mained ADC last season and was going to work on support this season though if this is going to be a stable thing then I'm totally cool with continuing on maining ADC :) Style (Passive/Reactive/Aggressive etc.) - More passive/Reactive. I like to control botlane vision with support and control dragon. Pick clear advantages in bot lane to pick up safe/secure kills or just keep farming and trading when they go aggro. Country - UK I prefer not to use Skype. My preferred method of comms is TS and I have a server if needs be. I can use others np.
Kairuy (EUW)
: Do you wanna be my soulbound? /Kalista
This is awesome! Am I the only one who sung it in the tune of "Do you want to build a snowman?" in my head as I read the text :D
MrDuckiez (EUW)
: No reason really just would like it better for people around my age range.
Fair enough, just curious, gl in finding players and all the best in your games this evening :)
MrDuckiez (EUW)
: Euw need 3 people age (13- 15) to play League of Legends ASAP
: DUO platinum level bot laner add me must have ts
What were you S4? I was Dia 5 (top end, not sat on 0LP), I'm maining support this season and am half way through my placements. If you're interested in playing with me and wokring on solid communication and lane synergy hit me up!
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: Bronze diaries: AD carries
Good video, good lolz.
: What about the new tribunal ?
I miss doing the tribunal, it felt like I was actively taking a role assisting in improving the community which made me more mindful about my own behaviour in game.
LordYeven (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Squaggle,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ny0YAIRX,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-02-09T20:40:38.319+0000) > > No worries, just helping out before some ass comes in and is like go to your own forums -insert racially offensive term here-. If you ever see something like that, press the report button as hard as you can :)
Bàri (EUNE)
: Finally made it to Plat...
I have to admit, in Season 3 I fell into the category of arsey stuck up Platinum players. I was to please to make it there I began to try even harder due to a lot of respect for my rank and wanting to improve as much as I could. I climbed quite fast and got to Platinum 1. Here I met my first real challenge and was in a few games where the enemy team were Diamond 5 and 4 and my team was Platinum 2 - Diamond 5. These few imbalanced games put my on tilt for literally a month when it came to playing LoL. I became toxic to play with and against and I started to lose more and more games. I wasn't playing bad, I was playing pretty well but my attitude was causing me to throw many games. I ended stuck around Plat 1-2. I would drop down to Plat 2 and some times Plat 3, but I would carry these games easy and get straight back up and then hit my skill ceiling at that time and go on tilt and throw a load of pretty easy games. This isn't as issue you can really single handedly solve, I know quite a few other people who are currently in the mindset that I was who are getting impatient and going on tilt very fast. Keep your head and focus on your play, after all - and I know it's been said a million times before, you are the only person you can control. Focus on your games, try to improve your awareness, be as much of a team player as you possibly can and most importantly of all stay calm and collected. #Believe you can do it, I believe you and anyone in your position can and you will get there! Good luck :)
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Back from holidays, not played in a week.
Damn, I was looking for some folks to play a few normals yesterday aswell :(
MJF1030 (EUW)
: Litlle mistake xD
No worries, just helping out before some ass comes in and is like go to your own forums -insert racially offensive term here-.
: Hello. You can select "any role" from that list,that does pretty much exactly what are you asking for.
Like this Sir here said. Just select 'Any Role' and reject the people queueing the roles you don't want as the matchmaker throws them at you. What would be nice on the other hand is to give the Captain the ability to change roles, lanes and champs or give them the option to 'permit' others to do so. Many times I have been sat waiting for a Jungler and a mate I'm with says, I can go Jungle instead of Mid to improve the queue time but in doing so you have to abandon the entire group, which, is a massive inconvenience.
: Message to all Twitch Streamers
Seems like a generous offer! Good luck in helping some new upcoming streamers! :)
MJF1030 (EUW)
: Video-game = art ?
Before anyone says something worse. http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/fr/
Ashwynn (EUW)
: Charity donation by Riot Points
And what would the point in that be? I'm not being negative just interested to see a more in depth explanation of how you think it would work :)
Stell (EUNE)
: Goodbye GDERS, Welcome OTTERS
I feel offended that we are now classed as being off-topic :( Rito so rude!
: The point is there should be some extra functionality for it. Especially seeing as so many people have chat restricions and cannot properly communicate downtimes of flashes and maybe ults.
How about pinging with G/Alt for the regular smart ping, as it is now. And then smart ping with V/Ctrl brings up 4 different options?

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