Eambo (EUW)
: Hi all, Just to give an update, while this change was intentional there's some thought going into how best to balance this. I can't guarantee anything concrete and info should be in 6.10 - but we may see Fizz's fish get some additional stickiness next patch again for balance reasons. Keep an eye out for the 6.10 patch notes! :)
Now that sounds better, wouldn't mind it being a little tuned down, but that change seemed like a bit much to me :p Thanks for the update, will keep an eye out!
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: I don't get the issue. Morg's black shield should be able to absorb all the dmg and cc from fizz's ultimate. Due to it blocking cc and magic dmg. if the fish drops on the ground, its actually beneficial for fizz since someone else might catch it
The problem is, you need the damage it does. If you ult the ADC in fights, he'll get a blackshield, but you'll still pop a large portion of the ADC's health, and you can finish him off with a Q/E. If the fish drops completely, you'll never even have touched the ADC, and your Q/E arent strong enough to pop someone on their own mostly. Also, before this patch, if you hit the ult on the blackshield, the damage amplification it gave also still counted. You're pretty much missing out on so much if the ult doesn't even connect.
coolbe (EUW)
: How does it work with slow immunity like Yi's Highlander? Will he also drop the fish by using his ultimate?
Oh damn, didn't even think about that one... That probably works too then, rip ><
: I'm triggered.
It´s a tough time... Morgana mid with Cleanse/QSS/Zhonyas incoming for maximum tilt ;_;
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi NK Susi, I believe this is intentional but didn't make it into the patch notes (and there's some internal discussion about getting it on there). Basically anything that removes the slow should drop the fish onto the ground now. All other behaviour should be as normal (IE: the damage in that area should still hit if black shield wears off etc), but the fish will no longer "cling" as it did before.
Damn... Ghost nerfs to Fizz being real... :p If I understand correctly, that means Cleanse can also drop the fish now then? Would be greatly appreciated to see it in the next patch notes, just to be 100% clear. Thanks for the quick response!
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